I was a Lukewarm Christian: Here’s Why

Minister Marlene

A lukewarm Christian never got saved. I used to be a lukewarm Christians. In my last article I made that confession.  As you know, a lukewarm Christians is unsaved. A lukewarm Christian thought they got saved, but it was a counterfeit birth. A lukewarm Christian can fool you. On the outside, they  appear to be a believer, yet they bear no fruits. So then, when I was an unsaved lukewarm Christian, I was also a barren tree. I had no growth, or character change.

I was still sinning and saying, it was okay, God forgives, Yes, God forgives, but habitual, unrepentant sinners ought to examine themselves, to see if they are in the faith. Apostle Paul commanded that we do so. We ought to be concerned about whether we are the wheat, or whether we are the tare. Backsliding is not in the New Testament. If we say we’re backsliding, we need to examine whether we were saved or not. When we understand the agony, pain, suffering of the cross, and when we get truly saved…. We become soft, we have a heart change, the Holy Spirit moves in to empower us against sinning.

I thought I was a good person doing good work in church…

Yes, I thought I was a good person. This is a major red flag when considering whether one is a lukewarm, unsaved, counterfeit Birth. You see, I thought I was doing good things for the church. I was ultra-busy in ministry. I was pleased as punch, that my name was down for this or that ministry project. I thought I was up to speed, and truly doing the work of the Lord. Works save no one. Works are not proof of salvation. Anyone can do a work. If I never did another work, I would still be saved. In those days I thought works were good, and that God watches works.

Why was I like this? I had no understanding of the cross, and the resurrection. When you understand exactly what was done by Christ, at the cross, you would be totally convinced that your own works are like filthy rags. It’s nice, that today I’m saved, and can write an article. But writing articles do not save. God is not impressed with my article writing. God wants obedience from me, which has nothing to do with a work.

As a lukewarm christian, struggled with a past of childhood abuse. When anything went wrong, I slipped into depression. I would lament about my childhood. I was a closet complainer, and harbored unforgiveness.

Why? Because I was not saved. In fact, I thought I was a good person, who was taken advantage of as a child. Everyone else was wrong, but me. I struggled with sex outside of marriage. I struggled with drug use. I slipped and returned to church quite a few times. Something was radically wrong. What was wrong? I never got saved. I was a counterfeit birth. To be lukewarm, is to be unsaved.

Once I got saved, I was able to forgive the abuse I was under as a child. I had compassion, for all who I thought wronged me. I was no longer bitter. I never even thought about the abuse. Once, I truly got saved, I was dead to my past. I was no longer the old Marlene, I was a new creature in Christ. I did not think of my past.My past was of no concern. It was as if that woman I was, died. Yes, she did die. I was and am new.

I love every bit of my troublesome, afflicted past, because it brought me to the cross. If you can’t get over the past, something is wrong. If your still thinking about what happened to you when you were three years old, something is wrong.

Pam Sheppard has over 25 years experience as a pastor, and 37 years experience as a deliverance counselor. Her expertise in deliverance, and casting out demons, is second to none. If you’d like to speak with Pam Sheppard, please call her right now at (518) 477-5759. The phone lines are open for you.

If you need deliverance, suffer affliction of any kind, or think you are a counterfeit birth, please go to the website and sign up for deliverance counseling. Pam Sheppard surpervises a team of deliverance ministers, trained in her groundbreaking techniques.


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