Passivity and the Christian Zombie

Passivity and the Christian Zombie

Have you ever been cussed out, Christian style?

I had a true test  in my email interactions with a reader that I will call “Maria.” Maria’s first email contact was relatively positive.  On the surface, it seemed that her intent was to merely apprise me that she and I have much in common in our backgrounds, and that she too believes that the prosperity gospel is coming down. I didn’t notice at first but it seems she wanted me to publish her articles on my website.

Touch a sacred cow, and a Christian Zombie goes ballistic!!!

I am a bit obtuse when people are not direct. However, I was truly amazed as well and somewhat concerned that Maria also wrote that she STILL feeds from the spiritual tables of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar, calling them “brothers that need prayer.”Not wanting to belittle Maria’s prayer life, I really tried to be as “low-key,” as “laid back” as I myself can be, not expecting her extremely argumentative, defensive response. In her last email , Maria finally stated what she wanted to write in her first email, ie. that I am an “unloving accuser of the brethren.” Yet, in keeping with the passivity of “a Christian Zombie,” her hidden attitude was concealed until she could stand me no longer, and then all hell broke loose!!!!

Finally, like a hissing snake she “cussed me out” Christian style. I was very brief and simple in my few responses so as not to stir up my own flesh, for actually, I was really not offended by her. So I tried to jest, keeping things light, remarking with “You would find a way to defend Judas Iscariot.” She did not catch the humor, nor did she glean the meaning behind the humor.A common trait of those oppressed by a religious demon is that they tend to have no humor. Simply put, as Christian zombies they are so “spiritual” that they are of no earthly good. Captives of this kind also rebel against any chastisement or correction with tongue in cheek counterattacks of your being “unloving” and therefore, you are not a real Christian.

Yet zombies on the offensive usually pay no attention to the fact that the scriptures also declare that God Himself chastises and corrects those He loves. When He does chastise and correct, He often does so through elders and other saints. I personally believe that the epitome of love is to tell someone liberating truth without belittling or shaming them. Truth that convicts rather than condemns. Of course, we are out to win the brethren and not to inflame them by provoking them to wrath. Certainly it is true that God so loved the world, yet He did not save Judas from perdition. As for me, I am in accord with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who, when appropriate, didn’t mind calling “a snake, a snake!” It is not wise to feed from the spiritual table of vipers. Maria’s emails continued to be abrupt, condescending and argumentative. Then there came a point when she realized that the tone of her emails was not “Christ-like”, so she emailed me again, with a rather defensive apology.

The ” Christian zombie” thing for me to do was to passively accept her apology and stop the email war. True, but “I am not a Christian zombie!  It was clear to me that Maria’s apology was based on her fear of facing her own persona—ie. that her “Christ like” image of herself was in jeopardy. To feed into her own self-delusion would not be helpful. I have found that Christians who are constantly apologizing for being “who they are” “doing what they want to do” and saying “what they meant to say,” generally are in bondage to obeying the word by the letter of the law rather than by the spirit. Since they are very “image conscious”, they worry that they may be perceived as unloving or unmannerly and therein “not Christ-like”.

I view excessive demonstrations of this kind of anxiety as being a victim to the 3 false “p.s” THAT WHEN EXCESSIVE, CAUSES THEM TO BE a 4th “p” known as “PHONY”: The 3 p’s are: PIETY, PRETENSE, AND PRIDE. Walking in the “false p”s of self-righteousness is yet another trademark of Christian zombies.

Religious spirits aka demons take advantage of passivity of this kind.  My book, Faces of the Religious Demon will enlighten you further on this subject and others, particularly  how a religious demon manifests in countless ways.  You are also welcome to call 518-477-5759 to set up a telephone counseling session.

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