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How To Witness To Religious Churchgoers: Who Are the Birds?

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To Die In Christ: What Does It Mean?

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in 2019, livin my best life at 75 years old!!!

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The Top Five New Years Resolutions for 2012: Examine EVERYTHING! This still stands on 1/1/2019!!!!!

via The Top Five New Years Resolutions for 2012: Examine EVERYTHING! This still stands on 1/1/2019!!!!!

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The Jezebelian Narcissist and Witchcraft

Witchcraft is the practice of cursing and controlling people and situations with a counterfeit spiritual authority and power, using white and black magic.  However, witchcraft is also listed among other traits and conditions as a “lust of the flesh” or a personality type.  We all have experienced these kinds of people.  It is one thing to be a pain in the ass  know-it-all.  However, when a person tries to manipulate, dominate and control the lives of others, that is when witchcraft as a lust of the flesh is quite obvious.   A personality trait cannot be cast out.  When the person is active and prominent in your life–perhaps  a parent, a spouse, a sibling, relative  a friend or a boss,— then you will have to develop diversified strategies to protect yourself. Once I continue to discuss such strategies, this subject  could turn into a book that I might consider writing.  For now, let us look at witchcraft from the standpoint of moral purity.

Utterly committed to upholding their own self-image, captives in the grips of witchcraft as a lust of their flesh  will fight to uphold an appearance of moral purity. Moral purity in this instance is not so much a desire to seek after true righteousness but more a desire to appear righteous to his or her entire  public. A  Jezebelian personality type  is like her old testament predecessor in the flesh. Her  desire is “to kill the prophets of God” and to crown false prophets that are obedient to Satan. In this regard, the religious demon has found a seat in the organized church, a pivotal position to fulfill Satan’s goal of killing true prophets.

From the onset, I point out that a sensitivity and a compassion for those bound by witchcraft as a   lust of the flesh  is certainly essential to set a captive free. In fact, I  am always prepared to help these captives to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives when I perceive that  the Holy Spirit has confronted  them to face their own wickedness. Only God Himself can do this.  However, He may use you.  Just know that no amount of persuasion or debate will affect a captive who has witchcraft as a personality trait. And if the victim is in a position of authority in your life, you should never forget that you are   in for a formidable struggle where the odds are stacked against you. Remember also that the actual  spirit called  witchcraft will use its captives by  sending other  demons of accusation, rejection, condemnation and fear as a means of a counter attack, so it is imperative that you be  is wise as a serpent but as harmless as a dove.    The key is to remain humble, repentant and forgiving. Here are a few ways to be as wise as a serpent:

1. Never reveal your innermost hopes and dreams to  a manipulative, dominating and controlling person.  One with a witchcraft personality trait will find both direct and subtle ways to disrupt, even destroy your plans. Most of the time, these kinds of captives are so narcissistic that they don’t really listen to others because they are very pre-occupied with the beat of their own drum.  So let THEM talk.  When they turn toward you and begin to ask questions, you ask THEM a question.  Their attention span is often  limited to themselves so  they can be distracted by another subject that interests them more than you and your pitiful life. But once such captives are bored, LOOK OUT!!!

2. Be very alert.  By example, when it is possible to do so, create a pre-prepared plan of escape from these people. Set boundaries and parameters ahead of time based upon the amount of time you can tolerate this person. For example, have some one call you at a certain set time, to interrupt either the phone call or the meeting.  Text helps out a lot with these kinds of people if you are not strong enough for a verbal or a face-to-face encounter.

3. If you want to keep a new friendship or a relationship, do whatever you can to keep the witchcraft captive from meeting or getting involved with your friend.  Witchcraft captives can be quite engaging, and even if you warn your friend about the evil of the captive’s ways, YOU may  end up being the culprit who is unstable, jealous or judgmental because  the witchcraft captive has been both charming and engaging.  Once you start defending yourself, you have already lost the new friend.  In fact, don’t be surprised if the witchcraft captive has not stolen your new friend. So be wise and do not try to present a witchcraft profile ahead of time for it may backfire and leave egg on your face.

If you would like to talk and strategize about how to deal with a religious narcissist, give us a call at 888-818-1117 or send an email to

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Personality Types and the Narcissist

There are four(4) basic personality types: the leader, the thinker, the feeler and the worker. Most people are of one type, some are of two types. Even rarer are those who are a blend of all 4 types. Jesus as a man was all 4 types, perfectly blended.  Narcissists exist in all 4 categories.  Even though they seek control in relationships, not all narcissists are leaders.  As thinkers, they have a running stream of consciousness that centers over his own self-absorption regarding his failures and successes, while others are delusional in order to escape a flood of negative feelings and emotions.

In each case, an alienation from the true self is often disguised by a false religiosity. Furthermore, as pride goes before a fall, the conflict centers within the narcissist’s pride system. At times, he may experience himself as a superior human being and at other times as his despised self. When these two ways of experiencing himself operate at the same time, the client will feel like two people pulling in opposite directions. This conflict could be of sufficient impact to tear anyone apart.

Usually, if the inner conflict is intense, the narcissist will automatically seek solutions to alleviate the tension. The role of deliverance is to find the true self, because very often a demon or demons have so infiltrated the client’s personality that the demon involved is well hidden by lies and deception. As Jesus said “the truth shall set you free.”
Therefore, deliverance counseling and coaching are always directed toward uncovering truth, not only in uncovering the true meaning of life’s apparently insignificant messages, but also in exorcising the demonic influence from the client’s personality. Those who are frustrated in their personality type will manifest some of the following traits.


In this solution, the narcissist glorifies and cultivates in himself everything that means mastery. Religiosity and charismatic witchcraft play a significant role. Mastery with regard to others entails the need to excel and to be superior in some way. The narcissist  tends to manipulate or dominate others and to make them dependent upon him. This solution is also reflected in what he expects the attitude of others toward him ought to be. Whether he is out for adoration, respect or recognition or the 3 P’s of power, position and prominence, he is concerned with others subordinating and humbling themselves to him and looking up to him. He resists the idea of his being compliant, appeasing or dependent.
The solution of mastery includes the narcissist’s  striving to accomplish and achieve. Helplessness may make him feel panicky and he hates any trace of weakness or insufficiency within himself.


This solution can be seen among those in Christendom who tends to subordinate themselves to others so as to prove by their behavior that they are “suffering for Jesus.” Such a person will fight any inward feeling of being superior to others to such an extent that he is often overlooked both in the world and in the church. This is that one who would hide his talent in the sand, with all kinds of excuses for not using it. He is uneasy when he receives any admiration or recognition, as he rejects being put in a superior position.  this kind of personality is food for the narcissist.

. What the victim  longs for is help, protection and surrendering love. In his attitude toward himself, the victim lives with a sense of failure to measure up to his own personal “ought to’s” , the “ought to’s” of others as well as biblical precepts and mandates. He tends to feel guilty, inferior, or contemptible. Passivity, a doorway for demons, becomes his solution, where others are either accusing or despising him and he can find no fault in his own behavior. Although self pride is not consciously felt, the victim becomes proud in secretly belittling others for not being as forgiving, understanding and as “humble” as he is—ie, for being self centered and selfish in comparison to his self effacing ways. Pride will also manifest in the opposite direction, where the victim  will secretly admire pride and aggressiveness in the narcissist, and thereby passively submit to being dominated and controlled by self seeking people. Therefore, the need for company is all the greater since being alone becomes a pride issue—proof that he is unwanted and unpopular and is therefore a disgrace, to be kept a secret.

Therefore, those who belittle themselves are usually not very discriminating where it comes to their relationships. As a rule, he will not be able to recognize the difference between genuine friendliness and its many counterfeits. He is too easily manipulated by any perceived show of warmth or interest that the narcissist may appear to offer.  The victim looks through rose colored glasses by upholding  his inner dictates that tell him that he should like everybody, and that he should not be suspicious.Furthermore, antagonism and possible fights cause the victim to overlook, discard, minimize or explain away such traits as lying, crookedness, exploitation, cruelty and treachery. Religious Christians find solutions to not facing such realities by claiming that they must “always walk in love.” Their definition of love is often connected to suffering abuse in relationships, making them vulnerable to demonic soul ties and co-dependent relationships. Simply put, he personality type of the victim  that seeks this particular self effacing solution makes for a greater subjective feeling of unhappiness and depression than the others. The genuine suffering of this solution causes the victim  to feel most miserable because of his commitment to suffering. In this sense, his concept of love is the only thing that gives a positive content to his life.


For various reasons, the soul’s resistance to the truth is the result of the both the narcissist and his victim’s  development over time  of an intricate subliminal strategy that will hinder his ability to face his problems “head on.” Therefore, the process of transformation and renewal of the mind by the word of God is blocked, even though the client believes that he has actually presented his body as a living sacrifice. (Romans 12: 1-2). His sacrifice was not holy because of his own self deception. Renewing of the mind is not just an intellectual process but it is also an emotional experience. In other words, the insights that he receives about himself ought to be felt in his gut or belly.When all things have truly become new in salvation, the believer who has remained bound in various areas of life may respond to insights or truths about himself in un-expected ways. Just as a going for a 30 minute outdoor swim may be refreshing and invigorating to some, it may be exhausting and even fearful to others, depending upon the intensity of the sun, the temperature of the water and also upon the physical condition of the person.

The Impact  of Truth

Similarly, a nugget of truth may be extremely painful or it may immediately bring joy, exhilaration or relief. If received as pain, the captive may feel that the insight is a threat. He might also perceive the insight as “opening a can of worms”, and thereby become discouraged or depressed because he perceives that he is facing too many changes, too soon.
As a pre-deliverance counselor, your stance should be that of the Savior’s. Jesus Christ declared that once truth is known, it will set one free. Yet He did not guarantee that the price of freedom would not be painful. Even so, for both the Narc and his victim  to become free to express who each of them  really is, relieved from having to repress their  emotions for so long, I believe that the pain is worth it. Even if the insight or revelation received is not flattering, the truth will remove the tensions generated by the their  former tendency to hide or to deny their true feelings.

Furthermore, knowing that demons have been secretly manifesting their own thoughts and ways into the captive’s soul can serve as the catalyst for change and a call to action. For example, once a captive discovers that his hostility toward others was demonically inspired, the counselor or  can then prepare    to know he can be  in Christ Jesus and can then guide him to “put on the whole armor of Christ,” once the Holy Spirit calls him or her to salvation.

Pam Sheppard Publishing of PMS offers courses and books were designed to work with mental health disorders from a spiritual perspective. Also. there are two books that you need:  Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling and The Church of the End-time Zombies:  A Guide to Religious Detox 



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Narcissistic Spiritual Abuse From Church Leaders


In my phone sessions  with damaged sheep, a truth stirs in my spirit that is difficult to express. When I really listened to what was done to human beings by narcissistic church pastor and leaders, all I can say is that many victims within church membership  have  already been crucified and so they  should hopefully expect resurrection. Some reports of narcissistic spiritual abuse that manifested as the institutional church actually hurting God’s people   causes me to realize how much of the world is in the church system  and how dangerous it is to look back at Her.

Yet, we must look back in order to recover because we need to know what is it about ourselves that caused us to succumb to any sort of spiritual abuse in the first place. Even so, we also have to be careful HOW we look back. Anxiety or inner turmoil serves as a sign that we have not completely gotten over a particular thing. So when this happens, we need to retreat, build up strength in that area and confront it when we are better prepared. This is the path of deliverance coaching. We advance and retreat to fight another day.

If you are willing to do the intense work of deliverance and spiritual recovery, contact Pam Sheppard Ministries at 888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below:

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Pam Sheppard Ministries is not about duplicating the visible church. We are about the edification of each saint, one by one, according to the scriptures, worldwide. For the true church is only as strong as its weakest link.


Welcome, Believer’s in Jesus Christ! 

FE45560F-20B8-4C6F-B4BC-A728259EDDFFMy name is Pam Sheppard.  Just call me “Pastor Pam!”

The overall mission of PSM  is to prepare the remnant of God for the end of times. We believe that the people of God shall go through the tribulation.  Our mission is to prepare the saints to overcome. In that regard, our primary objective is to train ministers who have been refined through the fires of God.  Ministers are trained to serve those who have left the visible organized church through deliverance mentoring and deliverance coaching.

Deliverance Mentoring

A Unique Form of Discipleship

 Deliverance mentoring is for those who have left the church.  If you have been spiritually abused and subsequently damaged, then deliverance mentoring is for YOU.  However, if you have not been damaged while attending the organized church, we are hear to serve as your online ministry.

Pastor Pam served in ordained ministry…

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Religious Narcissists Will Make YOUR Decisions!

A passive nature is what evil spirits seek after to empower narcissists against you. When a narcissist employs legalistic tactics, very often the goal is to take advantage of your inherent weaknesses as they step in and make decisions that YOU should be empowered to make.

The truth to be emphasized is that God never “wills” instead of man, and whatever a man does, he is himself responsible for his actions. Therefore, you are responsible for the actions that you have allowed others to make on your behalf. Religious demons major goal is to manipulate the will of a sincere and unsuspecting believer into a state of passivity in order to use people with narcissistic tendencies to control you.

Spritual Covering Fallacy

The believer whose “will” has become passive, finds, after a time, the greatest difficulty in making decisions of any kind, and he looks outside, and all around him for something to help him to decide the smallest matters, the enemy will introduce him or her ti a narcissist. When he has become conscious of his passive condition, he has a painful sense of being unable to meet some of the situations of ordinary life. Consequently,  the tactics of the enemy now may be to drive him into situations where  he or she becomes dependent upon a narcissist. The narcissist becomes then a tool in the hands of the enemy these demands to rule,  torture or embarrass you.

Little does the believer know that in this condition he may, unknowingly, rely upon the assistance of evil spirits, who have brought about the passivity for this very object. The faculty unused lies dormant and dead in their grip, but if used it is an occasion for them to manifest themselves through it. They are too ready to “will” instead of the man, and they will put within his reach many “supernatural” props to help him in “decision,” especially in the way of “texts” used apart from their context, and supernaturally given, which the believer, seeking so longingly to do the will of God, seizes upon, and firmly grasps as a drowning man a rope, blinded, by the apparently given Divine help, to the principle that God only works through the active volition of a man, and not for him in matters requiring his action.
Taken from Jessie Penn-Lewis in “War on the Saints.”

How many of you have said “I surrender all in the IC and would not act unless you got some kind of sign? How many of you know that the IC is corrupt and infiltrated by fallen angels and demons yet you are waiting on God to give you a special sign before you make a move to leave? How many of you are under the thumb of narcissistic pastors who try to control your thoughts and your ability to make your own decisions? 

To learn more about narcissism and the passivity of the will, you would benefit from “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”


Click here for paperback

Click here for ebook

To know more about the religious spirit, the Jezebel spirit and the narcissist, you need “Faces of the Religious Demon.”



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When Prince Charming is a Narcissist!

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When Prince Charming is a Narcissist!


By Pam Sheppard

I have known a lot of men in my day, both professionally and personally. There were many narcissists among them, even among the weak and most passive ones.

In my personal relationships, I was stuck on stupid from 1974-2005 about this soul mate thing and I tried to nurture a lot of NARCS back to sound mental health. That only works on a counselor to client basis. I have learned from hard knocks that to avoid co-dependency, “do not try to counsel YOUR man.” He will only end up hating you.

so Count girls. I looked for Prince Charming for a total of 31 years. Some of you are not even 31 years old yet.

So take it from an old gal who travelled the romantic yellow brick road for a long time. Actually, I realized on the day that I had my final divorce papers…

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