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Forgive Your Enemies in 2013!

An understanding of the invisible and unseen nature of demonic warfare and spiritual attack is an important answer to your ability to forgive your enemies. Your parents, relatives

Finally Free!

Finally Free!

peers, spouses, significant others, co-workers, teachers, policeman, etc. are all under the authority and power of Satan if they are not born again. It is important to realize that those you love can hinder your spiritual growth, especially if you are yoked together with an unbeliever. Even a carnal Christian opens the door to a demon using him or her against you if he or she is not walking in love. Jesus was able to forgive His enemies from the cross based upon their ignorance of spiritual warfare. As the crowd yelled for Barabas to be spared, the Lord’s spiritual eyes were opened to discern that the power behind that crowd were the bulls of Bashan and the dogs that surrounded Him. (Psalm 22:12-16)

The bulls and the dogs are metaphors for ferocious demons that were invisible to everyone except the Lord. The Lord died for His enemies because God so love the world that

He sacrificed His Son so that no human being would have to be eternally lost. As you consider this revelation, you can ask yourself whether or not your hatred of your enemies is so strong

that you would desire that they would perish eternally. In other words, does your enemies’ attack on you or yours justify that they should spend all of eternity in hell when Jesus died for

them that they might go to heaven. Are you bold and stubborn enough to defy the Lord for one of those that He has died for and has commanded you to un-deceive  with your preaching and

your testimony?

Jonah is a classic example in the Bible of a judgmental, unforgiving person. He preferred that 120,000 enemies of God enter into eternal damnation. Even though Jonah knew that the Father

 loved the people of Nineveh so much that ordered Jonah to go and preach to  them, Jonah hardened His heart against the Lord’s will and ended up in the belly of a whale for His disobedience.

Jesus commands you to pray for your enemies. Your prayer should come out of His desire  that those whom He has chosen who were deceived into accepting the fake Jesus as their lord should be undeceived and come to a knowledge of the truth.

When you pray for your enemies in this manner, the love of God that was shed in your heart by the Holy Spirit at the moment of your rebirth will rise big within

you and will restore your soul. Otherwise, the Lord could prepare a special whale just for you in 2013!

At RESCUE, we are called to undeceive the elect as well as to be an online place of refuge for those whom the Holy Spirit has led out of the institutional church. We are also called to deliver those who have come out both damaged and demonized.  So give us a call at 518-477-5759

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