Pam Sheppard Ministries is not about duplicating the visible church. We are about the edification of each saint, one by one, according to the scriptures, worldwide. For the true church is only as strong as its weakest link.

Spiritual Warfare Library of PSM

Welcome, Believer’s in Jesus Christ! 

FE45560F-20B8-4C6F-B4BC-A728259EDDFFMy name is Pam Sheppard.  Just call me “Pastor Pam!”

The overall mission of PSM  is to prepare the remnant of God for the end of times. We believe that the people of God shall go through the tribulation.  Our mission is to prepare the saints to overcome. In that regard, our primary objective is to train ministers who have been refined through the fires of God.  Ministers are trained to serve those who have left the visible organized church through deliverance mentoring and deliverance coaching.

Deliverance Mentoring

A Unique Form of Discipleship

 Deliverance mentoring is for those who have left the church.  If you have been spiritually abused and subsequently damaged, then deliverance mentoring is for YOU.  However, if you have not been damaged while attending the organized church, we are hear to serve as your online ministry.

Pastor Pam served in ordained ministry…

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