Sin Is Not Just What We Do. IT IS WHO WE ARE!!!

Satan is the accuser. You let him win when you receive his condemnation. For there is no condemnation to those who are IN Christ Jesus.

Group 5: Preparing For End-Times

Sin is Not Just What We Do, it’s WHO we ARE!

Recently , I had a phone session with a woman who yielded to the temptation of sexual sin, that went beyond what is biblically  defined as “fornication.” .  I truly wish I had a recorder running to be able to hear and write down what I said “to Mary.” It was deep.

In a nut shell, Mary went over the deep end of her own moral code and performed some sinful acts that she would never even have dreamed of. She was filled with shame and self-pity. in such a pitiful condition,  it is difficult for her to come out of self sorrow so that the Holy Spirit can convict her with godly sorrow.  I explained to her that she was every bit the same sinner she was before she met the guy and committed those acts.  Being a sinner has less to…

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