The Truth About Deliverance Ministry

By Pastor Pam Sheppard

It is my conviction that most of our religious world is deceived, even those who propose to “cast out demons in the name of Jesus.” To test a deliverance ministry, the first question you should ask is where does it stand on salvation.  If the deliverance worker tells you that you must “accept Jesus” before he or she can cast out demons from you,” then run like a bat let out of hell.  These folk may be using the name of Jesus but the Lord does not know them because they may not even be born again themselves!!!! So they may pass THEIR demons upon YOU!!!!

The Lord Himself warned us in the word of God that the vast majority of humanity would enter the false door of religion and travel the broad way to destruction. Therefore, we should not be surprised to discover that Satan and his demons have already established a seat in the founding principles and practices of deliverance ministry. ”

“Be Delivered from Deliverance Ministry” is a book  designed to teach you the demonic tricks of the deliverance ministry  trade so that you will be able to know the truth and the truth itself will set the captives free.

Here is an eye-opening  quotation from this truth-telling book:

It took decades to uncover, but better late than never to realize that one of the devil’s invisible henchmen actually called me into deliverance ministry—the first time. If I had not been blinded by my former lust for signs and wonders, I would have noticed in Galatians chapter 5 that Laura’s drunkenness was a work of her flesh and not a “demon to be cast out.”

Cleverly executed by a spirit of the Anti-Christ, Laura’s apparent deliverance was the trap used to draw me into deliverance ministry. Once I faced that demons had “set me up,” the integrity and viability relative to the practice of this ministry has been seriously brought into question.

Today, I understand very clearly what Jesus meant when He warned that it is a perverse generation that seeks after a sign. Within the nature of perverse human flesh, a sign seeker is rebellious, disobedient, stubborn and ultimately wicked because God’s people are to walk by faith and not by sight. To allow the devil to validate our God is itself PERVERSE! In like manner, the problem for those who are caught up in deliverance is that they use demonic manifestations as signs to confirm their faith.

Simply put, they believe in Dzgooddz based upon the fact that they see and experience evil. This is an offense to God because He expects His people to believe in Him because HE IS, not because we see the Creator through the manifestations of the creature,— Satan, or his demons and fallen angels.

Since the case of Laura, several people have come to me over the last two decades or so,seeking deliverance from demons, but some of them were not interested in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. In such cases, the purpose of my intervention was either to stop the torment or to simply fix a problem in the captive’S immediate, and troubling situation. Generally, unsaved clients in torment aren’t interested in Jesus. They just want their problem solved.

The truth is that even though in some instances the physical and mental torment ceased, the spiritual root of the problem was not addressed.Consequently, no lasting results were achieved. The demons returned before the captive even got to their car. Why? The evil entities have full rights to that person’s life! In some situations where the person was a religious churchgoer, once the torment stopped, the person’s heart became obviously hard and cold toward God.

There is something wrong with that picture!!

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