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How Evil Spirits Use Sleep Paralysis to Create Fear



I was sleeping the other night when I found myself sitting up, trembling with fear. This was not a natural kind of fear but a supernatural one where I was paralyzed. I looked across my room and felt a very evil presence but saw nothing. It was like a fog of terror was throughout the room and even though it was around 5 in the morning, somehow, the room grew even darker. Have you ever seen the Twilight Zone? In that show, the lighting of a scene will change dramatically as the characters experience some kind of twist in their supernatural/unexplainable adventure. That was the kind of effect that was going in my room, a sudden darkness and a haze. This clip here more or less shows the hazy quality of what was happening.

I could sense a demon was there by a penetrating aura of evil and maliciousness hanging…

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Overcoming Strong Delusion and Deception

All 7 of these deliverance, end-time books will fill in the blanks, shine a spotlight on spiritual darkness, and set you free.

Preparing For End-Times

What I am about to ask you to do is to “step outside of your personal situation” and see the broader picture for a brief moment.  The problem for all of us is that it is natural for us to be egocentric.  In other words, everything that goes on in the world revolves around us and our immediate situation. I’m asking you to step outside of the boundaries of your own self created circle and consider the state of the organized church system from a historical not a hysterical perspective.

 Imagine that an operation was done in a hospital on a person who had a communicable disease but no one knew he was infected  at the time. The doctors and staff were  extremely skilled, the hospital was reputable. They simply did not know that the person that was operated on had a disease that would spread and affect everyone. So the operating…

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Fake News, Religion and the Church

To be undeceived, we have to be willing to discard EVERYTHING we believe and assume that we know. In other words, be prepared to examine everything like a devil’s advocate.

Preparing For End-Times

In an article entitled “the Religious Origin of Fake News and Alternative Facts,” a finding is presented that suggests that Fundamentalists and Charismatic Christians are more susceptible to deception than others, indicating  that it’s because of yet another factor called “truthiness.” Truthiness is defined as being  a gut reaction to facts: if it feels right and it fits into my perspective, then it’s the truth.

AS believers, we need to understand that

1. Just because a person is born again does not make them “deception proof.”

2. Just because a person is faithfully religious does not make him or her “born again.”
The Lord would not have warned His disciples to “take heed and be not deceived” if there was no danger that they could be deceived. It does not matter how many things you are or were deceived about.

For example, For 25 years, I was deceived about speaking in…

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Do You Love the Supernatural? Be CAREFUL!!!!

Very often, tormenting spirits seek out the elect who have been believing false doctrine and who are charismatic in their practices. I have written several books on this subject: Faces of the Religious Demon, the New Idolatry, and the Church of the Endtime Zombies.


The Bible tells us that there would come a time when the entire world would be under the sway of the evil one.

That time is NOW!

So before I waste my time confronting demons on a captive’s behalf, I have to find out “what is the captive doing and believing that has opened the door to the influence of demonic spirits?” If the captive lacks knowledge of how his own problem began and how he is continuing to hinder himself, how can the source of his problem be recognized? My goal with pre-deliverance mentoring is to close the doorways the captive has opened and KEEP THEM CLOSED!!!!

Some people accept torment as “suffering for the Lord”, yet they ain’t even saved. The truth is that  I would know nothing of demonic torment if it were not for hundreds of captives  with false conversions who have sought me to cast out tormenting…

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Sin Is Not Just What We Do. IT IS WHO WE ARE!!!

Satan is the accuser. You let him win when you receive his condemnation. For there is no condemnation to those who are IN Christ Jesus.

Preparing For End-Times

Sin is Not Just What We Do, it’s WHO we ARE!

Recently , I had a phone session with a woman who yielded to the temptation of sexual sin, that went beyond what is biblically  defined as “fornication.” .  I truly wish I had a recorder running to be able to hear and write down what I said “to Mary.” It was deep.

In a nut shell, Mary went over the deep end of her own moral code and performed some sinful acts that she would never even have dreamed of. She was filled with shame and self-pity. in such a pitiful condition,  it is difficult for her to come out of self sorrow so that the Holy Spirit can convict her with godly sorrow.  I explained to her that she was every bit the same sinner she was before she met the guy and committed those acts.  Being a sinner has less to…

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Understanding The Season of Trumpism in “the Plot to Hack America” by Malcolm Nance

“The Plot to Hack America will help you understand the signs of the ties.

Preparing For End-Times


Within the first days of the Trump Presidency, the country’s  focus has shifted from Russia to a plethora of a fast paced onslaught on cabinet picks, the inauguration attendance, the Muslim ban, the firing of the  acting attorney general, the wall Mexico won’t pay for, the Dakota pipeline and on and on.  Yet nothing about Russia. Could this be a diversionary tactic?  Well after reading Malcolm Lance’s extraordinary book “the Plot to Hack America”, the  chaos and the incompetence of these times could be a well-thought out plan to see just how far the new administration  can go, in Trump’s efforts to derail democracy in this country.   What both Steve Bannon and President Trump have  found out is that even if the politicians are asleep, the people of America have finally woken up. 

The keyword of the populous is RESISTANCE!

In regards to the contents of the  creepy dossier about Trump and…

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The Death of Eddie Long: God’s Message to the Charismatic Movement

When I was an avid watcher of Christian TV, the late Eddie Long was my favorite MEGA PREACHER for lots of reasons. First of all, I liked his boldness, the fact that he did not lose his blackness but saw himself as a leader of his inner city community, and I loved his masculinity as I was tired of apparently neutered preachers. So when I turned away from charismatic teachings, Eddie was one of the few that I missed.

Nevertheless, I was not shocked by his apparent down-low gay status— I suppose because I was already accustomed to the normalized DL trend, prevalent in the African American denominations  for quite a few decades.  In fact, I became privy to the angers and hypocrisy of DL once ordained  and in ministry within an AA denomination,   where I preached and pastored for almost 25 years. So my  conservative estimate is that  at least 50% of the preachers were down low.

So for me, more disturbing  than Eddie’s sexual proclivities was how he handled his sickness with both denial, and perhaps, downright lies to the public, withholding the truth from his congregation. . Then when I saw the following video, I was really “turned off” that Eddie had the nerve to use his sickness as a manipulative means to parlay a healing ministry in his congregation less than 3 months ago.

Did Eddie really believe he was healed? I think he did.

He was still thin in early October 2016,  but he certainly looked like he was on the mend. The problem is that Eddie Long was seriously and cleverly deceived by the devil. I can relate as I was deceived about healing myself, and I know I was sincere but sincerely wrong, as I believe Eddie was also. Besides his healing, in my mind,  Eddie’s major deception is that he believed that it  was God who financially prospered him and made him a mega preacher.

I have heard from God on This.


Back in 1974, there was evidence that I had healing power.  Since I was an atheist who did not believe in the existence of either God or the devil, I thought this healing power was MINE, emanating from ME!

I discovered that I had this strange ability where I sucked out pain with my hands. Once I became born again, the devil tricked me by giving me a prophecy in the mouth of a 9 year old girl, Leandra. I never doubted or even questioned that word for 25 years, assuming it came from God when it did not. The word “Waters of heaven shall heal,” were in the prophecy so I called my ministry “healing waters.” Once I discovered while writing the Fake Jesus that healing waters is one of Maitreya’s keywords, I immediately dropped it and became Pam Sheppard Ministries.

So when I discuss healing, I come from a place of personal experience. Its been over 30 years since that prophecy was uttered.  With the  sickness and  death  of my mother two  years ago, it has once again been confirmed to me that the spiritual welfare of a person’s soul is much more important than the healing of his body. My mother was quite evil, a classic narcissist. Her sickness completely broke her soul down to a different person and I wonder if this had to be done for God to save her. I don’t know but these questions certainly surfaced when I personally witnessed how God allowed cancer  to destroy the works of rejection the enemy used my mother to inflict upon me.  It was a glorious time as I watched the  Lord demolish decades of evil while He simultaneously allowed the devil to  debilitate  her body to save my mother’s  soul.

Surely, the conversion and rebirth of a man through the working of the Holy Spirit has priority over the healing of disease. Sickness or infirmity cannot keep a person out of the Kingdom of Heaven, but without the forgiveness of sins and the experience of rebirth, we shall not even see the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, I believe that It is important for us not to distort the problem of healing. God has given us the ability to think and reason in order that we use both commonsense and intelligence. . It is obviously not wrong to ask the Lord to heal us. The Lord Himself was the greatest physical healer of them all. But it is also not wrong to turn to a doctor for help. The help of a trained doctor is itself a blessing from God.  It has been 3 years  since I had a hip replacement. it was the best decision I ever made and I thank God for revealing to me one of his great surgeons.

With all of this said, healing is not gone from my spirit. Yet God has to lead me into it and I have to be sure that it is Him, THE NEXT  time around, which I sense “is soon.”

As for the message to the charismatic movement, I suggest to you to consider the following::

1. Most if not ALL of what you have learned and believed  is devilishly tainted by your heeding the teachings of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, as originally preached and taught by mega preachers. . Charismatic preachers of the prosperity gospel, healing, Name it and claim it, tongues and ALL the rest of it who are deceived shall be exposed and made known. YOU NEED TO RUN FROM THEM. CERTAINLY DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO LAY HANDS ON YOU!!!!!

2. The Lord said it here, to all Charismatics in Revelation 3:15-22. You can look this up in your yellow highlighted bibles.

To everyone else who wants to know how to become undeceived, click here .

If you need prayer for healing, or you need help to be undeceived and released from torment, complete the contact form below:

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Maitreya and Sananda as the Antichrist and the False Prophet

I believe the Fake Jesus is my worst written book but it is my most important book.   I evaluate the book as   the worst written of the 8 of them, simply  because it was conceived and produced  at …

Source: Maitreya and Sananda as the Antichrist and the False Prophet

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Maitreya and Sananda as the Antichrist and the False Prophet

I believe the Fake Jesus is my worst written book but it is my most important book.  

I evaluate the book as   the worst written of the 8 of them, simply  because it was conceived and produced  at a time when I was not sufficiently  bold enough to expose my thought beyond  a few folk, the fact that I suspected  that the church has already  been infiltrated by fallen angels.  Generally   a consummate professional,  I was once concerned that  I would be called a conspiracy theory quack.  Therefore I wrote it in the third person, like I was talking about someone other than me., writing  “we” instead of “I”.

For some of you, after you read the Fake Jesus,  I suspect that  you will  be as astonished  as even I was where the institutional church is concerned.  For as I reviewed the book I had written,   I realized that I was not personally exempt from its findings, particularly as a pastor. For I realized that even  the church I founded was connected to  the same religious  system and consequently a fallen angel was assigned to MY church as well as all others.

I started writing the book In 2007. Wow!  That was 10 years ago. !!!  In a decade, my belief in a fallen angel takeover of the global church is even stronger than it was when I collected my research.  Anyway, by 2008, I shut down  my church and I buried her name.  Healing Waters: a name given to me by a fallen angel in the mouth of a nine-year old girl, Leandra in 1983. I uncovered in my research that   Healing Waters is a by word for the fallen angel  Maitreya. !!!!

There are about 50-200 Ascended masters of different ranks. The Fake Jesus is  among  the top five. Maitreya, Sananda, Mother Mary, St. Germaine and Ashtar. Under their command are other fallen angels who are in charge of the churches.

Maitreya is pinpointed as  the expected leader whom  the new age occult world is waiting for in these times with his forerunner being Benjamin Creme. As described by Crème, Maitreya” essence and his mission to earth is akin to the biblical Antichrist.  Maitreya is also  the  unseen father of the Eastern religions.  The climax  of this book is its clear understanding and interpretation to be seriously aware  what Benjamin Creme claims Maitreya will perform by miracles and healings around the world, to draw followers wo will believe that he is God Almighty. The book reveals how and why the great hoax will deceive and disciple many by the power of the altered state.

“The Fake Jesus” also reveals a trick to be enacted upon the entire world that will cause the uninformed to    believe  that Maitreya is omniscient, omnipotent  and omnipresent. In other words. GOD! Maitreya is the fallen angel who will possess a world leader aka the Antichrist  while  Sananda will be in  control of the false prophet.

The rest of the book reveals the history of how the enemy pulled it off in the churches, including Sananda’s work with the Protestants and Mother Mary’s work with the Catholics.

Once I penned  the next  book, the  New Idolatry, I find that I have fully embraced  my bold character, since I am  no longer concerned at all whether I am thought to be a quack. I consider  The New Idolatry as  a sequel to the Fake Jesus.

There are some additional interesting  tidbits about the Fake Jesus. The book was typed on a computer and completed in 2007.  While doing the final reading, I noticed that the word “angel” had been  removed from the entire book.  Considering that the word was repeated at least 500 times, I had to type each word in each sentence  manually.  Needless to say, I missed a handful of replacements.  So if you are reading and you come across  the word “fallen” without anything after it, just add in “angel” into your mind  as you read.

Another interesting aside  is that the fallen angels have actually responded to the book quite vigorously, vehemently expressing  how much they hate it.  In one instance fallen angels, entered into an acquaintance and sent me “their” book review by  email and another time, a fallen angel  caused  a reader to throw the book into the next room while she was reading it. Here are a couple of  reviews from humans, not under the influence of evil spirits: :

I am currently reading The Church of the End time Zombies. I have read The Fake Jesus. In the beginning I knew something wasn’t quite right with the church but I was in denial thinking how could I and everyone else be wrong. But the Fake Jesus gives history and insight on how deceived we all have been. Pam just didn’t come out of the church to invent these things she tested the spirits and took time to research the matter. She has done all of the work for us. Pam herself will tell you to ask God to reveal the truth. I did just that and found that she is a true woman of God. I also counsel with Pam once a week. She is patient yet real but don’t get it twisted for a moment she also commands her respect but in a loving way. The stuff I have learned from counseling, her videos and books have been immeasurable. I have learned more in these last few months than I have attending years in the church.

I have read Pam Sheppard’s books, “The New Idolatry”, “The Fake Jesus”. I have also purchased the Church of the End-Time Zombies. Her teachings have helped me a lot. The Fake Jesus explains really well how evil spirits are deceiving Christians in the church. The New Idolatry is a good book that reveals the dangers of the occult and how demons, religious demons, fallen angels, Satan and his cohorts are spreading their agenda, masquerading in many ways (i.e yoga gods). I have also joined her rescue online ministry group. I am glad that I did. The problems I was experiencing, the church was not able to help me, in fact my situation just got worse. Today I am doing much better, and have been armored with so much truth and strength. I recommend that anyone who feels that something is not right in the church, experiencing anything strange, supernatural, then read Pam Sheppard’s books and contact her for further help if needed. There are not too many people who are truly born again in Jesus Christ but Pam Sheppard is one of them, to those that God is un-deceiving, it will be easy for you to tell.

If you would like to speak to me about the books, complete the contact form below:

                                                                                                                                                                        THE FAKE JESUS   

                    THE NEW IDOLATRY


Click the cover for the ebook, and the title for the paperback

Click the cover for the ebook and the title for the paperback

Click the cover for the ebook and the title for the paperback


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Opened Chakras and Speaking in Tongues Can Lead To Possession

I am a part of  a very small, rather elite group of professional therapists who employ counseling to set people free from demons.  One of those clinicians was the late Kurt Koch from Germany.  I was reading his book published in 1973 where he presented a discussion, comparing real mental illness to  being demonized.  Tongues  entered into the discussion as a sign of possession! 

  There is a lot to learn from Koch.  Sure, he was an I accept Jesus person, yet he had a lot of cases and so his findings are important.  What gets me is the connection he makes to tongues as a sign of being demonized.  Here are the words of Koch:

The greatest difference, however, between psychosis (mental illness) and occult subjection is the ability of a possessed person to speak in a foreign language while in a state of trance. This is not to be confused with genuine glossolalia, a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is rather a demonic counterpart to speaking in tongues. I know of both witch doctors and spiritist mediums who are able to speak in foreign languages while in ecstasies or in a trance. I can give you an example of this from Australia. A missionary friend of mine with whom I once worked, told me of an incident he knew about where six tribal witch doctors, following a long ceremonious  procedure, finally began to speak in foreign languages with voices not their own. If I had the time I could go on to describe further characteristic differences between psychoses and possession. The conflict one meets with possessed people involve realms which transcend rational thought and understanding.

The key word here is “in a state of trance.” A very popular and dangerous practice today is to enter into a trance by meditation, yoga and other Eastern practices whose primary goal is to open the chakras.   In sync with this goal, is the Charismatic practice of speaking in tongues. With a complete misunderstanding of I Corinthians 14:14 where it reads “For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my mind is unfruitful.”  All the Apostle Paul meant in this verse  is that such praying is without understanding.  Paul is NOT suggesting that are minds should be empty of thought or inactive.  He simply  meant that we are praying without understanding when we speak in a language that we do not understand.

Most churchgoers receive tongues at a Charismatic or a Pentecostal church altar.  They are told to chant, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” or some version of hallelujah, or to listen to the tongues of others with an opened mouth and a blank mind.  Is this practice not occult? Satanists teach that there are words of power that one can choose to open and empower the chakras. They teach that there was once in Egypt and Chaldea a science of this ‘nature language’ or “tongue of gods.” Therefore, a chakra meditation consists of not only visualizing and breathing techniques, but also the vibrating of  a word or phrase  of power to actually open each chakra.

Meditation to open chakras is dangerous because evil spirits are looking for the altered state of consciousness, aka a trance, which meditation brings about through deep breathing, visualization and various other practices used at church altars like chanting out a word or phrase of power in order to speak in tongues.

For more info on Christians, the occult and chakra, you need The Church of the Endtime Zombies. Two thirds of this 300 page book deals with the dangers of Christians experimenting with opening chakras.


Click the cover for the ebook and the title for the paperbook



If you can relate to either the video, this article or both, and you believe you could use some help, complete the contact form below:

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