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Taking a scripture out of context is called texual preaching. It is the worst kind of preaching.

Homilitics: The “Art” of Preaching

I preached for more almost 3 decades, and I loved it.  It was NOT God so I put it down. Quit cold turkey on my 25th anniversary after I preached a message called “What do you have to burn.” The Lord spoke to me and said “Pam, you have to burn sermonizing. It is NOT of ME!

It is called “homiletics.” The ART of preaching.

Taught in seminary to ministers, I know from experience that the preaching resounding  from pulpits today has pitifully little to almost nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I should have taken the hint when I first started sermonizing. I didn’t because preaching gratified the Hollywood nature of my flesh.  The Lord spoke to me in a dream and said “Pam, when you preach, don’t forget to mention my name. I was a bit embarrassed. Yet every time I got in the pulpit, I remembered His words. I also will never forget how difficult it was for me to comply.  It was quite the struggle.  You see, the purpose of a sermon is to draw scriptures out of their natural context in either an entertaining or provocative manner for the purpose of either causing those who hear “to choose Jesus Christ” or to mature spiritually in Him. Built into the entire purpose of the sermon is the wrong premise.  WE DO NOT CHOOSE CHRIST. HE CHOOSES US.  Therefore when we preach this way, we grieve and we quench the Holy Ghost. Why? Because sermonizers use their stage like a performance to usurp His work.  The Holy Ghost does the drawing. The Holy Ghost does the convicting. The Holy Ghost does the converting, and He will not use our performance to do His work. The job of the preacher is simple.  We tell the story of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

What is the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Here it is in a nutshell.

  • God came out of heaven and took on a human body.
  • He ministered on earth for 3 years and He was crucified. He died in our place as punishment for ou sins.
  • He overcame death, sin and the devil when He was raised from the dead
  • He is coming back for the saints and He shall rule this world as He rules the entire universe that He created.
  • Period.  This is the story of the preacher in and out of the pulpit. This is preaching. Nothing more, nothing less.

So what is this act or performance that continues in churches, in conferences and conventions,  acts that you can turn on Christian radio and listen to and watch on Christian television 24/7?

Preaching is an art. It’s an art of public speaking.  The problem with public speaking is in both the presenter and the listener. The presenter is forced to not only consider but to cater to the preferences, the like and dislikes of the presenter. Most listeners are resistant to anyone who speaks to them from a public platform for more than 15 minutes on “anything!” Poor attention spans is a problem for not only churches, but schools, training seminars, community meetings and other gatherings. Most truths have to be repeated over and over again. So this is the reason why you can ask any churchgoing, professing Christians to explain the cross and the resurrection, the doctrine of justification by faith, how to walk in the spirit, and he or she will struggle to define or explain. The essentials of the gospel are lost in the preacher’s desire to capture the attention of those who are dull of hearing.

However, the true problem is with the preacher. I was the type of preacher that people either loved or hated to hear.  I wanted them to love me.  However, when I got up to speak, my method and my subject matter was either like John the Baptist or the Apostle Paul. I preached a hard word.  Even so, when the Holy Ghost called me out of the church, He schooled me gradually and periodically.  The first thing He said while I was still a denominational pastor was “Pam I cannot use you in this place.  You are a light, hidden under a bed.”  I left the denomination yet while I was pastoring the church that I myself founded, He said, “the people act like they are supporting you. They seem to love to hear you speak.  However, their ears are dull of hearing. They are all living a lie.  They are all hypocrites and they are filled with demons.  Your church has become a dwelling place of demons.” So I closed it.”

 I was a good preacher. I loved preaching primarily  because I thought God was using it.  He is not.  The sermon is a dead thing. I buried it and I press on.

My last sermon convicted me. The thing I had to burn was preaching.

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Satan’s Agenda for a Little Girl: Visitations from the Fake Jesus by Minister Kellie

By Minister Kellie

Satan tried to steal my soul at a very young age. When I was three years old, I was sexually abused by the teenage boys and girls down the street from where I lived. What would a little girl know about sex at this age? Because of this door being opened it was the beginning of my visitations from demons of lust. .

At night I would lie in bed,  little and scared because I would feel the demons around me, I would cry because I was scared. After about a year, we moved away to a different town. My mother had then gotten us involved in a Lutheran church. I would remember going there and feeling safe. Little did I know then, that the jesus I was seeing there was the fake jesus and not the real one.

I was still being visited by the demons but then I also started having visitations from this “jesus” and in that time, I had visitations on many occasions. I would feel demons of lust around me wanting to have sex with me, but I would see this “jesus” also. This was the hook …Satan’s agenda..get me to follow the fake jesus by showing himself to me and helping to dispel the demons of lust….

If that wasn’t bad enough, the man next door to us at our new home had begun to sexually abuse me and this is when I began to understand that when there is sexual abuse, the demons from others can almost sniff it out..like when a male dog goes into heat looking for a female to mate with, such is how these demons sniff out sexual abuse in another. I know now that the main objective was for the enemy to render me useless for the kingdom of God by playing himself against himself. He was setting me up for the big deception…..

Jesus Sananda Immanuel the “fake jesus “

Pam Sheppard has written a most excellent book on the fake Jesus aptly entitled “The Fake Jesus “. Pam is THE expert on the topic. You’ll gain a complete and exact understanding of who the fake jesus is by reading Pam’s book. Click the book’s cover to preview it.

Sananda is on the cover of the book “the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us.” This groundbreaking book was written by Pam Sheppard

At 16 I was on the beach with my friend when I saw a young boy sitting in the sand with his legs crossed. He was around my age and as I was walking by him he asked me, “Do you know Jesus Christ?”  I didn’t but I was so angry all of the time, and I fought constantly with my parents and siblings..our home was chaotic most of the time. I said “no”  and he asked me if I wanted to. I said “sure” as my life couldn’t have gotten any worse than it already was. I said the “Sinners Prayer” with him and asked jesus into my heart. For two weeks I felt peaceful, the most peaceful I had ever felt and THEN….my whole life went to hell in a hand basket!

I was more out of control than I had ever been. I got pregnant and aborted the baby shortly after,became promiscuous and this would be the start of my depression…I would go on this way for years….little did Satan know that God had other plans for my life, but I will talk about that it my next article…until then, know this: If Jesus Christ of Nazareth has truly set you free, you will be free indeed.

Pam Sheppard, 30 years a minister for the Lord Jesus. If you are under the bondage of sexual abuse,or any other demonic affliction, call her office now! (518)477-5759

If you have had sexual abuse, or know someone who has and needs help, If you suffer from demonic affliction, call Sheppard’s Counseling Center today. Even if you just need to talk, the phone lines are open right now. Her team of supervised deliverance ministers, are waiting to serve you. Your deliverance, and full freedom in Christ is Pam’s number one concern. The fact that she has 38 years of experience as a licensed therapist  under her belt, should beckon you to the phone to make the call. Call Now! (518)477-5759.

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Diary of a Seducing Spirit: Part 2 Creepy Church Abuse

By Minister Marlene


Seducing Spirits?  You’ve been subject to them, and you know what I’m talking about. Believe me, creepy church abuse from pastors and members, is the result of seducing spirits. Seducing spirits, in the form of religious demons have taken up office in the organized church.

 In my last article, I was up into the wee hours of the morning, reading the quintessential textbook on demonic activity, seducing spirits and religious demons. What textbook is that? The textbook I’m talking about was written by Pam Sheppard, entitled ” Faces of the Religious Demon”. Folks, the camel dung has hit the fan in the organized church. Abuse, whether spiritual or physical is the order of the day. Seducing spirits have taken over! If you would just read Pam’s book, you’ll get an earful of revealing information backed by scripture.

 You’ll understand exactly why so and so pastor, is sexually abusing our children in church. If you read Pam’s textbook, and give it a studious read, you’ll know exactly why church members dog each other out in the name of Jesus. You’ll know exactly why rapists, adulterers, thieves, liars and the like, are quite cozy and content in church buildings. If a seducing spirit is at work in you, you may not be able to admit any of this. You’ll be that passive personality that supports ” Big Daddy Bishop” even though he was convicted of a felony.

" Faces of the Religious Demon" by expert deliverance counselor, Pam Sheppard. Pam Sheppard has 38 years a licensed therapist and 28 years of deliverance counseling experience.

 You desperately need Pam’s book, for it will help you get truly free.

 Order Pam’s ground breaking book today http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/faces-of-the-religious-demon-freedom-through-deliverance-counseling/10669276

 Don’t even feel ashamed, I was once just like you, but it’s time for us all to wake up, and look seducing spirits in the eye, calling them what they are. They are abusive, raping, molesting, condescending, religious demons. These demons, look out at you from the eyes of organized church members, Christian leaders, and Pastors.

Creepy, repulsive church abuse is widespread, and has become an epidemic in the organized church. oops! Let me rephrase that. Creepy abominable organized church abuse, has been going on since the days of Christ. Case in point, the crucifixion. We know ALL was God’s plan, but abusive, caustic, abominable, hurtful, lying, thieving Christian leaders were easy to find then, just as they are now. The religious, have a seducing spirit. The religious and their comical religiosity, have been taken over by religious demons. They feel quite at home in the organized church.

I’ll tell you what sickens me the most regarding seducing spirits and religious demons. Those priests, pastors, Christian leaders (male and female) who creep behind pulpits to have sex with four-year olds. They really sicken me! These horrific acts are both spiritually and physically abusive.

Spiritual abuse is part of the whole organized church package. You can expect it! Seducing spirits, and religious demons, will make you think you have to eat crow in order to serve the Lord. You know what I’m talking about! For example: when this or that pastor, or some creepy, abusive church member chews you out, or dogs and puts you down in front of others. You felt a sinking feeling in your stomach, but were afraid to speak.

Pam Sheppard, 30 years a minister for the Lord Jesus. If your under the bondage of church abuse, call her office now! (518)477-5759

Even Pam Sheppard attests to the fact, and wrote an article describing the heavy abuse she suffered under superiors, during her 30 year appointment as the pastor of her church. Creepy repulsive, spiritual and physical church abuse by those inhabited by seducing spirit/religious demons is a reality. It is a reality for every  organized church member no matter their station.

The organized church is full of silly foolish parents who leave children in the care of church workers. These naive parents haven’t got a clue. Every church worker should undergo background checks before working with children. Seducing spirits in the form of religious demons may enter workers regardless. But the fact that churches are so relaxed, that any Tom, Dick or Sally can care for precious children is a sign. A sign of what? A sign that somebody in leadership doesn’t give a hoot, and may just be an abuser themselves. To top if off, seducing spirits are experts at leaving open doors for trauma and abuse to occur.

The organized church is an abuse magnet. All one has to do is recite the unholy, abominable ” I accept Jesus” sinners prayer, or the unholy and extra abominable, ” I invite Jesus into my heart prayer” which ushers in a specific demon , who proceeds to immediately wreck hellish havoc in your life. All one has to do, in addition to reciting these unscriptural prayers, is throw money at the church. Then suddenly you’re a member of said organized church. Some people are just not saved. Some people are housing seducing spirit, religious demons. If they recited any of the above prayers, it’s almost a given.

No one checks new members out to see if they show fruits of righteousness. Therefore you get child molesters, rapists, thieves, controlling abusers mixing in with everyone else. Such have no intention of changing their ways, and some go on to be church leaders. Just look at pastors like Terry Hornbuckle of Texas, a disciple of TD Jakes,  who was drugging and raping several women in his church.

Having said all of the above, once we are truly saved, that which we suffered is a faint memory. The anguish, emotional pain and anger of a child or an adult whose been in bondage to creepy abominable church abuse, is no match for the healing balm of the Savior.

Do you think you’re in bondage to church abuse, inflicted by seducing spirit/religious demons in the organized church? Are you ready to get free, and stay free of demonic afflictions? Call Pam Sheppard Counseling Center now. Pam knows exactly what ails you, and will administer the scriptural remedy. Remember, Pam was a pastor for 25 years so she knows. Into deliverance since 1983, so she knows.  A licensed therapist for 38 years, so she knows. Call for immediate assistance…(518)477-5759

10/25/11 Thirty years a Minister and 38 years a licensed therapist. Call Pam Sheppard now at (518)477-5759


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 I am summarizing  some scriptures here, so please  bare with me as I  paraphrase a bit. 

Paul wrote to the Romans, “be not conformed to THIS world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind so that you can prove the perfect will of God for your life.” He also warned the Corinthians about casting down imaginations and thoughts  that could exalt themselves ABOVE the knowlege of God. Paul implied that  all thoughts could be “captured” and brought into obedience to the will of God. We know the general will of God from His word.  However, it is the Holy Ghost Who provides the direction of our individual lives   once our minds have been renewed. 

Therefore, a renewed mind precedes knowing what God’s will for US is.

So I suggest to you that discovering the will of God for your life involves a renewal. There are some key points that I would like to underscore:

  • We are what we THINK we are.  Our thoughts have power to draw both evil and godly energy.  If we have practiced negative self talk, in the same manner, we should consciously practice godly self talk.  Godly thought will bring about godly talk. Godly talk will bring forth the fruits of victory in casting down evil thoughts.
  • A part of renewing the soul is to learn how to deal with what is uncomfortable.  Walking on the sands of  a beautiful  beach on a hot sunny day has its comforts and delights.  However,if  the sand is very “hot,”  it is difficult to walk on it.  Struggles and failures supply the necessary preparation to learn how to “walk on hot sand.”. 
  • Where deliverance from demonic oppression is concerned, torment can be a blessing.  Torment wipes out the delusion that “all is well” and knocks off the rose colored glasses. The tormented one is pressured to search for answers and solutions—something that he would not have even considered if he had not desperately sought release from the torment.
  • Anyone who makes desicions either by the influence of an unrenewed mind or emotions is usually weak in his or her will.  The will is the organ that examines, distinguishes, judges and makes decisions based upon the information received from the mind and the emotions.
  • Choices can often be longlasting and unchangeable. We can make the choice but we cannot choose the outcome or the repercussion. In other words, we can choose to sin but we cannot choose the wages of that sin.
  • One of the fallacies is that we assume that we have time to change.  When physical death appears to be “far off,” our will power tends to procrastinate and take chances.  However, when death is a daily reality, we learn to live and make choices that prolong our days.

Once we discover what we need to learn about our own inner struggles, there are other people who will need our testimony and our influence so that that too can be victorious.  A major purpose of struggling is that we can become consolers of those who are struggling in those areas where we have become triumphant.  By planting new seeds of power into our minds, old patterns and habits will be destroyed by the resurrection power of the Holy Ghose.  In a symbolic  context, the seeds are as Jesus said. They are the words of  fruitbaring power.

There is a trained minister with a testimony of "How I Walked on Hot Sand," waiting to mentor YOU

At Sheppard’s Counseling Center, ministers are trained in a unique deliverance mentoring  program called SEW, Spiritual Empowerment Workshop.  These are ministers who have overcome torment, walked on hot sand, and survived.  From domestic violence, to rape, to incest, to alcoholism,  to parents and grandparents who were practicing witchcraft, these men and women have walked on hot sand and survived.  They have a testimony that you need. If you could benefit from their testimony, leave a comment on this post, visit www.pamsheppard.com/online_ministers_available, send a facebook message to www.facebook.com/pamela.sheppard911 or call 518-522-5461

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I was a Lukewarm Christian: Here’s Why

Minister Marlene

A lukewarm Christian never got saved. I used to be a lukewarm Christians. In my last article I made that confession.  As you know, a lukewarm Christians is unsaved. A lukewarm Christian thought they got saved, but it was a counterfeit birth. A lukewarm Christian can fool you. On the outside, they  appear to be a believer, yet they bear no fruits. So then, when I was an unsaved lukewarm Christian, I was also a barren tree. I had no growth, or character change.

I was still sinning and saying, it was okay, God forgives, Yes, God forgives, but habitual, unrepentant sinners ought to examine themselves, to see if they are in the faith. Apostle Paul commanded that we do so. We ought to be concerned about whether we are the wheat, or whether we are the tare. Backsliding is not in the New Testament. If we say we’re backsliding, we need to examine whether we were saved or not. When we understand the agony, pain, suffering of the cross, and when we get truly saved…. We become soft, we have a heart change, the Holy Spirit moves in to empower us against sinning.

I thought I was a good person doing good work in church…

Yes, I thought I was a good person. This is a major red flag when considering whether one is a lukewarm, unsaved, counterfeit Birth. You see, I thought I was doing good things for the church. I was ultra-busy in ministry. I was pleased as punch, that my name was down for this or that ministry project. I thought I was up to speed, and truly doing the work of the Lord. Works save no one. Works are not proof of salvation. Anyone can do a work. If I never did another work, I would still be saved. In those days I thought works were good, and that God watches works.

Why was I like this? I had no understanding of the cross, and the resurrection. When you understand exactly what was done by Christ, at the cross, you would be totally convinced that your own works are like filthy rags. It’s nice, that today I’m saved, and can write an article. But writing articles do not save. God is not impressed with my article writing. God wants obedience from me, which has nothing to do with a work.

As a lukewarm christian, struggled with a past of childhood abuse. When anything went wrong, I slipped into depression. I would lament about my childhood. I was a closet complainer, and harbored unforgiveness.

Why? Because I was not saved. In fact, I thought I was a good person, who was taken advantage of as a child. Everyone else was wrong, but me. I struggled with sex outside of marriage. I struggled with drug use. I slipped and returned to church quite a few times. Something was radically wrong. What was wrong? I never got saved. I was a counterfeit birth. To be lukewarm, is to be unsaved.

Once I got saved, I was able to forgive the abuse I was under as a child. I had compassion, for all who I thought wronged me. I was no longer bitter. I never even thought about the abuse. Once, I truly got saved, I was dead to my past. I was no longer the old Marlene, I was a new creature in Christ. I did not think of my past.My past was of no concern. It was as if that woman I was, died. Yes, she did die. I was and am new.

I love every bit of my troublesome, afflicted past, because it brought me to the cross. If you can’t get over the past, something is wrong. If your still thinking about what happened to you when you were three years old, something is wrong.

Pam Sheppard has over 25 years experience as a pastor, and 37 years experience as a deliverance counselor. Her expertise in deliverance, and casting out demons, is second to none. If you’d like to speak with Pam Sheppard, please call her right now at (518) 477-5759. The phone lines are open for you.

If you need deliverance, suffer affliction of any kind, or think you are a counterfeit birth, please go to the website and sign up for deliverance counseling. Pam Sheppard surpervises a team of deliverance ministers, trained in her groundbreaking techniques.


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Set Free from Guilt and Condemnation: SEW Minister Shares Her Testimony

Minister Lourdes Martinez-Moreno

Minister Lourdes Martinez-Moreno was delivered, and set free from guilt and condemnation. She shares her testimony in this article.

My Testimony…

I had counseling by a dear brother in the Lord. He uses the same concept as Pam Sheppard does. This was four years ago. About this time was when I first met Pam, who had her old website up. I found Pam again on Facebook. I don’t know if concept is the proper way to descibe it. I remember that night, as if it were yesterday.

It was Juan and his wife, we were in the garage (just us three). I had already filled up four pages of all the things I had allowed in my life. I remember sweating and feeling like I was going to faint. Juan never took his eyes off me. Not even once.
I found myself choking at first. Then suddenly I began to cough and vomit into a pail. To be honest, I thought we were in the garage for about an hour. But my deliverance turned out to be four hours long. At the final end, I was on the floor crying like a baby. I finally came to understand why Jesus had died on the cross. I was finally FREE FROM ALL GUILT AND CONDEMNATION.
I no longer had to live in darkness. I became a new creature in Christ. I am FREE and I know that without a shadow of a doubt. My deliverance took about four months. It all started with Juan and his wife inviting me out for coffee. The demons did not want to go. I shared the story with Pam, I wanted to cancel my first meeting with Juan and his wife. But God had better plans for me. Juan and his wife continue doing deliverance ministry. My heart was forever changed!
My Born Again Experience…
After my deliverance, the old Lourdes died. I became a new creature. It’s not that I have never fallen, or that everthing is perfect. No, on the contrary. I have had many upsets, but God is my strenght, and the Lord Jesus is my deliverer. I do not, and will not live in the past any longer. I am standing on the true foundation now. Before my deliverance, I had a dream wherein I was standing on a foundation that was in pieces. I didn’t understand until after my deliverance that the old foundation was no good. Now, I’m trained as a deliverance counselor under Sheppard’s Counseling Center. I want you to know that God is not a respector of persons, he will do for you what he did for me. If you think you need deliverance, or know someone who does, please call 518-477-5759
By Minister Lourdes Martinez-Moreno

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