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The Religious Demon Thrives Off of Your Investment

Unfortunately, the church as a whole, shuns the fact that demons exist and operate today. This is grave error! In fact,  religious demons have entered into  and have taken over the institutional church. Well meaning deliverance ministers, are limited in knowledge. At best they may be able to cast out demons, but are too often unskilled at accomplishing total deliverance for captives. Demons often return to victims with a vengeance. The word of God refers to this, for we know that when a house is swept clean, demons can, and will find another door of entry.

Here is  an excerpt from  ” Faces of the Religious Demon “..

The first time I personally heard the term ” religious spirit ” or ” religious demon ” was in a prophecy I received in 1983. In this word, I was given a spiritual warfare assignment against 7 high-ranking fallen angels that I began to refer to as ” The Seven Walls”, with the religious devil  as wall number 5 in the list: alcohol and drugs, homosexuality, prostitution, witchcraft, the religious spirit, prejudice and poverty. To walk in darkness is to give the religious demon an unholy advantage where he will enter into both spiritual and man made temples, and through a blasphemous masquerade, attempt to exalt himself above God. When the demon is able to enter into a Christian temple of either flesh or brick and subsequently obtain worship for itself through fraudulence and deceit, this is truly an abomination of desolation (Daniel 11:36).

 A religious demon will display some of the following traits:

A. Unknown tongues with no translation

B. Religiosity and odd extremes

C. Slain in the spirit which is unscriptural

D. Divination under the guise of prophecy

E. Repetiton of the abominable sinners prayers. i.e ” I accept Jesus ” or ” Jesus come into my heart “

As you can see, a religious demon is an abominable desolation indeed, and displays a carnal, fleshly worship that has nothing to do with God or Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Faces of the Religious Demon  is a very important book, It’s contents are bondage breaking and offer detailed, saving grace info for the believer. To review or order, click here

 If you fear you have a religious demon,  Sheppard’s Counseling Center can set you free. Call 518-477-5759


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Pam Sheppard Sets Captives Free

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2cFZO6lm

 The Joshua spirit is when God preserves an older person and then releases him or her to not be afraid of “the giants,” but also to   deliver young people from a grasshopper religious mentality as we wander through this world’s wilderness.  Like Joshua, my  spiritual mother, Rev. Pamela Sheppard LMSW,  has  hung out  in the camp of doubters, unbelievers, blasphemers, hypocrites, pretenders—- people ambitiously striving to “be somebody in Christ” for more than 3 decades.   Yet  I feel with each of her 7 books,    the Joshua spirit  has been  released.  As a natural trailblazer,  it is Pastor Pam’s nature to spirit  far ahead of the crowd.

Besides being a long distance swimmer as a senior citizen,  she was among the first of 7 African-American freshmen of the class of 1961 to attend a prestigious college, SUNY Albany— where she obtained  both a bachelors and a master’s degree in social work, my own alma mate for the same 2 degrees. Pastor Pam paved the way for thousands of African- Americans who enroll in SUNY Albany every year.

 So for my spiritual mother  to have been restrained by the hand of God  for a total of 30 years in ministry is in itself a miracle.  I could be wrong, but I believe that she has been harnessed and kept “unknown” as one of the Lord’s “aces in a hole.”  For when the religious demon has been successful at deceiving most  of  the very elect, wise warriors  like Pastor Pam  will be around to “pick up the pieces.”  What is so ironic about her life  is  that as she has gotten  older, it always seems to me like her life is just beginning.  Her  zeal, commitment and her  vital ministry to young adults  in the midst of so much maturity is phenomenal. The Lord truly seems to be “restoring her youth like the eagles.”

 From 1999 to 2002, I attended the church that Pastor Pam founded in 1996.    In one of her sermons,  Pastor Pam   confessed  that there was a time when she wondered if   she would  live to fulfill the many facets of her calling  for Christ, particularly since she believes that she has been learning more than she has been serving.  Therefore, she has   viewed “Faces of the Religious Demon”  as  her  spiritual warfare seed, planted in this   earth to bear fruit in the hands of other  Christian soldiers,  once she herself  had departed.  Yet  I pray that with the release of this book,  even if she  may desire to go,   that Jesus will not  let her come home right now.   I can personally attest to the fact that as she wrote the final words of a book that was inspired by her casting out the religious demon from ME, she almost could not complete it because each day she received yet another insight. In her  own   words, the Joshua spirit unfolds:

Pastor Pam at 68 years young  declares:       “ I am a 68 year  old war horse!  I realize that  the Lord Jesus Christ   may need me here, perhaps more than ever.    It’s a strange    spiritual place to be in. The only reason why I need to be on this earth is to serve Jesus.  In that way, I am like Paul.  I could go home now, but you guys need me here!   The beauty is that I believe that I am  on the path leading to  overcoming the fear of death, if I have not overcome it already. To lose the fear of death is the ultimate deliverance. The ultimate freedom.  The ultimate victory  not only over the religious demon but  all demons. It is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

When I was barely 19 years old, the Holy Spirit  led me to Pastor Pam to be delivered from a false conversion.  Even without a pulpit and a pew, Pastor Pam is STILL “my pastor.”  I work for her in ministry and she is also my teacher.  Yet most of all, she is my friend.  It is like this.  She is so bold yet so loving     and understanding, that you are either with her or you are against her, and she accepts whatever YOU choose.  No one can be lukewarm with the powerful word she brings, whether she is speaking or writing.  I recommend that you not only be blessed by “Faces of the Religious Demon,”  But ALL of her books. Her latest book is “Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministry.  At the top of the Author’s Spotlight page, click here.

You also should consider allowing us at Pam Sheppard Ministries  to spiritually mentor or coach you in such a time as this.  Call 518-477-5759

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The Jezebel Spirit and Women in Ministry


What Is a Jezebel Spirit?

I don’t particularly like the name.  From a psychological perspective, the Jezebel spirit is a personality type.  It is called narcissistic personality disorder.  You cannot “cast out”  someone’s personality. Personality transformation is a renewal of the mind over time, a part of the deliverance counseling process.  However, from a spiritual perspective, the Jezebel “spirit” is simply a religious demon or a religious spirit. I called my third book “Faces of the Religious Demon,” because there practically countless ways that this demon manifests itself.  In the book, I present cases or profiles that were like “faces” or various facets of this demon.
There are people with religious demons who are tormented either with hearing voices, fears of having committed the unpardonable sin or of going to hell  as well constantly are bombarded by blasphemous thoughts. Some can’t even read their bibles out loud or silently. I recall a case where a captive could only read a pocket bible for fear that a demon would use her arm to pound her in the head with a hardcover, and possibly sustain  a concussion.
Need deliverance? Call 518-477-5759
So it is easy to embrace  a quick-fix  simply to relieve or stop the torment. Most workers  simply attempt to cast out demons  as a means to remove ALL  of a person’s bondages.It never really works. I have found that setting captives free who have a spirit of religiosity  in any form,  involves more than simply driving out the demons.
There are usually various strongholds to be torn down. Since strongholds are incorrect thinking patterns, this is done through the renewing of the captive’s  mind according to the Word of God. As the Lord said “you can’t put new wine into old wineskins or it will break. You can’t put a new patch of cloth on an old garment or it will tear, and you certainly cannot serve 2 masters, or you will hate the deliverance worker and love the preachers and teachers who are a significant yet hidden cause of your captivity.

The purpose of deliverance is to gain freedom from any hindrances in your life that would keep you from walking in the fullness of God’s plan for your life and your relationship with Him. Remarkably to some, it is often habitual religiosity that is the most difficult stronghold to overcome, even stronger than an addiction to alcohol or drugs because religion and “going to church” is culturally engrained and is therefore considered “the right thing to do.” It takes much time and patience to free captives from religion or a deceptive form of spirituality–a form of godliness that denies the power thereof.

A Deliverance Classic by Pam Sheppard
The bottomline is that I cannot work with a “religious captive” who continues to go to church, feed from the tables of either deceived or false prophets, and who is praying to a fake god. Therefore I mandate that while involved in deliverance counseling or mentoring with Sheppard’s Counseling Center, the captive must cease and desist from all religious activity including reading the bible and praying. Old things must pass away so that all things can become new.
“When considering the demon referred to by the field of deliverance ministry as ‘Jezebel,’ we generally think of a female seductress and therefore sexual images are foremost in our minds.  It is true that where idolatrous religions are concerned, sex, lust and worship are intricately intertwined.  But make no mistake.  The distinguishing characteristic of Jezebel, is that she is religious. Jezebel is the religious face of the spirit of the Anti-Christ, an overwhelming narcissistic prides that has an arrogant self-image of perfection. Mainly caused by a refusal to accept their own imperfections, the pride of this particular face or facet of the religious demon is the denial of a sinful nature.  For built into the soul of such a one is a strength of will that hinders a captive so afflicted, to be able to submit to the will of God. Consequently, such captive find it extremely difficult to repent.”

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Deliverance Ministry Online

Deliverance ministry is the keyword for this article. You probably landed on this page because you are looking for a deliverance ministry for yourself or someone you know. Why do you need the services of Pam Sheppard’s online and/or telephone deliverance ministry? Why should you sign-up for deliverance counseling or mentoring with Sheppard’s Counseling Center? I can help you answer that question.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because…
1. Many of you reading have been in deliverance sessions with well-meaning deliverance workers who gave you 6 or more hours, even days, shouting the name of Jesus at demons, yet you are still in bondage, perhaps worst off.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because…
2. Most likely, because of those very sessions, countless of you reading, are involved in either pentecostal, deliverance and/or word of faith churches where you actually became demonized.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because…
3. In becoming demonized, you need ” to be set free ” from demonic manifestations and torments.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because…
4. Some of you have invited demons into your life through charismatic witchcraft.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because…
5. Others reading, may suffer from confusion and a weakening of faith because you have ingested false doctrine into your spirits.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because…
6. In other words relating to #5, the root of confusion is that you have been ” too churched ” by either legalism or tradition that has made the word of God powerless in your life.
You need Pam’s deliverance ministry services because:
7. You and others reading here today, may have been in counseling for years with little progress for the money invested.
Wouldn’t You Like to be ” set free ” once and for all?

Wouldn’t you like to be set free ” once and for all”? Pam Sheppard not only has over 25 years of pastoral experience, she has 37 years experience in deliverance counseling. She is a deliverance specialist.  Take some time to read the powerful testimonies of those she has ministered to, and cast out demons from.Also read her life changing book “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.”My name was changed in the book as my testimony is that of Ola. You can also read my testimony by clicking here.

You may contact Pam at pamsheppard911@yahoo.com , and expect a speedy response, or call 518-477-5759

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