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Your spiritual life is like a journey.  You are on the broad road, and SEW Mentoring   will lead you to the narrow way.  As you journey through the valleys to find your mountaintops, our trained ministers  are with you as a “travel guide” so to speak.  You have become accustomed to travelling alone, and perhaps with out even a map.  You have been walking for a long time and your bondage may have  brought you to a crossroad. 

 The first stage of  basic Christian mentoring is geared toward helping you make your own decisions about how much truth you are willing to receive to obtain freedom. The more you resist truth, the longer you will journey on the broad way, that leads to destruction.

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We have found that most Christians who need deliverance mentoring are blinded by spiritual ignorance.  Our goal at SEW is to help you obtain clear spiritual vision as we coach and train you to distinguish between good and evil. 

The goal of basic Christian mentoring  is to help you to be engaged, encouraged and enlightened  in your mind. As such, our objective at  is to strengthen your spirit so that you will be able to recognize God’s will and choose it above your own. 

 However, the goal of deliverance mentoring  is to arm you to recognize and effectively deal with  the activity of the enemy in your life.  Deliverance mentoring is broken down into 4 components:

 A SEARCH FOR COSMIC EVIL DOORWAYS: These are areas  in a person’s life which are giving or have given cosmic entities the right to enter or remain in the person. Asking Jesus to “come into your heart, a counterfeit birth, a background in the occult, unconfessed sins, ungodly soul ties, unforgiveness, holding cursed possessions (occult rings, etc.) and so forth can give demons a right to inhabit and torment a person. These legal grounds can be  removed by facing the truth,  repentance, renunciation, extending forgiveness, etc.

THE EXAMINATION OF STRONGHOLDS: These are basically incorrect thinking patterns in your mind. For example, if  you think God is angry with you because you have committed the unpardonable sin, then you will feel like He is. This stronghold may open you to panic attacks, paranoia  or obsessive compulsive behavior. Strongholds are torn down in each mentoring session  as a trained minister and mentee work together to reprogram your mind to think differently. You might say that the SEW approach to a stronghold is to enhance critical thinking capabilities and simple commonsense. Together the mentor and the mentee destroy the strength of the debilitating thought.

RESTORATION OF YOUR SOUL: Renewal is often required when counseling a person who has been abused, raped or has been exposed to a traumatic experience. Becoming whole  is a work of the Holy Spirit and is received as a captive is  delivered from  the inner hurt and pain from past experiences. Then   the Holy Spirit  comes in and heal those wounds. Forgiveness often plays a part in this releasing process. Oftentimes, self-forgiveness needs to be received as the captive may be   holding things against him or herself which must be released. Once truth is known and accepted, frrdom is obtained.

EXPULSION OF THE ENEMY Confronting  cosmic entities directly  is where either devils or demons are  driven out of the client by the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the power of the Holy Ghost. After success in the first three stages,  expulsion is often un-necessary. However, in various cases, direct confrontation of the powers of darkness cannot be avoided.  At this stage, the client MUST sign and notarize an informed consent form called the DDF, the Deliverance Disclaimer Form. There are no exceptions. 

Dedicated Ministers who themselves were captives  have been trained to conduct mentoring sessions. Visit our page called SEW Ministers to read a brief bio of 7 of them. I recommend that you give SEW mentor a one month trial and you will not be sorry.

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The words of the old prophet Hosea ring true.  The Lord’s people are definitely  destroyed fora lack of knowledge.   With deliverance counseling,  demons will  often leave on its own accord once they realize that through deliverance counseling,  you have been armed with spiritual truth.  They leave because they sense that your faith has increased to stand against them.  In other cases, demons have been hidden within a person’s personality for so long, that  the Holy Spirit will set up a situation so that the demons will be exposed and come out of hiding.    

At Sheppard’s Counseling Center,  we have been contacted by people from around the country who have sought us to conduct a deliverance.  We have  cast out  demons from someone on another continent by telephone.  What you need to know is that Jesus Christ IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD!For example, He stood with one foot in Australia and One foot in our little town in the USA! He is bigger than life.  He IS life!!!  His Name is Above Every Name. 

The demons not only bowed but  they came  out peaceably without much struggle and the captive has been gloriously set free!!

     If you as a steadfast believer do ALL the work that shall be assigned to you,  if you bite the bullet and withstand the test by fighting your feelings, learning how to cope  with a straightfoward style, believe me—NO ONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WILL HAVE TO TRAVEL TO NEW YORK FOR A DELIVERANCE SESSION, BECAUSE JESUS IS LORD OVER THE TELEPHONE!!!!! YOU TOO CAN BE COMPLETELY SET FREE!!!!

Pam Sheppard:"On the battlefield for 38 years"


Coaching and training before and after deliverance is extremely important.  Both of these forms of counseling will be conducted by a combination of private fb groups, Skype, email and telephone. Be advised that we will not conduct a deliverance upon anyone without a commitment to pre-deliverance MENTORING.  Post deliverance MENTORING is highly recommended to maintain a lasting  and continued freedom.

          You may need  deliverance if the following applies to YOU:

You have been held captive and brought under the power of spiritual entities that have caused  you to lose your God given self control.  Even when drug free and not physically addicted, a captive is controlled by an obsessive and compulsive mind that will relive his
addictive/compulsive behavior in his thoughts, keeping alive the experience with the help of memory cells in his body that create physical and mental cravings. Satan and his demons are the unseen forces that send messages to an unsuspecting  mind.

You have assumed  that your  thoughts and feelings are your own but they are not.The enemy has been projecting thoughts into your mind. You may have experienced  powerful urges in your flesh.  Demons choose the weakest time and place to attack, and since your impulsive and compulsive behavior is predictable, it is a simple matter for demons to attract, lure and trap a person into addictive/obsessive/compulsive behavior. 

The following moments, circumstances  and  or places of weakness may have acted  as doorways  to demonic influence that led to your captivity and/or a need for deliverance:

A family and or personal
background in the occult or false religions.
False religions include those
that are assumed to be Christian.
These so called Christian
religions include Catholicism, Jehovah Witness, Christian Science and the Latter
Day Saints. (Mormons)
Family or personal involvement
with the occult or any form of witchcraft.
The occult also includes a
family or personal background in freemasonry.
Pressures in early childhood,
including but not limited to physical or sexual abuse.
Other negative family issues
include rejection and sibling rivalrry.
Sinful Acts or Habits, including
but not limited to the breaking of the 10 Commandments.
Addictions of all kinds.
 You said the sinner’s prayer and asked “Jesus” to come into your heart.Therefore, you have a false conversion which I call “a counterfeit birth.”
“The ION’S of the SOUL’s
The ION’S of Demonic Strategic

Deliverance is not just about casting out demons. It is learning how you opened the demonic doorway and how to keep it closed. Help is available around the world by phone.  Interested in deliverance training? Visit

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According to Hebrews 4, entering the Lord’s rest is labor or in other words “work.” 

Yet, the irony is that we enter in by “ceasing from our own works.”  I believe that  we struggle or “labor”  to enter in for one main reason.   The enemy knows that in order to keep us defeated, he has to block our way by  stealing  both our joy, peace and our rest. So strategically, demonic entities have   designed three main  styles of deception.  Demons revel in depression, oppression and vexation of spirit because these three (3) emotional conditions are open doors to relapse during the restoration process.

Pam Sheppard, A licensed therapist for 38 years.


Depression is spiritually nurtured by a poor sense of esteem, dissatisfaction, and alienation—each rooted in a lack of patience.  Evil spirits thrive on the three “d’s” of doubt, disappointment and despair to lower our physical energy and vitality. Their method is to entangle weeds of negative thoughts, emotions and attitudes into a stronghold or spiritual underground root system that develops into a solid fortress or base of operation from which demons can function unhindered. 

Condemnation and accusations are central to the guilt experienced by the depressed.y to rest and peace. 
Oppression brings a sense of being smothered or weighed down with the burdens of a troubled, problematic life.  In such cases, the demon assigned to oppress you is by metaphor a “monkey on the back”, hovering around and pressing you down with a persistent attack, until your spiritual back breaks and you fall or “relapse”.  At times sudden and shocking, the demon will apply a steady and relentless attack with persecution and disarming calamities of all sorts.

Vexation of spirit ALSO takes several forms.  Restlessness can lead to a feeling of annoyance or irritability.  In this regard, evil spirits will employ sequentially ordered petty harassments to
cause worry and a disquieted state, akin to mild or even acute stages of paranoia.  In the mental realm, vexation also brings confusion and disorientation.  The demonic weapons of choice are fear and intimidation.  Demons will use others close to us to create situations that incite our emotions.  The
agitation we feel may become so intense that we might literally react compulsively and consequently lose control.

Attempting to control ourselves  with human will power alone is an exhausting struggle  that Satan will ultimately win.  We need to humble ourselves to the fact that human will power cannot outlast Satan’s power.  However,  when we are able to rest in Christ by ceasing from our own works,  the Holy Spirit  empowers our spirits with strength that exceeds the capacity of our will.  Ceasing from our own works  will enable us to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of our flesh without much effort because we have sought the kingdom and found righteousness. 

The evil spirit’s goal is to take advantage of  and condemn us for what we have been trained to perceive as  past failures, coupled with  worry and fear over the consequences we may face for our actions, causing us to cry over spilt milk.  The demons are skilled at maneuvering  the perceived failures  to motivate a setback. Deliverance counseling can help you to place the past on the dung heap and press forward to the victory that truth brings. 

However, when we are ignorant of Satanic devices, evil spirits can and DO repetitively and consistently employ the same strategies to defeat us, over and over again=== simply because we are ignorant to the fact that whatever failures and mistakes  used by  the devil  to destroy us, God uses it ALL to employ us!”

A perceived failure is just another opportunity to struggle to “enter into His rest.” Once you’ve entered, the struggle is over!  Satan won’t completely give up on you.   However, once you become an overcomer,
you will find the enemy consistently “on the run.”

More help is available at

For deliverance training go to

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