Witchcraft Spells and You: Sex Magic Part 2

Witchcraft spells and you, is the topic of this series of blog posts. What does a believer need to know about witchcraft? As the apostle Paul said, the devil stalks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Let us remain vigilant and alert to his dirty tricks and demonic wiles. How do witches take control of their victims? What exact tactics do they employ?

In the last article…

In the last article, Patrice, an x-witch turned Christian, gave us an inside look into the kingdom of darkness, and how she used sex magic, as a means of domination and control. I wanted Patrice to give us more details on how witches can put folks into bondage. Sex magic and love spells are meant to force victims into unwanted sexual relationships. In the case of sex magic, the witch wants to enslave victims into sexual relations.

Beware…Be vigilant and be advised…

If you suspect that your under this type of witchcraft spell, Patrice’s insights may be of help to you. But my best suggestion is that you sign-up for mentoring with Pam Sheppard. Pam Sheppard has over 25 years of pastoral experience. Her expertise in deliverance mentoring, is second to none. Visit Pam website today at http://www.pamsheppard.com

Let’s continue examining the devils rotten fruits and demonic tactics. I caught up with Patrice and presented her with a few more questions. Our communications and her answers are listed below:


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3 responses to “Witchcraft Spells and You: Sex Magic Part 2

  1. No accident the most useful info re: the CORE STRATEGY of DEMONIC ATTACK (witchcraft, sex magic, Freemasonry, Roman Catholic Church (Whore of Babylon) must be received from outside the institution charged w/ the responsibility to prepare beleivers NOT to be ignorant. To say the modern church has abdicated it’s true purpose would be an understatement, it has plainly not only been infiltrated, but has become a primary tool in Satan’s arsenal….

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant


  2. Lourdes

    Excellent. I grew up around this and dabbled in it myself in my teenage years, so I know all too well what this can do to a person. Thank God for setting me free, and free indeed I say.


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