Astrology is Nothing But Divination and So Is Charismatic Witchcraft

Have you ever wondered why astrology is forbidden in the bible as an abomination to God?  Having once been an astrologer back in the 70’s, I will venture a guess.

Astrology is one of many forms of divination.  Divination is simply “fortune-telling” or making prognostications with pieces of information–probabilities and possibilities— that are not exact knowledge.

To please God, we must trust Him by walking by faith and not by sight.  To seek  to know the future is to “not trust God.” Simple.

  Furthermore, behind every act of divination are several assigned demons or fallen angels.  These spirit entities have been around a lot longer than human beings.  They live in a realm where the past, present and the future are a continuum and time is not bound by our linear expectations.  So angels and demons have the capacity to reach into the future or reach back to the past and reveal bits of potential truth to the seeker.  However, pulling out a segment of the future and presenting it before its time can have disastrous consequences.

Inthe New Idolatry you will find these words concerning divination in the Institutional Church:

Divination within the organized church community is aimed at controlling the lives and destinies of gullible people. Pulpits are filled with diviners and soothsayers–charismatic type hype masters —-that have no other message but one that caters to our flesh.  Like the astrologers, the card layers and such, the divination of old has progressively worsened in our time because the church community is now flooded with false prophets who the ignorant seek “for a personal word from God.” These pseudo messengers leave devastated people in their paths. As they prophesy presumptuously in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declaring things that He has NOT spoken to them, is comparable to New Age divination.”

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2 responses to “Astrology is Nothing But Divination and So Is Charismatic Witchcraft

  1. wenonaruss

    So true, Pam. I have seen these diviners at work within the I.C. quite often. Its a shame.


    • Yes Wenona. The religious fallen angel assigned to me tried to use me in this way also while I was a minister in the IC for 25 years. I would receive future info about various churchgoers. Much of it was true. I would know their secrets. At least on most occasions, I had sense enough not to go to the people with what I had received. Most of the time, the info came in dreams. I was not one to go aroound telling people “I have received a word from God for you.”


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