The Religious Demon Thrives Off of Your Investment

Unfortunately, the church as a whole, shuns the fact that demons exist and operate today. This is grave error! In fact,  religious demons have entered into  and have taken over the institutional church. Well meaning deliverance ministers, are limited in knowledge. At best they may be able to cast out demons, but are too often unskilled at accomplishing total deliverance for captives. Demons often return to victims with a vengeance. The word of God refers to this, for we know that when a house is swept clean, demons can, and will find another door of entry.

Here is  an excerpt from  ” Faces of the Religious Demon “..

The first time I personally heard the term ” religious spirit ” or ” religious demon ” was in a prophecy I received in 1983. In this word, I was given a spiritual warfare assignment against 7 high-ranking fallen angels that I began to refer to as ” The Seven Walls”, with the religious devil  as wall number 5 in the list: alcohol and drugs, homosexuality, prostitution, witchcraft, the religious spirit, prejudice and poverty. To walk in darkness is to give the religious demon an unholy advantage where he will enter into both spiritual and man made temples, and through a blasphemous masquerade, attempt to exalt himself above God. When the demon is able to enter into a Christian temple of either flesh or brick and subsequently obtain worship for itself through fraudulence and deceit, this is truly an abomination of desolation (Daniel 11:36).

 A religious demon will display some of the following traits:

A. Unknown tongues with no translation

B. Religiosity and odd extremes

C. Slain in the spirit which is unscriptural

D. Divination under the guise of prophecy

E. Repetiton of the abominable sinners prayers. i.e ” I accept Jesus ” or ” Jesus come into my heart “

As you can see, a religious demon is an abominable desolation indeed, and displays a carnal, fleshly worship that has nothing to do with God or Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Faces of the Religious Demon  is a very important book, It’s contents are bondage breaking and offer detailed, saving grace info for the believer. To review or order, click here

 If you fear you have a religious demon,  Sheppard’s Counseling Center can set you free. Call 518-477-5759


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