How Pam Sheppard Discovered the Pervasiveness of False Conversions


Ola Cruz came to her pastor, Pam Sheppard with a dream from God in 2001.  She was told to ask Pastor Pam to confront those demons. .  Ola had no recollections of her 3 deliverance sessions.. Ola didn’t remember anything of how demons lifted her up out of her wheelchair to use her body  to  lash out against Pastor Pam, who had been grooming Ola for the fivefold ministry.  This part of Ola and Pastor Pam’s testimony  zero’s in on the finer points of the three deliverance sessions. This conversation took shape on Facebook, soon after Ola reunited with Pam in 2011, ten years later. .


OLA: Pam, I love you so much for doing your part for my salvation.

PAM: I love you too OLA, but it was my love for God that led me. OLA, when you came to us at Healing Waters (church Pam closed), and told us  the dream of having three snakes within you, we were shocked but we obeyed . In your dream, the Lord told you to come to me and ask me to cast those demons from you.  We had three sessions. In the first session, the demons manifested and you threw up. In the second session, the demons became outraged, and picked up your infirmed body out of your wheelchair. The demons were cursing, and blaspheming. He was headed for me, and two big women had to take down, your little 110 pounds or so.

OLA: I didn’t receive salvation at that time Pam…

Pam: As you walked from the back of the church, a crowd gathered outside that big glass window from the cab stand and the Pakistani restaurant. The crowd watched you walk towards me. I was too shocked to be scared, but fear DID set in. You picked up a bible, and almost hit my assistant in the head with it. She jumped up, and said ” IT’S ON “.

The witnesses thought you had walked under the power of God, because they could not hear what was being said inside. After that day, Pakistanis would run up to me in the street to stop me for prayer. They would put money in my hands and run. Sometimes it was $100. I gave the money to the church. They called me ” the woman of God “. To them, I was the woman of God who bought the crippled woman out of her wheelchair. But…I knew better!

OLA: Ha! Ha! Ha! Pam, but you still loved , and worked with me. Even after being attacked.

Pam: As you lay on the church floor, AFTER you were taken down, the demon claimed his rights. He wailed through your mouth, and said ” HER GRANDMOTHER GAVE HER TO ME”

OLA: Preachers of today would have run to abuse me physically. This did happen to me in the past.

Pam: I always loved you, Ola.   You were like a second daughter. I was determined. If YOU were going down, I was going down with you.

OLA: Pam, all I can say is—but God! But God had another plan. He truly saved me. All captives who want freedom shall rejoice. The Lord will set them free.

Pam: It was the third session that the demon exposed itself. It wasn’t even a session, but a Bible study. We were all sitting at the table, and so were you. At the study, you revealed that you did not understand the resurrection, and you said ” Pastor, God is going to have to show, and prove himself to me or I will not believe “. I said Ola, say ” Jesus was raised from the dead “. You literally could not say it. You picked up a piece of paper, and wrote ” I can not speak, my throat is blocked “. That is when I jumped up from the table, and commanded the demon to come out.  What followed immediately is that  you could speak. Your first words were ” Jesus was raised from the dead .”


Pam:     In a lot of ways, OLA’S  testimony  is also MY testimony for one main reason.  This was a groundbreaking deliverance that opened my eyes to truth in ways that I could not have imagined.  For I did not know that someone could preach, speak in tongues and prophesy, yet NOT be saved! OLA was the first.   However, from 2002-the present, I have been in touch with hundreds in the last 9 years, so much so, that I coined the word “counterfeit births” in the book “Faces of the Religious Demon.”



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