Strong Delusion: A Fear of Truth

It never ceases to amaze me how people prefer their delusions to truth. This is why psychiatrists can make money off of one client for ten yrs or more. The client actually prefers to live in his or her delusions and does not want to face truth. The client may even share and talk and be open with you, but if you really hit on the truth behind their torment, he or she will back up and the enemy gets an even tighter grip on them. SMH

The worst and strongest delusion of all has been perpetrated for the hundreds of yrs in one form or another. It is the delusion that we choose God on our own terms. That the bible establishes a relationship with God. The bible was only printed about 500 years ago and only in the second Half of the 20th century, was everyone with access to one. So what did Christians do for 1500 yrs without a personal bible?

This is a tough job we do at my online WordPress ministry called RESCUE. . Dealing with a religious person is the camel in the eye of a needle. With man it is impossible. With God, all things are possible. WE NEED MORE OF GOD!!!!

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