Passivity and the Christian Zombie Part 2

Passivity and the Christian Zombie: A Desire to Be Heard

I  have encountered many professing Christians who speak “the love walk” with a forked tongue, whose hearts are deceived concerning what divine love actually is. The world can see through the hollowness of such people and sinners are not attracted to the Lord by a phony, self-righteous witness. Consider Maria, mentioned in Part 1 of Passivity and the Christian Zombie.

In my estimation, Maria is a classic example of a “Zombie for Christ.” One reason is because Zombies always try to minimize deliverance and spiritual warfare ministries. In one of her emails, she accused me of being possessed by a demon that I have never heard of, identified as “the spirit of wrong focus.”Maria explained that the “demon of wrong focus” causes watchmen like myself to be an “accuser of the brethren.” She also stated that all she has to do is focus on the cross, pray for the “misguided” false prophets and trust God to deal with the devil FOR her. People who say “amen” to Maria are in danger of perishing for a lack of knowledge primarily because they underestimate the wiles of the enemy.

Another sign of a Christian zombie is their passive-aggressive hidden desire “to be heard.” I can relate. I can remember that while I was in the denomination, for years I longed “to be heard” to no avail. I was often overlooked. Actually,a particular bishop purposefully and wilfully blocked my ministry, and rightly so. Even though he was operating out of his flesh in his strong dislike of me, I look pass this man’s human nature and I perceive today “that it was the Lord’s doing.” For if I had not been blocked, then the seduction of a receptive audience would have been a major stumbling-block for me, deadly to my particular calling as a prophetic watchman.  If I  had remained in the denomination,I was in bondage to too many levels of authority. The Lord warned me that I would never be more than a candle hidden under a defiled bed if I submitted myself to yet another denominational bishop or regional director.

Continually frustrated, disappointed and aggravated by denominational favoritism, I realize TODAY that I was truly blessed NOT to be have been embraced by the church hierarchy. The irony is that while I believed that my charismatic gifts to minister and my level of spiritual growth and understanding far surpassed that of the other denominational ministers, I myself was deceived. On the contrary, without the restraint of God, my charismatic leanings could have put countless sheep in an unprotected spiritual danger much more than ministries without power could have done. My spiritual error was just “different” from my denominational colleagues— but error, none the less!!

To resist the religious demon, admitting to error is essential to freedom.  Most remain bound because of pride.  If you suffer from always having to be spiritually correct, there is help for you.  Call 518-477-5759 to make an appt for a telephone counseling session.

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