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How and Why I Left the Institutional Church

I believe I was saved in such a supernatural manner because growing up  in Harlem as a child of the ’40’s, the Lord protected me from the black church and from religion.  Thirty-five years have passed since that great day in March 1977. Today when I enter into deliverance counseling with tormented Christian clients, I understand why. Religiosity and the present day church has become seized demonic territory. Most of those who seek me out for deliverance were raised in church from birth. My West Indian parents sent me to  Sunday school alone. As a result, I was able to play hooky every Sunday without once getting caught by my family.

I did not enter the religious system called church until I was already 2 years saved and 35 years old. It was a strange, uncomfortable world for me where I had to learn to “swim with the sharks.” I studied the songs, the mannerisms, all of the accoutrements of “churchyism.” Yet, I never really belonged because I had no church history to stand on among people who could claim several generations of a relationship with Her.. So even though I entered ministry in 1981, I remained a root in dry ground for the next 25 years, an unwanted stepchild.

When the Lord called me out in Sept. 2003, He didn’t tell me EVERYTHING. He simply warned, “Pam, you are a candle,hidden under a bed in this place. If you stay here, I can’t use you. But don’t leave on your own. Let them PUT you out!”

I had no idea what He was talking about as I had been a preacher in good standing for 24 years then and all was at peace. However, it didn’t take long. An unexpected enemy surfaced whom the Lord used to cause the leadership to remove my name from their rolls. The day before, I saw in a dream that like John the Baptist, I was being spiritually beheaded. The deed was done on June 25th, 2004 and I was pushed outside of the camp, waiting for the Lord to send me to another church within another denomination or sect.

I waited for two years and on the third year, the Lord spoke. I was setting up a road trip to several churches to train their leaders on deliverance when I was asked a question. “Pam, would you put curtains up at the windows of a condemned building?” Raised in a ghetto surrounded by boarded up buildings created quite a vivid image. I immediately answered, “No!”

Then the voice said, “Pam, training church leaders according to your plan is like putting up curtains at the windows of a condemned building.” Needless to say, I cancelled the trip. Simply put, I was told that the church was already judged but I refused to believe it. So I went on a search that evolved into a study of church history. I figured if the church was already judged, history would reveal it.

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And it did.

What I uncovered became the book entitled “the FAKE JESUS: Fallen Angels Among Us.” The book provides details on how religious demons under the command of a fallen angel who calls himself ascended master, Jesus Sananda Immanuel, became the god of the organized church. In the Fake Jesus, I summarize the most outstanding signs to suggest that the Holy Ghost is no longer in the organized church.

If you have questions or you need help., call 518-477-5759

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The Fall of Black Preachers: Sin and the Hirelings

As an ordained minister in an African-American Church from 1981-2004, I concur with the contents of this video.  However,  Creflo Dollar, Juanita Bynum and others are really not representative of the black church.  From her book, “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” the author “goes a lot deeper.”  Two words tell the tale: hirelings and sin.  Here is a sample from this shocking  book.:

The denominational  ministers on the local district  formed a fellowship group where the ministers sat around and talked church trash after eating a full course meal. At each of these meetings, I was always the only woman present. Having attended several of these exclusively Denominational meetings, one particular ‘gathering’ stands out prominently in my mind.  One day, Rev. Keith McGillis, the President of the  Alliance and the pastor of the largest church on the Albany district decided he would “school me.” He hollered across the room  to me,  “Pam, you need to have a gimmick.” When I looked puzzled, Rev. McGillis stood up to demonstrate.

“Girl, look here. The niggas ain’t happy unless we give them some entertainment. I remember one day, my niggas must a been out late Saturday night, cause when I looked around, half a dem niggas was sleepin. So I jumped up, ran down the aisle, swung my robe hard to the left, then hard to the right.  Took my handkerchief and waved it in the air, then I threw it down hard to the floor. Twirlin around real fast, I ran out of the sanctuary, went into my office and slammed the door. Girl, them niggas started to shoutin and  screamin, some of dem jumped up and did the Holy Ghost dance.  That’s what I mean Pam. You got to have a gimmick.”  The rest of the ministers laughed in agreement. Rev. McGillis has since moved up to bigger and better things on the national level of the Denomination.

 I never took his advice. I never found a gimmick. Perhaps this is the reason why I could never preach the congregation into a frenzy.  In fact,  on various occasions, my sermons were so poignant that some have jumped up out of their seats and showed me their backs as they were running out of the door while others defiantly sat right In front of me completing a cross word puzzle.  The word I preached was a two-edged sword. For even when my own garment was soiled or spoiled, I still preached holiness.

Come Out of Her, God’s People” is a shocking, yet powerful book.  Click the title for the softcover.

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Failure As A Refining Fire For The Making of An Endtime Prophet

Every prophet of God must submit to thr refining fire of failure to be fit for the task of ministry. In my case, God’s  tools of my refinement were rejection and failure.

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Even though I was certainly spiritually abused as a pastor and an evangelist for more than two decades, I did not desire to “come out of her.”  In fact, I was  literally driven out of a well-known African American denominational church.  In Come Out of Her, God’s People,”  I  really don’t reveal  the details of my pastorate at two denominational  churches.  As I recollect, they were the years of my life when I felt most unloved and most unappreciated. The persecution that I endured at St. Matthew, Norwich NY and Dyer Phelps, Saratoga NY would take up too much time, and it really would do little to enhance this testimony. Simply put, I will sum up  those  horrible years by simply  proclaiming that throughout my pastoral service and evangelistic labor in this particular denomination,  it was the divine hand of God  Who  purposely set me up to be unsuccessful.  For knowing myself as I do, if I had been successful in works of the flesh,  I would be wretched, poor, blind and naked in my powerless comfort zone of denominational acquiescence.

     Suffice it to say for now, that through  three pastorates over a 25 year span, I submitted myself to the cross of the Savior, picked it up and followed Him. Now that I have  been informed as to why I was sent not once but twice to the Denominational church, I now know why the Lord Himself allowed Satan to set me up to fail as one  of Zion’s pastors. In this hour, I now realize that the circumstances that under girded each failure are not as important to my testimony as the recorded events in the book.

  In fact, I believe that my failures in the denominational pastorate were definitely used by the Lord to renew my soul. In this regard, I learned to understand the hidden worth of my failures,— an invaluable spiritual truth that “the Pam without Christ” could never have perceived without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. In my fleshly nature I am an achiever, an assertive woman where failure is unacceptable.   In fact, in my secular career, my all-male co-workers were known to admiringly describe me as a woman “with gonads.” I obtained this vivid and illustrious title because I was the only one among my peers who confronted issues in the agency that the men were either too intimidated or too fearful of reprisals to address.

   Men simply do not expect or desire to acknowledge that a woman can or even should be bold and fearless. As such, when a woman stands up for truth, she must have two gonads rather than   her own two breasts. In the secular world, I have never been the underdog. In fact, even though I have a soft, feminine side, in the world my natural womanhood was overshadowed by the strength of my survival instincts. Therefore, the dirt that was done to me by people who call themselves ‘Christian’, my carnal nature without Christ would have been so outraged that retaliation would definitely have been “in order!!!”

Enemies faced in the secular world knew that I had the capability of being a deadly adversary so when they came at me, they knew that they had “to come correct!”  Therefore, as I look back at  the weak, insecure people who the enemy used against me in the two Denominational  churches that I pastored, I perceive that the Lord most assuredly  used these  failures to successfully cut the evil emotions of hatred, bitterness and un-forgiveness from my soul. I learned that in spite of what the sheep did to me, as a shepherd called by the Lord Jesus Christ to serve them, I could not fight them back.  I could not harm or damage the Lord’s sheep.

 Throughout 30 years in ministry and 35 years saved, the Lord  repeatedly demonstrated to me that vengeance is His. Over the years I have watched Him repay as He  allowed the plagues to overtake all of  my enemies in the organized church. Consequently, although much could be written about several other professing  Christians that the enemy used to try to discredit and destroy not only my ministry but the essence of my being, in “Come Out of Her, God’s People” I choose to only testify   concerning  those persons and situations that played a significant role in “the making of a prophet.” As I look back over 30 years of ministry, I realize that I have  learned invaluable spiritual lessons and revelations  by watching unto prayer.  Like the prophets of old, I endured hardship like a good soldier. Sometimes hurt, almost crushed, but never destroyed.  At least I didn’t get beheaded as did  the prophet John the Baptist, although my spiritual head was on the chopping block more than once.

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I was a preacher for almost 3 decades. I preached an average of one sermon a week for 20 years, with 8 of those years preaching 3 sermons a week.  On one occasion in the pulpit, I felt a strange power come upon me where it seemed I was “not myself.” I was in a rather strong altered state of consciousness. I thought is was an extra powerful anointing of the Holy Ghost. IT WAS NOT!!!

When I was sent to church for the first  in 1979, I had never heard a sermon and so when I was informed in 1981 that upon entering ministry, I would be required to preach a trial sermon on October 25, 1981, I had no idea what a sermon was. In the summer of ’81, I began to preach in my sleep, in preparation for the October day of trial. I also walked around all day for about 30 days, muttering “sermons.”

I thought that I was under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. It took about 25 years for me to find out that in those early and strange days, I was under the “anointing” of the religious demon assigned to me. I thank God then when   DID enter the pulpit to preach and pastor, it was only ONE time in at least 2 thousand sermons that that same power came upon me. I have since discovered that it is a demonic power, in no way, the Holy Ghost.

Oh yes! Demons enjoy preaching. I came out of a denomination where men who were adulterers, fornicators, perverts, closet homosexuals could preach so hard, that they could affect even me, in spite of what I knew about the intimate, sometimes secret details of their lives.At least 10 times a year, 50 ministers gathered at various regional church functions and a hanful would preach at these gatherings.

When they were preaching, I  harneseds down my soul from being overpowered, but there were times when I could not. Their power was too strong.  I often wondered about it over the years. How could these corrupt men overtake my soul with one of their sermons in spite of my resistance to it? Could this be God? Would God use such sinful creatures to preach HIS WORD???!!!

It took two decades or more to find out the answer to that question. The answer is NO!!!! The Holy Ghost does not anoint such preachers but the devil DOES!!!. It is called communal intoxication by the founder of sociology, Max Weber.

Communal intoxication is defined by Weber as the supernormal ability of magicians, wizards, witches and charismatic religious leaders.With the god concept at its center, they induce an altered state of consciousness in their followers as demonstrated by the congregation’s manifestation of convulsions, trembling, and intense effusions of excitement and ecstasy. (Come Out of Her God’s People, pg 190)

Weber points out that that communal intoxication has a contagious effect where it can spread throughout  an audience or congregation of people, infecting those assembled with sensations of enhanced emotionalism and vitality. This definition explains the so called holy dance, holy rollers, holy laughter, running around the church building, perhaps even tongues and slain in the spirit phenomena.

This power was manifested in my presence for 25 years  among denominational African American preachers. Keep in mind that Weber’s studies were predominately tribal communities on other continents, including Africa and Asia. Webers findings suggest that the altered state appeal has a significant connection to today’s charismatic leaders’ ability to cause large numbers of people to believe that they have been released from bondages and that they have “heard from God.”

As a result, what has been happening in church is that demons have been using corrupt ministers to preach. I would say that that is reason enough to “COME OUT OF HER, GOD’S PEOPLE.”

When you come out, give me a call at 518-477-5759  Click here for the book.

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