Excerpt From “Come Out Of Her, God’s People” Pg. 22-24

226F68AD-9904-476B-BECE-FDBE9555CA3BDiverse spirits of the Anti-Christ assigned to each of us take advantage of our flesh by targeting the specific style of our own self deception. Word of faith believers are dealing with Satan’s cleverest teaching spirits, masters at psychology. Since religious invisible spirits study all of God’s people, evil spirits  know how to give us sudden flashes or insights on one or several scriptures woven together to suit our own particular persona.

To illustrate, there is no sufficient data to suggest that speaking in tongues is “a prayer language.” Therefore, seducing spirits with teaching gifts are adept at stringing together a few scriptures to suggest to those who like to pray that when they pray in tongues, they are speaking mysteries that only God understands. Little do they know that they could be sending forth curses against God’s people because they can’t interpret their own private utterances.

Moreover, those who strongly seek after signs and wonders tend to reason and accept various teachings without sufficient data and thereupon base their decisions on wrong assumptions. Even though I ministered in a traditional, denominational church, I myself was really a charismatic. In fact, my denominational colleagues mockingly tagged me with the name “full gospel” or “Pentecostal.”

Fully intimidated, those in the denomination were extremely upset that I spoke in tongues prolifically and that people fell slain at my hand or command in their traditional worship services. I also was known for my healing lines and for casting out demons. The denominational leaders were very suspect of me as “not being one of them.”

My case seems to be pretty classic. The typical demonic strategy is to make several promises about a future ministry. The form of deception used against me appeared to be worldly when under the surface, it was really spiritual. This is the danger for all true believers for we cannot depart from the faith unless we were actually “in it!” My keyword of deception was “power:” healing, miracles, signs, wonders, casting out demons, raising the dead, and predicting the future. Comfortable and familiar with supernatural power while I was an occult practitioner, it was easy for the religious demon to seduce me with “Christian” based power. As I look back over 30 years, I can plainly see “motive.” The fallen angel assigned to me successfully plotted and arranged to bring people, places and circumstances together in order to usher in sufficient instances of disappointment.

The ulterior motive was to use disappointment to cause me to ultimately reject not only my service to people but Jesus Christ Himself. Just to let you know up front, as clever as the strategy was, ——-praise God,



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