The Many Facets of the Voice of God!!!

By Pastor Pam Sheppard.

I have heard from God countless times in 41 years, but I can count the number of times I have actually heard His voice. It is my belief that any one who claims to hear the voice of God every day is living in a fantasy world led by evil spirits. In these deceptive times we live in today, there are mega ministers who teach people how to hear the voice of God whenever they want to. An untold number of those who submit to this teaching are now schizophrenic.

After I was born again at home in 1977, the first time I heard the voice of God, it was sweet and kind beyond description. By this time, I had joined a church for the first time in my life. This particular afternoon, I was dozing in a chair in the middle of the day in 1979 when I heard my name called so very sweetly. “Pam?” I was asleep but I answered immediately like I knew who this was.

“Yes, Lord??” He continued.

“I am going to do something new with my church.” I made a sound like, “uh huh.” 8DB1F983-A1DC-4A20-A955-5363A7395849Then there was a pause. “Can I use YOU?” I immediately answered “yes Lord.” I did not understand that this was my very first call to ministry. I answered “Let’s start with the Flowers of Faith.” This was a money-raising group in my church who did some rather unsavory things to get a buck.” The voice disappeared. Years later, I realized that the Lord was not talking about the church I was a member of but His entire body of born again bears.  I would not understand what this “new thing” was for almost 30  years.

I heard the voice again that same year—- in 1979. It was the year I met my nemesis, Satan’s emissary Billy G. –the man who would eventually worm himself into my life and become my second husband. He had done me harm that particular day and I had decided that I was done with Billy when later that night  I heard a voice, both strong and compelling say to me “Go over to Billy’s.” At first I refused and after hearing this voice repeatedly.  I said “no Lord.  I am done with him.” Nevertheless, I obeyed the voice and  I got in my car and headed to Billy’s house, not knowing the reason for the short trip. Yet as soon as I arrived, I heard the sound of fire engines, and while still sitting in my car, I saw flames coming out the windows of Billy’s apartment.  Billy was bare chested and without shoes, standing on the street. Stunned at all of this, I heard the voice plainly say “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm!!!”

Me? A prophet???? Not only was I ignorant as  to what a prophet was, but my lifestyle as a babe in Christ was that I was struggling with the sin of fornication, a temptation that Billy was used as Satan’s agent to bring me down!!! I could say a lot more about Billy but keeping focused, I soon learned that the voice was quoting scripture!

The next time I heard the voice of God was in 1983, 6 years later!!!! At the time, I had been licensed to preach for 2 years, about to be ordained within a denominational church. Since I learned nothing from the leadership of this dead spiritual place, I was drawn to the Charismatic Movement, particularly the circles led by the two Kenneth’s: Hagin and Copeland. It was the first week of October 1983 that I was  in attendance at Copeland’s convention held in Atlanta Ga, when I heard His voice again.

This time, the  voice I heard had no resemblance at all to anything I had experienced before or since.  Actually, the best way to describe it is to synchronize  the sounds and noises of trumpets, storms, hurricanes, and volcanos.  Within this crescendo a voice booms as through a loud speaker bellowing 3 words, over and over again. ‘COME OUT!!! SEPARATE!!!! COME OUT!!! SEPARATE. COME OUT!!! SEPARATE. Asleep at first, I jumped out of the bed in the hotel room and hit the floor. Suddenly fully awake, the sound of His commands continued, as the fear of the Lord knocked me on my face. In two weeks, I left the denomination with a letter. I stayed away for 4 years. It did not cross my mind until 2007 that He also meant that I was to separate myself not only from the denomination but also  to leave the Charismatic Movement as well.

The next time I heard His voice was in a dream that I had in 2003. I saw Jesus, but only His  robe, Not his feet or  his face. His voice was natural, almost casual. He showed me a candle hidden under a bed and then said “Pam, that is you. I cannot use you here, (meaning the denomination) so you must leave.” He walked away, then turned around and said as if an afterthought, “But let them put you out.”

Put me out???!!! At that time, I had been an ordained minister in good standing for almost 25 years. They could not put me out. A few days after the dream, a colleague in ministry let me know that there was a secret investigation going on within the denomination in an attempt to  “put me out.” SO I SAT BACK FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS AND WATCHED THEM DO IT, OFFERING NO RESISTANCE AT ALL. I WAS PUT OUT ON JUNE 25, 2004.

The first 3 years that I was out, I had been waiting for the Lord to open church  doors for me in either another denomination or within the charismatic system. It did not happen. Then in the summer of 2007, I heard His voice again, this time as a telepathic conversation sent to my mind. He spoke, asked me questions, and I answered. Him, not uttering  words but communicating with pure thought.

This was a rather long conversation which I have written about in detail in my books and in blog articles. The words spoken have remain the lifeline of the “new ministry”  He called me to in 1979. Spoken  to me in two telepathic conversations, one in 2007 and the other in 2is words are the anchor to my present day ministry.

Here is a short summary of the essence of those two  “DISCUSSIONS.” In 2007, He compared the institutional church to a condemned building, told me that when I joined the denomination in 1979, “THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS NOT ANY WHERE IN THE ENTIRE INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH. He also said that He has already judged Her. He let me know that my ministry to Her as an evangelist was a waste of my time. Then in 2008, He revealed that the 3 dreams I had which led me to the IC in 1979 “did not come from Him.” He also spoke about the altered state of consciousness and how fallen angels use the ASC to bring about false worship experiences.

The last time I heard an audible voice was at the end of 2008. I was planning to visit a church for a Christmas songfest, without any preaching. I thought this would be harmless and enjoyable during the holiday season. Two days after I ordered 4 tickets, I heard a strong stern voice ask me “ARE  YOU LOT’S WIFE?”


I have not heard the voice of God in ten years. I suspect the Holy Spirit is ready to speak soon.

Pam Sheppard Ministries (PSM)
Rescue Fellowship, Pastor
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