Defining the Flesh

Crucifying the flesh is “a death that we must impose upon ourselves.” The flesh is still “there” when we get born again; it still exists – we must continually crucify it by walking in the spirit so we do not fulfill the lusts of our flesh.

We need to know the nature of our individual flesh, which is our carnal nature without Jesus. The flesh has lusts, which are things that our flesh really enjoys. One of these lusts can be the lust for religion. This lust can blind us to the truth of whether or not we’re really born again. When we find that religiosity has taken over our flesh, we need to submit it to the cross and crucify it. Even though religious things might appear “good,” religion does not please God, and we need to submit religion to the cross. Not only do we need to submit obvious sin to the cross, but also things that appear to be good.

If we walk in the flesh, then we quench the Holy Ghost, and He will not give us revelations. If we hunger and lust after revelations, and we receive them, then we’re receiving revelations from the wrong spirit. If we receive and accept these revelations from the wrong spirit, then we’ll get even more revelations from the enemy.

Religion/religiosity is an open doorway to a counterfeit spirit. If you don’t try the spirits, if you assume that everything you hear is from God, and you buy into something from the enemy that looks like it’s from God, you have opened the doorway to the enemy and you’re walking in the flesh. Even born again people can walk in the flesh while believing that they’re walking in the spirit.

To keep your flesh dead or crucified, you need to walk in faith, but with a desire for truth. Since it’s possible to anchor your faith, unknowingly, into something false, you need to be neutral and objective about supernatural experiences. You need to wait and see whether or not it’s from God, and try the spirits.

Some lusts of the flesh do not change. By being humble and acknowledging the lusts of your flesh and knowing yourself, you can deal with it and crucify it. Living by faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and hungering after truth, will help you crucify your flesh including a lust for religion.

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