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The Death of Eddie Long: God’s Message to the Charismatic Movement

When I was an avid watcher of Christian TV, the late Eddie Long was my favorite MEGA PREACHER for lots of reasons. First of all, I liked his boldness, the fact that he did not lose his blackness but saw himself as a leader of his inner city community, and I loved his masculinity as I was tired of apparently neutered preachers. So when I turned away from charismatic teachings, Eddie was one of the few that I missed.

Nevertheless, I was not shocked by his apparent down-low gay status— I suppose because I was already accustomed to the normalized DL trend, prevalent in the African American denominations  for quite a few decades.  In fact, I became privy to the angers and hypocrisy of DL once ordained  and in ministry within an AA denomination,   where I preached and pastored for almost 25 years. So my  conservative estimate is that  at least 50% of the preachers were down low.

So for me, more disturbing  than Eddie’s sexual proclivities was how he handled his sickness with both denial, and perhaps, downright lies to the public, withholding the truth from his congregation. . Then when I saw the following video, I was really “turned off” that Eddie had the nerve to use his sickness as a manipulative means to parlay a healing ministry in his congregation less than 3 months ago.

Did Eddie really believe he was healed? I think he did.

He was still thin in early October 2016,  but he certainly looked like he was on the mend. The problem is that Eddie Long was seriously and cleverly deceived by the devil. I can relate as I was deceived about healing myself, and I know I was sincere but sincerely wrong, as I believe Eddie was also. Besides his healing, in my mind,  Eddie’s major deception is that he believed that it  was God who financially prospered him and made him a mega preacher.

I have heard from God on This.


Back in 1974, there was evidence that I had healing power.  Since I was an atheist who did not believe in the existence of either God or the devil, I thought this healing power was MINE, emanating from ME!

I discovered that I had this strange ability where I sucked out pain with my hands. Once I became born again, the devil tricked me by giving me a prophecy in the mouth of a 9 year old girl, Leandra. I never doubted or even questioned that word for 25 years, assuming it came from God when it did not. The word “Waters of heaven shall heal,” were in the prophecy so I called my ministry “healing waters.” Once I discovered while writing the Fake Jesus that healing waters is one of Maitreya’s keywords, I immediately dropped it and became Pam Sheppard Ministries.

So when I discuss healing, I come from a place of personal experience. Its been over 30 years since that prophecy was uttered.  With the  sickness and  death  of my mother two  years ago, it has once again been confirmed to me that the spiritual welfare of a person’s soul is much more important than the healing of his body. My mother was quite evil, a classic narcissist. Her sickness completely broke her soul down to a different person and I wonder if this had to be done for God to save her. I don’t know but these questions certainly surfaced when I personally witnessed how God allowed cancer  to destroy the works of rejection the enemy used my mother to inflict upon me.  It was a glorious time as I watched the  Lord demolish decades of evil while He simultaneously allowed the devil to  debilitate  her body to save my mother’s  soul.

Surely, the conversion and rebirth of a man through the working of the Holy Spirit has priority over the healing of disease. Sickness or infirmity cannot keep a person out of the Kingdom of Heaven, but without the forgiveness of sins and the experience of rebirth, we shall not even see the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, I believe that It is important for us not to distort the problem of healing. God has given us the ability to think and reason in order that we use both commonsense and intelligence. . It is obviously not wrong to ask the Lord to heal us. The Lord Himself was the greatest physical healer of them all. But it is also not wrong to turn to a doctor for help. The help of a trained doctor is itself a blessing from God.  It has been 3 years  since I had a hip replacement. it was the best decision I ever made and I thank God for revealing to me one of his great surgeons.

With all of this said, healing is not gone from my spirit. Yet God has to lead me into it and I have to be sure that it is Him, THE NEXT  time around, which I sense “is soon.”

As for the message to the charismatic movement, I suggest to you to consider the following::

1. Most if not ALL of what you have learned and believed  is devilishly tainted by your heeding the teachings of seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, as originally preached and taught by mega preachers. . Charismatic preachers of the prosperity gospel, healing, Name it and claim it, tongues and ALL the rest of it who are deceived shall be exposed and made known. YOU NEED TO RUN FROM THEM. CERTAINLY DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO LAY HANDS ON YOU!!!!!

2. The Lord said it here, to all Charismatics in Revelation 3:15-22. You can look this up in your yellow highlighted bibles.

To everyone else who wants to know how to become undeceived, click here .

If you need prayer for healing, or you need help to be undeceived and released from torment, complete the contact form below:

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Remaining Healthy in 2015

I was physically attacked on January 1, 2015. Then this scripture was brought to my attention by the Holy Ghost

Matthew. 12:29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.

If a person is strong, the enemy can’t spoil his house unless he first renders him helpless by tying him up.

Deliverance ministry has referred to Satan as the strongman, in spite of the clarity of the Lord’s words in Matthew 12:29. The strongman is US, not the enemy. Weare strong until we permit the enemy to tie us up.

When the Lord spoke these words, no one was yet born again. So I perceive it safe to assume that this scripture applies to any strong-willed person. it’s a natural fact. We will all fight for what is ours unless a thief threatens our lives with a deadly weapon. Only under such dire circumstances will we allow ourselves to sit in a chair and passively let an intruder wrap us around with a rope and tightly tie it to completely immobilize us. Even when tied up, our minds will search around the room for something sharp to untie ourselves when we get a chance.

From a spiritual perspective, whenever The Lord used the word “house,” he was symbolically referring to our souls. The enemy is the one who binds our souls with invisible chains and cords.. Since the soul consists of the mind, the emotions, the will power, and the personality, if our souls our bound, then we are certainly rendered helpless.

In order to bind a strong man, Satan will often work on the mind first, and then the body, or vice versa, depending on the strategy he employs to bind. Consider how the enemy works with sickness as an example. Many sicknesses are not real sicknesses, but are actually Satanic works. Sometimes illnesses are manifestly Satanic attacks.

For example, When Peter’s mother- in- law was laid aside with a severe fever, the Lord Jesus went to the house and rebuked the fever (Lk. 4:39). Fever is simply a symptom; it has no personality. You cannot rebuke a symptom; you can only rebuke a Being.

Accordingly, the Lord Jesus did a surprising thing. When He saw Peter’s mother- in- law ill with a fever, He rebuked the fever and it subsided. This clearly indicates that the fever was not ordinary, that it possessed a personality. In other words, it was the work of A demon. At the rebuke of the Lord, Satan retreated.

Another instance is shown in the healing of a child who was deaf and dumb from childhood (Mk. 9:17, 21, 25- 27). When the father of the child brought him to the Lord Jesus, the Lord rebuked the unclean spirit saying, “Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I command thee, come out of him, and enter no more into him.” And the child was healed. The sickness had been caused by an evil spirit. At the rebuke of the Lord, the evil spirit came out of the child, and the child regained his speech and hearing.

There are three categories for the sick:

1) the medically or actually sick,
2) those who are sick because of Satan’s attack,
3)those who have been physically diagnosed with a medical condition that may or may not become an actual sickness.

The first kind can be healed naturally, or with the help of medical science or directly by the Holy Spirit. The second kind, since the sickness has a personality, it Needs to be rebuked. The third kind needs to be treated and rebuked.

Many sicknesses are indeed physical ailments, but many are the results of Satanic attacks on the body. However, with the third kind, there may be come confusion. You know you have a physical condition but when you analyze the situation, You know that you have not been careless, Yet you have physical symptoms of the condition.

The interesting thing with the third kind is that you find yourself suddenly incapacitated right at the moment when you have something of God’s work or some spiritual thing to do. This condition cannot be attributed to any natural cause. Furthermore, symptoms occur just at the time when you had some spiritual work to fulfill. Chances are you can see Satan all over this.

The third kind of physical condition will disappear if you resist it before the Lord, saying, “Lord, I do not accept this sickness, for it comes from the enemy!” Most amazing, you will find that it goes away as suddenly as it came. Neither its coming nor its going can be attributed to any natural cause. It has left under rebuke.

Recently this happened to me. As I stated above, the attack came on 1/1/15. I said to myself “hmmmmmm” Something weird about the timing here!!!!

Since there are people who are out here that consider themselves my enemy, I won’t give them any substantial info as to the nature of my condition. I won’t help them work their voodoo doll on me! LOL

Consequently , I will not assist them by revealing too much. Suffice it to say that I am feeling very well, spirit, soul and body. So the way the enemy recently came at me was with a old diagnosed physical condition that has remained relatively dormant. The condition is real, as it can be physically seen on an X-ray. yet I have not bothered by it. It remains non- symptomatic.

What immediately came to my mind when the symptom occurred was “I will not be able to do the spiritual work planned out for the upcoming year.”

when I realized what was going on, this strong woman got bold. The strongman in me rose up as I declared, “Devil, I refuse to allow YOU to bind ME. I rebuke you.

The next day, the symptom left.


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