Religious Narcissists Will Make YOUR Decisions!

A passive nature is what evil spirits seek after to empower narcissists against you. When a narcissist employs legalistic tactics, very often the goal is to take advantage of your inherent weaknesses as they step in and make decisions that YOU should be empowered to make.

The truth to be emphasized is that God never “wills” instead of man, and whatever a man does, he is himself responsible for his actions. Therefore, you are responsible for the actions that you have allowed others to make on your behalf. Religious demons major goal is to manipulate the will of a sincere and unsuspecting believer into a state of passivity in order to use people with narcissistic tendencies to control you.

Spritual Covering Fallacy

The believer whose “will” has become passive, finds, after a time, the greatest difficulty in making decisions of any kind, and he looks outside, and all around him for something to help him to decide the smallest matters, the enemy will introduce him or her ti a narcissist. When he has become conscious of his passive condition, he has a painful sense of being unable to meet some of the situations of ordinary life. Consequently,  the tactics of the enemy now may be to drive him into situations where  he or she becomes dependent upon a narcissist. The narcissist becomes then a tool in the hands of the enemy these demands to rule,  torture or embarrass you.

Little does the believer know that in this condition he may, unknowingly, rely upon the assistance of evil spirits, who have brought about the passivity for this very object. The faculty unused lies dormant and dead in their grip, but if used it is an occasion for them to manifest themselves through it. They are too ready to “will” instead of the man, and they will put within his reach many “supernatural” props to help him in “decision,” especially in the way of “texts” used apart from their context, and supernaturally given, which the believer, seeking so longingly to do the will of God, seizes upon, and firmly grasps as a drowning man a rope, blinded, by the apparently given Divine help, to the principle that God only works through the active volition of a man, and not for him in matters requiring his action.
Taken from Jessie Penn-Lewis in “War on the Saints.”

How many of you have said “I surrender all in the IC and would not act unless you got some kind of sign? How many of you know that the IC is corrupt and infiltrated by fallen angels and demons yet you are waiting on God to give you a special sign before you make a move to leave? How many of you are under the thumb of narcissistic pastors who try to control your thoughts and your ability to make your own decisions? 

To learn more about narcissism and the passivity of the will, you would benefit from “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.”


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To know more about the religious spirit, the Jezebel spirit and the narcissist, you need “Faces of the Religious Demon.”



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