Jessie Penn Lewis: God’s Author of 3 Centuries

My online ministry has been birthed through vision. In 1990, I knew nothing about the Internet. One night I dreamt that I was flying with the Holy Ghost over the city. Looking down I saw a 12 mile line of people, stretching down the highway from Albany to Selkirk. The Spirit said “Pam, do you see that line down there? You are going to minister to every one of those people.” “Where?” I asked. He pointed to a little house and said “from there.” To the east.

I moved into that house on October 24, 2017.

Over the years, I  have wondered how I could minister to so many people in one lifetime in that little house. It would have to take a lifetime and perhaps a large staff. Only in recent years have I understood the humor of the Holy Ghost. Today, the Internet is called the Highway, and when we use “the Highway” we are “on line!” Shortly after I had begun to work with captives on line in December 2002,  the Holy Ghost spoke again. I was working on the computer in 2003 when I heard Him whisper, “Pam, look, you are now “on line” on the Super Internet Highway.

I have really been walking by faith, out here “on line.” For decades, I really didn’t have a clue. Now I have a sense of what the mission is. I am to prepare the remnant church for endtime events, the tribulation, the Antichrist and the return of the Lord.  A part of that preparation is to train ministers that the Lord has called to the remnant harvest field. Every bit of work that I do also connects to unveiling the deception perpetrated by fallen angels and demons. Only second to preaching the gospel in His Great Commission, the Lord Jesus Christ instructed His disciples to go forth and cast out demons in His Name by the power of the Holy Ghost. (Mark 16:17) In the Lord’s day and time, this was a rather simple instruction.

During His ministry, Jesus did not have to teach, defend or explain the existence of the unseen world because the people grasped the reality of demons without difficulty. In fact, both natural and spiritual discernment of evil spirits was commonplace. For example, when a woman of Canaan came to Jesus on behalf of her daughter, He did not have to convince or persuade her that her daughter was demonized. This Canaanite mother was certainly not ignorant as she cried out to Jesus “my daughter is severely vexed with a devil.” It is obvious from the scripture that she understood what demonic oppression entailed. (Matthew 15:2)

Yet, almost two thousand years later, the ignorance of bible toting people of God concerning the powers of darkness has caused my books and my deliverance mentoring model to be both vital and necessary. In truth, Satan has been extremely successful over the centuries to not only keep the church in the dark about himself and his devices, but the religious demon has actually been able to manipulate the organized church to even promote Satan’s sinister agenda.


Almost one hundred years ago, Jessie Penn-Lewis, in collaboration with Evangelist Evan Roberts wrote a life-saving and life changing book entitled “War on the Saints.” As indicated in my dedication, this book has no competition or comparison. Simply put, the pain of opening my blind eyes to how the religious demon had deceived me palled to the astounding joy that truth brings. “War on the Saints” literally set me free, equipped me to serve. On October 25, 1911, I will have been in ministry for 30 years. It was all a training ground for what is about to transpire very soon.

I hope my books do the same in this hour, as Jessie Penn-Lewis inspired them all. If my books have  helped you, it was because THIS woman, who who died in 1915— still lives today through her astounding, life changing work. Without Jessie Penn-Lewis, I would still be imprisoned in a denomination, pastoring cold, dull, lifeless pew warmers.

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