Anti-Social Personality Disorder and the Prison Mentality

L'ancienne prison de Bendigo

L’ancienne prison de Bendigo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I worked in the prison system for 17 years. I had a badge wherein every prison door in my state had to open to me, day or night. I walked the tiers and at times, I called brothers out of their cells to talk to me one on one or in groups. So I got to see and know “the bruthas” who were into more than just sports, booty, beer and cars. I know the heart of the offender better than most because I worked from different angles. My territory was about 15 prisons and 15 jails. Then for 8 of those same years, I went to one prison, where I preached 2 Sundays a month and taught a midweek bible study at night. the prison I preached in was not one that I worked in.

Then I went into prison and married my second husband. I knew him from my neighborhood BEFORE I worked in corrections so the state could not stop me from marrying him. Yet, this decision ruined my career and all of my promotions were blocked. I had been on the fast track to become a Commissioner or a Deputy when I made this horrendous, life changing decision.So I also know the prison system from the family side. I was in line at 5am every Friday and Saturday—driving 200 miles one way on dangerous roads to be “a good prison wife.” From Monday to Thursday I was monitoring and investigating prisons to earn my bread.

For me, the most offensive thing of all—was the coldness of those who walk in religiosity while they are in prison. All the insight, all the apparent love of the Lord, all the dedication and commitment while incarcerated—-goes right out the window once they are free. I know this side also. I founded a church that was built around  professing Christian men who were supposedly saved INSIDE. Once released, they committed no more crimes and 95 percent never went back to prison. BY FAR, THEY ARE THE WORST DISAPPOINTMENT I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN MINISTRY!!! Worst than the traditional churchgoers of the IC. I am healed but the self centeredness and the fakery of these men hurt me deep.

The anti-social personality looks at others as pawns in their rigged game. They are the sun of your universe. They care nothing for you and your needs. Once a criminal with an ASP learns the ways of the church and the community, your ass is their grass!!! When they are locked up for 5 or more years, once released, its catch up time. They will step on your shoulders to rise. As they move higher up the ladder of success, they don’t look back down on you unless they fall again.

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