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Forgive Your Enemies in 2013!

An understanding of the invisible and unseen nature of demonic warfare and spiritual attack is an important answer to your ability to forgive your enemies. Your parents, relatives

Finally Free!

Finally Free!

peers, spouses, significant others, co-workers, teachers, policeman, etc. are all under the authority and power of Satan if they are not born again. It is important to realize that those you love can hinder your spiritual growth, especially if you are yoked together with an unbeliever. Even a carnal Christian opens the door to a demon using him or her against you if he or she is not walking in love. Jesus was able to forgive His enemies from the cross based upon their ignorance of spiritual warfare. As the crowd yelled for Barabas to be spared, the Lord’s spiritual eyes were opened to discern that the power behind that crowd were the bulls of Bashan and the dogs that surrounded Him. (Psalm 22:12-16)

The bulls and the dogs are metaphors for ferocious demons that were invisible to everyone except the Lord. The Lord died for His enemies because God so love the world that

He sacrificed His Son so that no human being would have to be eternally lost. As you consider this revelation, you can ask yourself whether or not your hatred of your enemies is so strong

that you would desire that they would perish eternally. In other words, does your enemies’ attack on you or yours justify that they should spend all of eternity in hell when Jesus died for

them that they might go to heaven. Are you bold and stubborn enough to defy the Lord for one of those that He has died for and has commanded you to un-deceive  with your preaching and

your testimony?

Jonah is a classic example in the Bible of a judgmental, unforgiving person. He preferred that 120,000 enemies of God enter into eternal damnation. Even though Jonah knew that the Father

 loved the people of Nineveh so much that ordered Jonah to go and preach to  them, Jonah hardened His heart against the Lord’s will and ended up in the belly of a whale for His disobedience.

Jesus commands you to pray for your enemies. Your prayer should come out of His desire  that those whom He has chosen who were deceived into accepting the fake Jesus as their lord should be undeceived and come to a knowledge of the truth.

When you pray for your enemies in this manner, the love of God that was shed in your heart by the Holy Spirit at the moment of your rebirth will rise big within

you and will restore your soul. Otherwise, the Lord could prepare a special whale just for you in 2013!

At RESCUE, we are called to undeceive the elect as well as to be an online place of refuge for those whom the Holy Spirit has led out of the institutional church. We are also called to deliver those who have come out both damaged and demonized.  So give us a call at 518-477-5759

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To Die In Christ: What Does It Mean?

My first date. I was 18 and a freshman at SUNYA. this was my first boyfriend! lol

In Christ since 1977, I have learned “a thing or two” concerning  what it means to be crucified in Him, yet still be  alive. Keeping it simple, I have learned that  to die in Christ is to look for or expect nothing  for self.

I expect to be misunderstood by some  with this post. I ignore the swine  and cast  my pearls to  those who hunger to press on to perfection in Him.

So this is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long!

June 198o. Landed my best job in state govt in the field of corrections. Worked it for 17 years while I was also in ministry in an AA denomination. I was on lunch break! lol

I knew early on in life  that I was supposed to be “special,” perhaps famous. Intellectually, I aspired to be a college professor at the master’s degree  level. I was blocked.  Then there was  my beauty.  It caused people to think me the next  Lena Horne or the Halle Berry of my generation.  Instead, I entered into state government. Once there, I strived to be the top dog–a Commissioner or a Director but God did not allow it, blocking me at every turn.Consequently,  I remained in middle management, writing reports and  letters for the Governor’s signature. I learned how to serve others.

 When I entered into ministry, I did not know what to expect.  Confronted in my dreams  by a religious demon, the Lord allowed him to  put me  to the test.  I received several dreams  that showed me that  I was to pastor a mega church of thousands. I saw myself, strutting across a platform bible in hand, teaching countless people, on a par with Juanita Bynum, Paula White or even Joyce Meyer. On the real,  when opportunities DID present themselves, doors were immediately shut tight. Since   I was well deceived, believing these messages of ministerial fame were from the Lord, it was the enemy’s intention that I would first be frustrated, and ultimately be so disappointed that I would  “curse God and die..”

When your aspirations and expectations for self glory  are high, and  they are not achieved, many wallow about feeling like failures.  However, if you are crucified in Christ, none of it matters because for you, only Christ is gain.  The world and its attainments become as dung.  Garbage.  Waste.

Not once did I feel like a failure when my enemy given aspirations came to naught.  For in the ongoing process of the “test”, I lost all desire for self acclaim.  I came to see that one can chase a thousand but two can chase 10,000.  By revelation knowledge, I came to be satisfied in my place in His body, desiring nothing for myself.  I accept that while I live, my job  is to prepare others to swing the mighty blow against the foe. The fruit of my life-long test is that WHO does the Lord’s work does not matter. How the work is done is no longer any consequence to me. My personality has buried personal ambition and so I am crucified in Christ, nevertheless I live.  Yet not I.  It is Christ who lives in me.

How does He live in me? I have lost personal ambition.  My lack of ambition is neither passivity or laziness, for I am always ready to take action. Yet my soul is so united to the Lord, that I rest from the complexities of making this or that decision as I simply accept the choice of the Holy Ghost. Since I am bold and unafraid, the ambitious in ministry are often “intimidated” so they often make fruitless and useless attacks when I touch upon one of their pet religious peeves. Yet a crucified person is never offended by critics. Why?  Because we want for nothing. Therefore. I receive the petty  blows with a quiet spirit as I shake the dust and move on.

In fact, people believe that I am very busy but I work without feeling like I am working. For when I write a book, a blog, counsel, mentor or teach and train, I am doing what I


Here I am at 75!

love to do. Whenever, God decides to  sit me down, I will accept His decision and simply enjoy the rest of the life that He allows me to have.

Then again, when you are crucified with Christ, you become an eternal person.  You live your  life as though it  does not stop with your last breath on earth.  This is how I live today.  I don’t sweat the fact that more than half my life is over.. Why? Because with every word I write in a book or a blog, with every audio or video message that I produce, I am planting seed for generations to come. It does not matter if I achieve glory while I live.  I don’t live for self glory.What matters is “the fruit.”  As a book written by the dead was used by God to un-deceive me, then when I am gone, my books will remain for the living when I have passed over. In her book, “War on the Saints,” Jessie Penn- Lewis became my deliverer in 2003 though she died in 1915. So I rest in peace while I yet  live out my remaining years, because I too have planted seed into the earth.

In the meantime, the Lord may desire to use me to help YOU.  Don’t be embarrassed or proud about that.  Pride goes before a fall.Some of you want to remain independent.  I understand that.  I too am independent  and I will never again submit to any religious authority.  Even so, I realize that the work we all do independently must come together  like a well-knitted tapestry, as none of us is an island unto ourselves.  We are the Body Of Christ.  He is the Head. The part I play is crucial.  I am like a drill sergeant who prepares the troops for war.

 So just give me a call.  I will not judge you.  In fact, whatever you are going through, I have probably been tested or tempted in that area over the last 35 years in Him.  So give me a call at 888-818-1117 or email me at

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Unraveling a False Conversion

After watching my video series entitled “False Conversions,” certainly you were startled, perhaps even horrified.  I understand.

Clearly the adversary has had a religion, recognized by the Lord in His message to te church at Smyrna, called “the synagogue of Satan.” Little did we realize that the profession of godliness without the inward witness of the new birth is in itself an aspect of Satan’s religion, under the delegated authority of the fallen angels Maitreya, Sananda and Mother Mary for the Catholics.

The Lord refers to “the deep things of Satan” in His word to the church at Thyatira.  Seducing spirits with doctrines of devils do not fail to mention the cross and the resurrection, yet they do so deliberately without understanding so as to eliminate their power. In a false conversion, the enemy has taken the symbols of his defeat and used them against his conquerors where multitudes are unknowingly under  the sway and in the power of Satanic religion.

So to unravel a false conversion, the first step is to disavow either Maitreya, Sananda or Mother Mary.  You may need some spiritual warfare help with that, so call me at 518-477-5759.

 In this post, lets  take a look at point 2—-one must pass through the gateway of the cross.

Since no one can lift himself out of the horrible pit of sin, it is impossible without the ministry of the Holy Ghost. Here is where faith and trust in God comes to the rescue. Once the captive is made aware of his or her need  and desires for the true Jesus of the cross, the Spirit will unveil the Prince of Glory, hanging upon a tree and convict the captive of sin. He will also give the captive a measure of faith to truly believe and the ability to experience peace and assurance through the Lord’s blood shed on the cross for the forgiveness of sin and the washing and cleansing of the newly created spirit.

Once the soul learns the meaning of the cross in its deliverance from the bondage of sin, then the Holy Ghost will bring you to the Risen Christ— as you—as a  former captive— take your  seat in heavenly places.


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Spiritual Growth With the Holy Spirit: “We Must Lose to Gain”

What I have noticed over the years is that very often we don’t know that the Holy Ghost has been in our midst until after He has left the scene. For example,  a thought came into my head that I assumed was my own. The thought was, “how is it that you spiritually survive when you have lost so much that you depended on?” Immediately, I was reminded of the fact that for at least 25 years, my spiritual life was dependent upon people, places and things. By things, I mean “works” and “practices.” Among the people were those I pastored and the many ministers and members that I fellowshipped with, as well as two different husbands who I was compelled to divorce as well as family, friends and associates that I had to “cut loose”.

For me there was only one place: the church. I was in church constantly as a pastor, a member and a visitor. At times, I was in church as many as 6 days a week, hours at a time. Furthermore, I frequently visited other churches, several times a month. I also preached and taught in prison for almost 10 years. Among the things or “works” that I no longer do was my first love,— developing sermons and preaching. I practiced healing, deliverance ministry, weeping and wailing in intercession, aka, travailing, and speaking in tongues. I also moved in the “slain in the spirit” ministry, where people fell at the touch of my hand or at times, I waved my hand and some fell. I saw into the future regularly, experiencing supernatural experiences that I believed at the time were manifestations of each of the 9 gifts of the Holy Ghost.

I lost it ALL!

At the beginning of the century, with 9/11/01 as my target date of change, I had no idea that when I prayed “Lord, if there is any darkness around me, please expose it,” that practically EVERYTHING—people, places and things—would be exposed as filled with darkness and deception.

So when the thought came into my mind, “Pam, how do you live and survive today without all of that?” I had not yet come up with an answer, until my first client of the day asked me the very same question. So when she asked the very question that had just hit my own thoughts, I immediately realized that the Holy Ghost was using her to speak to me. Interestingly enough, as I counsel others, the Holy Ghost frequently uses contents of the session to have a ONE on one session with me!

I can’t recall in detail how I answered the question for it took practically the entire session to do so. However, what I recall is what the client said to me. She sounded, awed, or speechless when she replied, “Wow. Pam, you are really living for Christ because you have given up ALL for His sake.”

I was shocked by her words because since my losses are predominately religious in nature, I had not looked at them from that particular perspective. The conclusion that I had come to is that “every religious person or thing could be and was removed from me but I held on to ONE thing that could not be removed.

That ONE thing is my faith and assurance that I am saved, born again, and when all is said and done, my salvation is “enough.” Jesus Christ of Nazareth is enough for me. I have ceased from my own works and I rest in the Lord.

However, how does one arrive at such a place within his or her spiritual walk?  The e-book “Recovery In Christ”is stocked with answers. (Click the title link for a preview.)

RIC contains the 7 R's of Fruitbearing

It is not easy—at first. As the writer of Hebrews declares, “one must LABOR or struggle to enter into the Lord’s rest” (Hebrews: 4) The familiar expression: no pain, no gain does not really ring true in the spirit.. The remarkable thing is that like giving birth in the natural, once the labor and struggle of delivery has been achieved, you simply can’t remember the pain.For example, I do not recall the pain of walking away from not one husband, but two. Once I realized that they were both sent from the devil to destroy me and hinder my walk in the spirit with the Lord, the pain was minimized, to say the least!

Once God revealed to me that sermonizing was not from Him but that it is merely a man-made art, I can no longer recall the pain of not doing something that I had grown to love. Once one has actually ENTERED the Lord’s rest, than obedience is in no way painful. Loss is not painful either. You simply “move on” and live once you have “entered in.”.That is why I didn’t use the title, no PAIN no gain. I simply cannot recall the pain of losing so much. However,with each loss, I experience the gain of a new revelation. Fruit just grows without much effort these days.

If you would like a coach to help you bear fruit in your Christian walk, we have a mentor for YOU.  Call 518-477-5759

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