Set Free from Guilt and Condemnation: SEW Minister Shares Her Testimony

Minister Lourdes Martinez-Moreno

Minister Lourdes Martinez-Moreno was delivered, and set free from guilt and condemnation. She shares her testimony in this article.

My Testimony…

I had counseling by a dear brother in the Lord. He uses the same concept as Pam Sheppard does. This was four years ago. About this time was when I first met Pam, who had her old website up. I found Pam again on Facebook. I don’t know if concept is the proper way to descibe it. I remember that night, as if it were yesterday.

It was Juan and his wife, we were in the garage (just us three). I had already filled up four pages of all the things I had allowed in my life. I remember sweating and feeling like I was going to faint. Juan never took his eyes off me. Not even once.
I found myself choking at first. Then suddenly I began to cough and vomit into a pail. To be honest, I thought we were in the garage for about an hour. But my deliverance turned out to be four hours long. At the final end, I was on the floor crying like a baby. I finally came to understand why Jesus had died on the cross. I was finally FREE FROM ALL GUILT AND CONDEMNATION.
I no longer had to live in darkness. I became a new creature in Christ. I am FREE and I know that without a shadow of a doubt. My deliverance took about four months. It all started with Juan and his wife inviting me out for coffee. The demons did not want to go. I shared the story with Pam, I wanted to cancel my first meeting with Juan and his wife. But God had better plans for me. Juan and his wife continue doing deliverance ministry. My heart was forever changed!
My Born Again Experience…
After my deliverance, the old Lourdes died. I became a new creature. It’s not that I have never fallen, or that everthing is perfect. No, on the contrary. I have had many upsets, but God is my strenght, and the Lord Jesus is my deliverer. I do not, and will not live in the past any longer. I am standing on the true foundation now. Before my deliverance, I had a dream wherein I was standing on a foundation that was in pieces. I didn’t understand until after my deliverance that the old foundation was no good. Now, I’m trained as a deliverance counselor under Sheppard’s Counseling Center. I want you to know that God is not a respector of persons, he will do for you what he did for me. If you think you need deliverance, or know someone who does, please call 518-477-5759
By Minister Lourdes Martinez-Moreno

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