ii Thessalonians: Strong Delusion is Here!

ii Thessalonians: Strong Delusion is Here!

Jessie Penn-Lewis, the author of "War on the Saints," is the woman of God of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

One of my client presently  in counseling suggested to a Charismatic friend that she visit my website and consider seeking my services.  The friend DID visit www.pamsheppard.com  As a result of her visit, the friend  told my client  that “the woman is of the devil.”  I was not shocked, or concerned, certainly  not offended.  My response to my client this morning  was “If someone had introduced the “me” of today to me ten years ago, my reaction would have been the same as your friend.”  Ten years ago, the message that I bring today, I myself  would have rejected. I too would have believed that anyone who brought such a message “is of the devil.”  My eyes were opened by a book and a prayer about 10 years ago.  The book was “War on the Saints” by Jessie Penn-Lewis. The prayer was “Lord, expose the darkness that may be around me.” My prayer was immediately and progressively answered. The darkness has been  EVERYWHERE.  Strong, strong  delusion!!

The bible foretells through Paul to the Thessalonian believers  that in the last days, a time in church history would come  when God would send “strong delusion.” In like manner,  Paul even warned Timothy that in the last days, there would be a group of demons who would infiltrate the churches with false and mixed doctrine, capable of even causing some of the elect to “depart from the faith” and give heed to or listen and absorb   devilish false teachings.


 From my work on “the Fake Jesus”, I have been convinced that  “THAT DAY” came already. “Strong delusion” has already been poured out.    Paul  also wrote the Thessalonians  that the anti-Christ was being restrained by the Holy Ghost.  Even so,   there would come a day in church history when the Holy Ghost would be so grieved, that He would be “taken out of the way.”  Paul wrote to the Thessalonians that when the Holy Ghost is taken out-of-the-way, the anti-Christ would be revealed.

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With  the preparation of  “the Fake Jesus,” I now believe that the Anti-Christ is really a fallen angel.  Certainly this angel will use the body of a man at some point and there are indications that  he has already done so.  According to Benjamin Creme, mentioned in the Fake Jesus, Maitreya was  first revealed in the flesh in July 1977. I was born again in March 1977, just 4 months before Maitreya was revealed.


How did I get to church in the first place?  Well, I had 3 dreams that sent me to an African-American denomination in 1979.  I learned just as I finished “The Fake Jesus” a few years ago,  that those dreams came from the religious fallen angel  that is assigned to me.  The book “Come Out of Her, God’s People” addresses why the enemy would actually “send me to church” and why God would allow it to happen.


It is important to note, that I myself didn’t get saved from “the preached word in a church.”  I knew the gospel through the holidays and the movies  about Jesus.  I had heard that Jesus  had died for my sins and that He was raised from the dead.  I heard, I understood, and I did not believe.


In spite of my godlessness, I got saved because the Holy Ghost drew me to the cross in March 1977 and caused me to see that I was a sinner and I repented.  Instantly, faith was dropped into me to believe that Jesus was dead but HE got up from the grave in His physical body.  It was like a light bulb went off in my spirit, remaining there like a hard rock for the next 34 years. 


Without ever having heard a word preached in a sermon by a minister behind the pulpit, God saved me anyway.  It is an experience that absolutely no one can take away from me.


If God saved me, an atheist, without any church background who had never even read the bible, then God can save anyone anywhere. The irony is that once the gospel was preached in the first century, the Lord really has not needed any of us. Once the  entire known world came to know about the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ 19 centuries ago, the message was planted in the collective consciousness from one generation to another.


In our generation, the word of God has  also been heard around the world.  There is no where that the name of Jesus is not known.  To preach is not to stand behind a pulpit with a sermon.  To preach is “to proclaim” or simply “to tell the story of Jesus.”  The truth is that THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD HAS ALREADY BEEN TOLD!!!!”


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