LGBTQ: There is No Such Thing As a Gay Christian!


Recently, I wrote an article in defense of the recent incident involving Kim Burrell, and I was attacked by a churchgoing Christian member of the LGBTQ community.  Originally, Sam (his name has been changed,) did not reveal that he was gay. BUt as the email thread continued, he “came out” as a homosexual Christian who speaks in tongues and believes he is gifted by the Holy Ghost. The thread is long because I refused to be bullied by Sam, once he commanded that I stop answering his emails.  I let him know that if he continued to write to me, I would continue to respond.  I pointed out that the way to stop the thread was on him.  Simply put, once Sam stopped writing these nasty, mean-spirited emails, I too would stop commenting because I would have nothing to respond to.  

Sam’s  stubbornness was strong.  Finally,  he stopped writing. The thread is way too long so I will summarize most of it.  Nevertheless, reading Sam’s   own words is very revealing not only about Sam, but about LGBTQ and the church’s failure in dealing with this community from a Christian perspective!

Here is Sam’s first contact letter and my response:

Sam:  I read what you said about that Kim woman….. being gay is not a choice, but judging and being a bigot is…… You need to do some deep reading of the org text, not the King James……. your as blind as Kim is….. I pray God reveals your hate you have in your heart….. I am a holy ghost filled christian and something is not right about what you have said…. you made no sense…… Paul is the one who said being gay was a sin right? so he was in jail with a slave….and return that slave to his “christian” owner……. but we wouldnt have that today? Women keep silent in the church….. how can she see the sin in others eyes for the “fat” in her own….. our bodies a temple of the holy ghost? she is overweight wears big gaudy jewelry….. so many things wrong with this…. gays will be in heaven and hell… but all bigots and hyprocrites will be in hell…. straight and gay…….. You need deliverance my friend…….. I come against everything that you would say against me in the Name of Jesus….. nothing you say will touch me in Jesus Name…

ME:  SAm, you are doing exactly what I wrote about in the article. You are discrediting the preacher in an attempt to nullify the message. So what if she is fat? SO what if she wears big earrings? Does those facts make what she preaches WRONG? 

BTW! Kim has lost 100 pounds. This means she knows she has a problem and she has done something about it. She is not in denial of her own issues. Being overweight is not a sin in the same sense as is homosexuality. Just because a person is fat does not make them a glutton. To judge is to past sentence and to implement it. To tell a homosexual that God hates the sin does not mean that He does not love them. It is up to the individual to make a change. The truth is the truth. GOd wiped out an entire nation because of it. That is why homosexuals are also called Sodomites. God wiped out Sodom. You can’t remove that from the bible, Sir. My intent is not to call you names or to hurt you. I will say that you are seriously deceived and I have nothing else to say to you in that regard. 

WEll, Sam continue to accuse, stereotype and condemn me.  He called me bigoted, homophobic, a fake Christian and a witch.  HE taunted me, in an attempt to manipulate  me into defending my ministry as a woman.  Ironically, Sam stood his ground that God does not call women  into ministry because it’s a man’s job.  MY response was that he is not born again. HE was outraged. 

SAm:   You tell me I am not born again? ….. right there tells me you’re a liar……. You’re teaching a false doctrine…a cult…… I have no rebellion in my life……. I live a very spirit fille life.

and yes spirit filled  people do pray in the spirit…. speak in tongues…. signs and wonders will follow them that believe….. you should know the verse……….God did not set a woman to be a preacher over a church…that goes against the way he set this world up….. women keep silent in the church…but you don’t want to hear that do you?

  Christians owned slaves in the bible……. we would not do that today would we? I will continue to pray against your false teaching and doctrine of devils……. 

 You will burn in hell for your lies…….. Jesus is God in the flesh…… I rebuke anything you would cast on me…… your more into magic I believe and falseness…. Full of Satan and his lies….. Get thee behind ME Satan and you too Pamela you vessel of the enemy.


Then I wrote an email that stopped Sam in  his tracks.  I have not heard from him since. Christians need to come to terms with the fact that normalizing the LGBTQ lifestyle is a denial of Christ Himself.  This is my last message to Sam:

Sam, I tell you the truth. GOd saves homosexuals. no doubt!!!!  But when He does, they no longer want to be homosexuals. 

You know them by their fruits. You are in rebellion. REbellion is as the sin of witchcraft. So you are the pot calling the kettle black. You are the witch. not me. 

Your change  may not happen instantly. But it will happen. If you are saved, then change is in your future. However, If you have been born again for more than 3-5 years, and you have not come to terms with the lust, perversion and lasciviousness in your life, then you are not born again.

WHY? If you are born again, then the Holy Spirit lives in you. He will convict you of your sin. You are NOT convicted. That is why you are not born again. Simple.

Your response to me is to counterattack. I don’t take part in that. It’s just not my style. ALso, I will not defend my ministry to you. I never defend my ministry to those who don’t understand the scripture they quote. DOnt have to. I let my fruits speak for me. You keep writing me and you can’t seem to stop. ASk yourself why that is.  That devil spirit in YOU is OUTRAGED. YOU CANT STOP WRITING me.  You wish you had more info about me so that you could finger point more effectively, with precision and belittle me as you did in your comments about Kim Burrell. YOu would like to know if I am fat or ugly. SORRY! I look at least 20 years younger than I am. 

Sam,   YOU WOULD LOVE TO HURT ME BUT YOU CAN’T. You have a vengeful spirit of retaliation against anyone who disagrees with your lifestyle. That quality in  you is the tip-off. Your behavior toward those who opposed your lifestyle is in itself “not of Christ.”” My take is that your accusatory statements are not surprising to me as your father is the main accuser of the brethren. 

But I tell you this. I have been born again for 40 years this March 29. It was a Monday, at 4 pm. So I recognize a truly born again person when I see them. You have no respect. You are hateful and mean-spirited. 

One of my most beloved online members, Eric, was gay since he was about 5 when he was sexually abused by a male relative. At 43, he got born again once he became a member of  this ministry.  I did not save him.  God did Himself.  

 I did not have to tell Eric that homosexuality is sin.  The Holy Spirit revealed it all to him. Convicted Eric and caused him to repent. I worked with him in his struggles. When Eric fell, I was there for him, without judgement. I helped him to get back up on his feet. You see, Eric  wanted to be clean. It was just IN HIM. God cleansed Him over a years time. 

And  there are others. Several others. The blood of Jesus cleansed them from all sin. Some are celibate, preferring to never have sex than to be gay. Others are with women. I don’t have much ministerial experience with lesbians. 

Believe it or not, gay men love me. I loved gay men before LGBTQ was even heard of. I had 3 gay men as best friends before I became born again.  Eric is now my best friend. There is no one I love or respect more than Eric. 

The problem is that the world has normalized homosexuality.  I believe the LGBTQ members should have equal rights in all ways.  Yet, even though I take no efforts to hinder your freedom, sin is sin.  If fornication and  adultery—sex between straight people , is sin in God’s mind, do you really thing that sex between gay and lesbians is NOT sin?  It just isn’t logical. 

I agree with the author of an article called Normalizing Homosexuality:

How about the church? One of the saddest things to see in America today is the infiltration of gay ministers and pastors in churches, along with the growing openness to homosexuality in Christian churches. I did not say ‘openness to homosexuals’; we should be loving and compassionate toward any and every sinner. I said “openness to homosexuality” meaning it has become rationalized not only in culture, but also in some churches. It is the rise of apostasy: gay churches and leadership that preach accommodation and community instead of the conviction of sin. These deceived people are glossing over homosexuality and are not helping those in bondage… [I am not even sure if they know the Bible.]

Pastor Joe Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries shared some thought-provoking truths:

“We need to distance ourselves from two extremes regarding homosexuality. One extreme is the ‘God hates fags’ crowd, who treat homosexual behavior as the unforgivable sin. The other extreme to taking a cavalier attitude toward homosexuality, and fail to recognize that the Scriptures teach that sexual sin is destructive in a way that other sins are not (1 Cor. 6:18).”

RESCUE is a ministry that demonstrates the love of Christ for LGBTQ by our willingness to not allow a fear of verbal attacks and spiritual abuse from those we are called to serve hinder or obstruct our work for the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  We work with all who struggle with sin.  If you are looking for such a fellowship that will  stand before God and the devil on your behalf, complete the contact form below:


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    Anything or behavior that you believe is out of the control of your will, should be considered to be an evil spirit, a demon that needs to be cast out of YOU in the name of Jesus Christ! That includes an effeminate or a sodomite spirit.


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