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3 Myths About the Marriage Bed that will Invite Demons into Your Bedroom..

The marriage bed is undefiled according to the word of God. Unfortunately too many pastors, leaders and church members believe God has given couples a license to practice sodomy, oral sex, anal sex, and other perverse sexual practices. Sinful sex practices will absolutely invite demons into your bedroom The fact that the marriage bed is undefiled simply means that sex is for married couples. If sex is performed outside of the marriage bed, fornication is the sin committed and that bed is defiled. Pam Sheppard got the idea for this article from a recent discussion with her ministers. In order to clarify points presented, I’ll proceed and clear up three myths about the Christian marriage bed.

Myth #1: Oral sex is harmless, and the Christian marriage bed is undefiled if both parties consent.

Fact: Oral sex IS harmful and it is sin. God did not create the mouth for this purpose. Even scientist report that 64% of cancers of the oral cavity, head and neck in the US are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) which is spread by oral sex. Oral sex is a major health risk. Oral sex spreads STDs such as hepatitis A and syphilis. Why would God give his children a license to practice risky and life threatening sex acts?

Myth #2: Anal sex is acceptable for the Christian marriage bed as long as couples use good hygiene.

Fact: Anal sex is NOT acceptable for the Christian marriage bed. Anal sex can cause bleeding and tears in the anus. A rare but serious disease can cause a holes in the colon which only surgery can help. Anal sex is considered risky and harmful behavior by The Center for Disease Control. Anal sex spreads HIV infection. Remember tiny cuts sores and open wounds are a hotbed for disease. Why would God give his children license to practice anal sex? God did not create the anus for this purpose. Should I even mention the spread of feces?

Myth #3: All kinds of sex is lawful for the marriage bed. Couples can do anything no holds barred.

Fact: This is a lie from the pits of hell.  Perverse sexual acts other than penis into vagina are unlawful. Even the unGodly know that perverse sexual acts can cause life threatening diseases.

Pam Sheppard, an expert in deliverance counseling, seasoned pastor of her own church now closed, and God’s end-time shepherd, explained all of the above to me. It’s a shame that countless Christian leaders are teaching that ANYTHING goes in the Christian marriage bed. As Pam explained, this is a twisted understanding of Hebrews 13:14. I would like you to please  read Pam’s comments below about a woman who was tormented by sexual demons. She exposes why sexual demons can enter your bedroom, and just plain afflict you and torment you continuously.

PAM SHEPPARD:…….. A woman is tormented by demons of a sexual nature but has been counseled by her pastor that the marriage bed is undefiled. So she and her husband are doing oral sex, anal and even more perverse sexual acts. There are many problems with this. The first one is that she is going to church. The second is her husband. The third is her misunderstanding of the doctrine that ” the marriage bed is undefiled ” and exactly what that means. Her husband is not interested in sex unless it is perverted. This is a marriage counseling issue. Unless these issues are dealt with, there’s no point in casting out demons

So dear reader, what have you gleaned so far? What did the Lord mean when he said the marriage bed was undefiled? The answer is in the first paragraph and most definitely in Pam’s closing statements.

Folks, the organized church is full of idolatry and false teachings. In order to get the details on that and all of the above, get the book. Get the book ” The New Idolatry ” by Pamela Sheppard.

The New Idolatry by Pamela Sheppard



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