Pam Sheppard: A Strong Spiritual Mother in the Body of Christ

 The Joshua spirit is when God preserves an older person and then releases him or her to not be afraid of “the giants,” but also to  young people from a grasshopper mentality as we wander through this world’s wilderness.  Like Joshua, my  spiritual mother, Rev. Pamela Sheppard LMSW,  has  hung out  in the camp of doubters, unbelievers, blasphemers, hypocrites, pretenders—- people ambitiously striving to “be somebody in Christ” for more than 3 decades.   Yet  I feel with each of her 7 books,    the Joshua spirit  has been  released.  As a natural trailblazer,  it is Pastor Pam’s nature to spirit  far ahead of the crowd.

 In fact, she was among the first of 7 African-American freshmen of the class of 1961 to attend a prestigious college, SUNY Albany— where she obtained  both a bachelors and a master’s degree in social work, my own alma mate for the same 2 degrees. Pastor Pam paved the way for thousands of African Americans who enroll in SUNY Albany every year.

So for my spiritual mother  to have been restrained by the hand of God  for a total of 30 years in ministry is in itself a miracle.  I could be wrong, but I believe that she has been harnessed and kept “unknown” as one of the Lord’s “aces in a hole.”  For when the religious demon has been successful at deceiving most  of  the very elect, wise warriors  like Pastor Pam  will be around to “pick up the pieces.”  What is so ironic about her life  is  that as she has gotten  older, it always seems to me like her life is just beginning.  Her  zeal, commitment and her  vital ministry to young adults  in the midst of so much maturity is phenomenal. The Lord truly seems to be “restoring her youth like the eagles.”

    In one of her sermons,  Pastor Pam   confessed  that there was a time when she wondered if   she would  live to fulfill the many facets of her calling  for Christ, particularly since she believes that she has been learning more than she has been serving.  Therefore, she has   viewed “Faces of the Religious Demon”  as  her  spiritual warfare seed, planted in this   earth to bear fruit in the hands of other  Christian soldiers,  once she herself  had departed.  Yet  I pray that with the release of this book,  even if she  may desire to go,   that Jesus will not  let her come home right now.   I can personally attest to the fact that as she wrote the final words of a book that was inspired by her casting out the religious demon from ME, she almost could not complete it because each day she received yet another insight. In her  own   words, the Joshua spirit unfolds:

Pastor Pam at 67 years young

       “ I am a 68 year  old war horse!  I realize that  the Lord Jesus Christ   may need me here, perhaps more than ever.    It’s a strange    spiritual place to be in. The only reason why I need to be on this earth is to serve Jesus.  In that way, I am like Paul.  I could go home now, but you guys need me here!   The beauty is that I believe that I am  on the path leading to  overcoming the fear of death, if I have not overcome it already. To lose the fear of death is the ultimate deliverance. The ultimate freedom.  The ultimate victory  not only over the religious demon but  all demons. It is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

It is like this.  She is so bold yet so loving     and understanding, that you are either with her or you are against her, and she accepts whatever YOU choose.  No one can be lukewarm with the powerful word she brings, whether she is speaking or writing.  I recommend that you not only be blessed by “Faces of the Religious Demon,” But ALL of her books. You also should consider allowing us at Pam Sheppard Ministries  to spiritually mentor or coach you in such a time as this.  Call 518-477-5759 (Click book  cover for soft cover and click links for ebooks))


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