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The Apostolic Doctrine of the Damned: Get Out While you Can!..

The Apostolic doctrine teaches that Christ can’t return to earth until Christians form a militant army which will be led by “ Super Apostles”. These super apostles and prophets are supposedly going to physically subdue the earth and set up God’s kingdom within the earth’s government. Bishop Bill Hamon and Peter Wagner have concocted these hair- brained apostolic doctrinal errors and teachings of devils. Those who push this apostolic doctrine believe that God’s end-time army will arise, subdue the earth, bring on natural disasters with their super powers, and correct church government. They claim to have authority over pastors and churches and want to be recognized as such.

Everything they teach is unscriptural and pompous. Their pride has them believing that Christ needs them to assist Him in returning to earth. Their pride has them believing that God needs help. As far as I can see, what they are really teaching undermines and diminishes the power of God. In fact, they believe God is powerless without their input. If God is powerless without the input of these super apostles, then the super apostles must be God. What do you say?

If you are part of this apostolic doctrine, you’ve been duped and hoodwinked into placing yourself  ABOVE GOD. The apostolic doctrine is yet another doctrine of the damned. Get out while you can!

I write this article with sorrow. Yesterday, I asked Pam Sheppard about the apostolic doctrine and what it entailed. I see a lot of Facebook folk tooting the apostolic horn and placing the word ” apostle ” in front of their name. Pam gave me two names to research which were Bishop Bill Hamon and Peter Wagner. My friends, I was almost sorry I asked. As far as Pam Sheppard’s Ministries is concerned, God is finished with the organized church, and all Pam’s ministers have ” come out from among them”. Why was I sorry I asked Pam about the apostolic doctrine? I was sorry I asked because as I began to research this damnable apostolic doctrine, I felt like I had entered the devils” doctrinal error twilight zone ” of top-level heresy.

I wouldn’t even advise you to enter that zone and do your own research on the apostolic doctrine. Take it from me, the book you should read is The New Idolatry by Pamela Sheppard. I used to be like you. You may feel fed up with church and you don’t want to give anybody a chance to fool you again. Well, dear reader, the devil is crafty. Take that chance and read the book! I could stop here and give you a 100 point list of why I believe Pam Sheppard IS THE LORD’S END -TIME SHEPHERD But I won’t. You need to check the spirit for yourself. I really would like you to be sure for yourself . Be prepared for the undiluted truth of the Gospel! Go here for your very own copy:

The New Idolatry by Pamela Sheppard

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3 Myths About the Marriage Bed that will Invite Demons into Your Bedroom..

The marriage bed is undefiled according to the word of God. Unfortunately too many pastors, leaders and church members believe God has given couples a license to practice sodomy, oral sex, anal sex, and other perverse sexual practices. Sinful sex practices will absolutely invite demons into your bedroom The fact that the marriage bed is undefiled simply means that sex is for married couples. If sex is performed outside of the marriage bed, fornication is the sin committed and that bed is defiled. Pam Sheppard got the idea for this article from a recent discussion with her ministers. In order to clarify points presented, I’ll proceed and clear up three myths about the Christian marriage bed.

Myth #1: Oral sex is harmless, and the Christian marriage bed is undefiled if both parties consent.

Fact: Oral sex IS harmful and it is sin. God did not create the mouth for this purpose. Even scientist report that 64% of cancers of the oral cavity, head and neck in the US are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) which is spread by oral sex. Oral sex is a major health risk. Oral sex spreads STDs such as hepatitis A and syphilis. Why would God give his children a license to practice risky and life threatening sex acts?

Myth #2: Anal sex is acceptable for the Christian marriage bed as long as couples use good hygiene.

Fact: Anal sex is NOT acceptable for the Christian marriage bed. Anal sex can cause bleeding and tears in the anus. A rare but serious disease can cause a holes in the colon which only surgery can help. Anal sex is considered risky and harmful behavior by The Center for Disease Control. Anal sex spreads HIV infection. Remember tiny cuts sores and open wounds are a hotbed for disease. Why would God give his children license to practice anal sex? God did not create the anus for this purpose. Should I even mention the spread of feces?

Myth #3: All kinds of sex is lawful for the marriage bed. Couples can do anything no holds barred.

Fact: This is a lie from the pits of hell.  Perverse sexual acts other than penis into vagina are unlawful. Even the unGodly know that perverse sexual acts can cause life threatening diseases.

Pam Sheppard, an expert in deliverance counseling, seasoned pastor of her own church now closed, and God’s end-time shepherd, explained all of the above to me. It’s a shame that countless Christian leaders are teaching that ANYTHING goes in the Christian marriage bed. As Pam explained, this is a twisted understanding of Hebrews 13:14. I would like you to please  read Pam’s comments below about a woman who was tormented by sexual demons. She exposes why sexual demons can enter your bedroom, and just plain afflict you and torment you continuously.

PAM SHEPPARD:…….. A woman is tormented by demons of a sexual nature but has been counseled by her pastor that the marriage bed is undefiled. So she and her husband are doing oral sex, anal and even more perverse sexual acts. There are many problems with this. The first one is that she is going to church. The second is her husband. The third is her misunderstanding of the doctrine that ” the marriage bed is undefiled ” and exactly what that means. Her husband is not interested in sex unless it is perverted. This is a marriage counseling issue. Unless these issues are dealt with, there’s no point in casting out demons

So dear reader, what have you gleaned so far? What did the Lord mean when he said the marriage bed was undefiled? The answer is in the first paragraph and most definitely in Pam’s closing statements.

Folks, the organized church is full of idolatry and false teachings. In order to get the details on that and all of the above, get the book. Get the book ” The New Idolatry ” by Pamela Sheppard.

The New Idolatry by Pamela Sheppard


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3 Myths about Spiritual Strongholds that will Stop You from Experiencing Unspeakable Joy…By Minister Francine

 Spiritual strongholds bring on continual emotional, spiritual and behavioral problems. The demonic strength of these strongholds shrouds victims in darkness. Too many Christians have no idea what a stronghold is. Too many Christians remain uninformed. Meanwhile, the devil and his cohorts are waging a war that most Christians don’t believe is going on. The devil, fallen angels and demonic entities have an edge, because the church has created a boatload of myths that shoot down the truth about spiritual strongholds. Let’s look at three of the myths right now, and debunk them with facts.

Myth #1: Spiritual strongholds don’t and can’t effect Christians because the devil was defeated at the cross.

Fact: How many times have you heard it said that devils stay away from believers and only torment the un-saved. How many times has someone told you not to worry about the devil? You’ve been mislead just as I was mislead in the past. Yes, the devil was defeated at the cross, but the war is still going on.  As, Pam Sheppard relates, the devil has NOT waved the white flag. The Apostle Paul commanded us to put on the full armor of God that we may stand against the devil. Therefore we better pay attention and learn the vile tricks of the evil one. Eve was unable to resist the devil but we can for God has given us the tools. Unfortunately too many Christians refuse to learn spiritual warfare. But then again, how could they learn when it is not being taught. If it is being taught, it is being taught incorrectly. I ask you in all earnestness, please read at least one of Pam Sheppard’s books. Just one read, will convince you that she knows exactly what she is talking about. I don’t believe that there is another pastor or teacher on earth with the information God has given Pam. In fact, I’m sure of it. Listen my friend, the devil is real!

The devil exists, fights the faithful and those destined for salvation. We must realize that spiritual strongholds can and do cause affliction for God’s people. If we lie to ourselves and say strongholds can’t touch us, we risk having a stronghold turn into full-blown demonic affliction, in need of deliverance work. The organized church totally ignores the devil and lacks discernment. Why do you think so many pastors turn the gospel into a business opportunity, and fleece their members of their hard-earned money? Something is wrong! Why do you think pastors get away with molesting four-year olds? The organized church is infested with those whose spiritual strongholds have gotten out of hand and demons have entered to use them as hosts for evil. I’d really like for you to read Pam’s Sheppard’s book entitled ” The Religious Demon “. I have to say that there is no other book like it. The church is busy binding and loosing demons which is unscriptural. The church is busy pleading the blood of Jesus which is unscriptural. I love the way Pam dispels the lies regarding the above. Pam teaches that she does not plead with demons,she casts them out. Now, there you have it. The wisdom in the way Pam dispels the myth that we plead with demons is evident.

Myth#2: When Christians read the Bible and pray everyday, God will protect their minds.

Fact: My friends, Bible reading and prayer will not cast out demons or dispel spiritual strongholds. There is a time when folks just need to get delivered. There is a time when the devil needs to be cast out. I fell for myth #2 for years. I suffered from clinical depression and read the Bible and prayed until I was blue in the face. I finally decided to stop allowing the organized church to derail me. I finally decided to follow the word of God and I cast that demon spirit of depression out.

Myth #3: When we love and forgive everyone as Jesus taught, we will never be afflicted by devils or be trapped by spiritual strongholds.

Fact: Spiritual strongholds can run deep and undetected for years. If we love everyone and have forgiven everyone, yet our we live a life of drama and continual calamity, where is the joy of the Lord? If we love everyone, have forgiven everyone but depression grips us as it did me, what then? Many seemingly loving people are anxious, stressed out and on depression medications. How could such a thing happen? It happens because a spiritual strong hold took root, and was never addressed. In my case, un-forgiveness and bitterness were never addressed. When I repented of both sins, I awoke from my slumber of ignorance and cast that spirit out.

As you can see, I have not gone into detail about what a spiritual stronghold is. I’d like to leave that up to my teacher and mentor Pam Sheppard, who has written six books that expose the devils wiles in great detail. I can tell you this, you have not heard what she shall tell you. I’ll tell you another thing too, according to Pam Sheppard demons have entered the organized church and every one of the ministers she is training, believes and bears witness that Pam’s messages are God-ordained for such a time as this.

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Too Little, Too Late.

There are those who are feverishly trying to save the institutional house called “church,” through evangelistic programs and revivals, church reformation attempts, mass media marketing campaigns, and ecumenical collaborations and  compromises.

 These are those who believe that emphasis should be placed on saving the institution of  the organized church.  However, I believe the Lord’s declaration of the prevailing power of the church was not referring to her  as an institution, but as a spiritual body of believers who, by not denying His name and keeping the faith, would remain His.  The question is not whether or not the burning house SHOULD be saved.

 No, the question goes a lot deeper.  The question is “CAN the burning house be saved?”  Quite frankly, sin and deception have permeated the house so deeply, that only a profound, deep move of repentance and contrition can save the organized church.  As Jesus declared to the 7 churches in the book of Revelation, “Remember therefore, from whence thou art fallen, and REPENT, and do the first works, or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick from its place, except  thou REPENT.” (Revelation 2:5)  Since He clearly states that the candlestick is a metaphor for the church, it is apparent that Jesus Himself will bring down the organized  church system,  the entire thing known today as “church.” However, the most important question to ask today is “has the opportunity for the church to repent expired?”

Well, I believe it has.  For three reasons.

First of all,  too many preachers, even the sincere ones, have made ministry a career rather than a calling. They can’t repent because their pocketbooks are tied to church donations. Unlike TD Jakes, Juanita Bynum, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen, they did not make themselves independently wealthy from the donations of churchfolk who gave them their start in the first place, a foundation they usurped and became  best selling authors. The livelihood of most full time pastors is dependent upon continuing to do whatever they can to pay their bills and provide  food on their tables and care for their families with something left for retirement. Most pastors  can’t come out of the church simply because  they would experience financial ruin in a failing economy.

Secondly,  repentance would necessitate a fundamental change  in how the gospel is preached.  Preachers are proud folk.  They would rather confess  to some kind of sin of the flesh before admitting that preaching a decisional, come to the altar and accept Jesus, repeat a sinner’s prayer gospel has caused people to invite the fake Jesus into their hearts.

Thirdly, I suspect pulpits have already been taken over by religious demons and devils. The grip of these unseen forces has occurred because God Himself has sent forth a spirit of strong delusion, causing churchfolk to believe a lie. Preachers, even good, sincere, righteous men and women are already under the power of seducing spirits whose doctrines they continue to preach.

So it is time to come out.  If I am wrong, you can go back.  I suggest that you simply ask the Lord in prayer, “Say Lord, is this woman, Pam Sheppard correct?  Are the days of the organized church “done?” Is it a dangerous place?  Should I leave? 



I  can tell you that if you ask Him sincerely and you are willing to obey His answer to you, then I can tell you right now that He is going to show you Himself, that you need to come out for your own safety.

If you want to  talk to me personally, I’m hear for you.  Call me at 518-477-5759

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