Black Solidarity Can Lead to Spiritual Fornication

Recently I conversed with a therapists whose counseling practice includes a consultation with the alumni of a prestigious African-American seminary.  When asked what was the primary counseling issue among black preachers, without hesitation, he cited “addiction to Internet pornography.” He stated that as the place of choice,    ministers of color  opt to   use  their  private church offices in the sanctuary to un-leash their lustful fantasies as they surf the web. Why?  Well, when the building is empty,   these offices are more secret and private then are their own homes. As an aside, this therapist  reported that ministers on his caseload were  both heterosexuals and DL homosexuals.

Yet physical fornication is a foreshadow of an even deeper sin: spiritual fornication aka “idolatry.”

Besides active membership in freemasonry, namely, the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge, African-American ministers have been spiritually in bed with Minister Louis Farrkan of the Nation of Islam, particularly Baptists, COGIC and AME preachers. In fact, just this year, Farrakan delivered the keynote address at the Westside Baptist Ministers Conference, held April 28, 2012.  He has also been the guest speaker at a number of other events, including a worship service  held at the Ebenezer AME Church in Washington DC on May 2, 2005.  In that address, he identified himself as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth—a member of “another fold.”

Yet, in the May 15, 2012 issue of his newspaper called “the Final Call,”  Farrakan’s “preaching” itinerary includes   a series of messages delivered  at the prayer breakfasts  of a recently formed organization called the ACLC, the American Clergy Leaderhsip Conferences.  Churches involved in this educational endeavor also includes Africa-American Pentecostals, namely Life Center Church of God In Christ in Chicago Il and the Salem Methodist Baptist Church in Manhattan NY .  It seems that Farrakan has taken the lead in educating the Black Clergy  on “how to increase their self-development and build their houses of worship with the Divine Guidance.”I wonder if a part of Farrakan’s “religious education” of African-American ministers includes the following teaching, taken from his article called “Waking Up and Looking at Religion.”  I quote:

“Now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad didn’t tell us or teach us that we could look forward to this kind of resurrection—that Mommy and Daddy and the grandma and grandpa that we buried—5, 10, 15, 20, 60, 80, 100 years ago—that we would see them again on Resurection Day.  I think we need to wake up.  When this body of ours is returned to the earth and the earth takes this body back, THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR YOU TO RISE FROM.” And if all the billions of human beings that have died on this earth heard a trumpet and came forth, the whole earth would come forth and then maybe I would be a little angry because the earth that is a part of somebody else that lived 2000 years or before you. So now you are arguing over what part of the earth you should rise up in. There’s not enough earth to accomodate every human being rising up out of an earth that is $57,255,000 square miles of earth. Now you have to be more intelligent than this in the day of looking at religion. “

Louis Farrakan is certainly of “another fold”—one that has no part with the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  To a Christian, such a statement about the resurrection of the dead ought to be counted as sheer blasphemy. Yet African-American clergy are allowing this man to “teach them.”  Are they  merely ignorant?  Is it that  African-American clergy will  bow their knees to other gods for the sake of black solidarity under ANY circumstance and by any means necessary?  Actually, Farrakan’s “geography lesson” is itself quite  “ignorant.”  The FIRST ressurection is not of ALL the dead, but only of those who died “in Christ.”  Of earth’s total population, we are very  few in number by comparison.  Yet, what is so narrow and mundane in his “analysis” is that Farakkan focuses on the creature and not the Creator.   The bible speaks that “hell has enlarged itself” to make room. The un-resurrected dead will have plenty of room in hell.   Needless to say, the Lord Jesus Christ–in His role as  as the master architect of the universe—   knows how to “enlarge the earth,” if it be  necessary!

The key issue is this.

 If Farrakan does not believe in the resurrection of the dead, then he does not believe in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He spends a lot of time in scriptures that he clearly does not understand.  For as Paul warned the Corinthians, the same warning applies to him:  If you do not believe in the resurrection of the dead, then you are STILL in your sins and your faith is vain.” (I Corin 15:17)   In other words, you are not a saved, born again person.  Well, I always knew that about Farrakan. So where is the spiritual discernment of the African American clergy?!

 Good question, Pam!!!

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