Moses Had a Rod! I Have A Telephone!

Today is a phenomenal Day and it must be memorialized. November 26, 2018 at about 2pm. A Monday.

I was born again on a Monday. March 29, 1977 at about 4 pm EST.

Today, Juliet, one of  the most faithful ministerial disciples of Pam Sheppard Ministries posted the above video in our FB Group called Rescue Fellowship.  This particular video  presents a  prophetic dream about end-times, particularly the one  I had in the summer 2011. The dream predicted Russia’s non-military infiltration of America, as evidenced in 2016, a few months before the  end of President Obama’s term. (I recommend that you watch this video in its entirety.)

The first few  Facebook comments posted today in the group are focused on ‘the season of the Antichrist”. Then my comments became raw and personal:

Suddenly, I began to feel “a stirring” in my spirit, while  I was commenting on Facebook. It should be emphasized that even though there has been a  longstanding prophetic nature to my ministry, and even though  I heard in the spirit in 1979  that I am a prophet, I have resisted calling myself one for almost 40 years. Nevertheless, I believe that TODAY,   the Holy Spirit prophesied   to me on this matter, on Facebook,no less!!

So I am stepping out in faith ,willing to fulfill God’s  complete call  for such a time as this!

.If you have a problem or if you are in a situation that requires a miracle from God,  just as Moses had a rod, I have a telephone and I am empowered  by the Holy Spirit to perform miracles. SO COMPLETE THE CONTACT FORM BELOW so that I can review your request.  I will respond to you.

The next step may be a call.

Know this. I do not charge  money either for a miracle or a physical healing.  I will not even ask you for a donation. However, if it turns out that you need counseling before a deliverance, there is a fee, as counseling is my secular profession.  However, there  is no charge for casting out of demons, for that is in itself——a miracle from God.





Know this also. Moses did not use God’s rod for foolishness.  Do not call me about trying to change another person’s will. If your spouse has left you, it may  very well be for the best and completely within the confines of His will. Do not call me about”someone else.” If you are in a demonic soul tie to a narcissist, DON’T CONTACT  ME ABOUT HIM OR HER.  I WILL WORK ON YOUR NEED, WHICH MAY BE THAT YOU BE DELIVERED IN YOUR SOUL FROM THAT PERSON!!!

AGAIN!!! Contact me about YOUR need for healing, a miracle OR BOTH.. If you know someone who needs help, direct them to complete the contact form for themselves.

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    The time has come for miracles and healings. Contact Pam Sheppard Ministries by using the contact form within the article. The next step is a phone call.


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