Protecting Yourself From A Religious Narcissist! Part 1



From the onset, I point out that a sensitivity and a compassion for a narcissistic victims bound by witchcraft as a   lust of the flesh  is certainly essential to setting them free. In fact, I  am always prepared to help these captives to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives when I perceive that  the Holy Spirit has confronted  them to face their own wickedness. Only God Himself can do this.

However, the Holy Spirit may use you.  Just know that no amount of persuasion or debate will affect a narcissist who has witchcraft or religiosity as a personality trait. And if the victim is in a position of authority in your life, you should never forget that you are   in for a formidable struggle where the odds are stacked against you.

Remember also that the actual  witchcraft spirit is called “the spirit of the Antichrist’. There are two branches of operation: witchcraft or religiosity. These evil spirits will use narcissists as channels  by  sending other  demons of accusation, rejection, condemnation and fear as a means of a counter attack, so it is imperative that you be  as wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove.

The key is to remain humble, repentant and forgiving. Here are a few ways to be as wise as a serpent:

  1. Never reveal your innermost hopes and dreams to  a manipulative, dominating and controlling person.  A narc with a witchcraft personality trait will find both direct and subtle ways to disrupt, even destroy your plans. Most of the time, these kinds of captives are so narcissistic that they don’t really listen to others because they are very pre-occupied with the beat of their own drum.
  2. So let THEM talk.  When they turn toward you and begin to ask questions, you ask THEM a question.  Their attention span is often  limited too themselves so  they can be distracted by another subject that interests them more than you and your pitiful life. But once such captives are bored, LOOK OUT!!!
  3.  Be very alert.  By example, when it is possible to do so, create a pre-prepared plan of escape from these people. Set boundaries and parameters ahead of time based upon the amount of time you can tolerate this person. For example, have some one call you at a certain set time, to interrupt either the phone call or the meeting.  Text helps out a lot with these kinds of people if you are not strong enough for a verbal or a face-to-face encounter.
  4. If you want to keep a new friendship or a relationship, do whatever you can to keep the witchcraft captive from meeting or getting involved with your friend.  Witchcraft captives can be quite engaging, and even if you warn your friend about the evil of the captive’s ways, YOU may  end up being the culprit who is perceived as unstable, jealous or judgmental because  the Narc has been both charming and engaging.  Once you start defending yourself, you have already lost the new friend.  In fact, don’t be surprised if the witchcraft captive has not stolen your new friend. So be wise and do not try to present a religious narc ahead of time for it may backfire and leave egg on your face.

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