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Are You SURE about your salvation?


 I received an email from a charismatic church leader of 40 years.  He wrote: “I’m considered a bible scholar yet I know that I am not saved because I am empty.  I have no fruit.  No love, joy peace, etc.” 

Though sad, I perceive that today he is in the right place because he has examined himself, according to the scriptures.  Therefore, God has shed light on his spiritual condition so that he would not be confused.  In order to get ready to be saved, this man has to deny the counterfeit birth, for he has also been speaking in a tongue for 4 decades.  Is he willing to go the extra mile and be cleansed from “the former things?” Is he willing to be de-programmed from religiosity is the question. As diverse and even as divided as the organized church has been for centuries, there is one false doctrine that  every church partakes of and  continually spreads.  It is the doctrine that “we can accept Jesus.” 

Consider this.  The main reason why believers were commissioned to preach the gospel two centuries ago was so that the Holy Ghost could use the uttered word to draw those who have already been chosen by God before the beginning of time.  Those that God has chosen hear the word, receive it and are saved by God through it.   Yet for 200 years or more, the gospel  has been tainted with an insidious error that few seem to be able to correct because most ministers are totally unaware of it.  Hears a question I want you to think about for a minute.  If we can be saved by simply making a decision and “accepting Jesus into our hearts,” then isn’t that very decision a work of OURS, and therefore, we can BOAST THAT “WE ACCEPTED JESUS?”  The next question that follows is “well, if accepting the Lord is a work of my volition, has the gospel I heard been changed from “God’s sovereign grace to MY DECISION!!!???

 Let’s face it.  Do you really believe that you became born again simply because “YOU” chose to be?  Do you believe that as a result, you are now saved simply because you responded to an altar call and/or you repeated a sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus to come into your heart?”  Commonsense ought to reveal that Jesus cannot come into our hearts if He is physically sitting at the right hand of the Father.  The Holy Spirit comes into our spirits when we are saved, “not out hearts.”  The heart is a function of the soul, in Greek called “the cardia.”  The cardia consists of our minds and our emotions.  We know from the word that we are first saved “IN OUR SPIRITS.  Our souls are changed progressively as we work out our “soul” salvation with fear and trembling.

Charles Finney is the minister who in the 1800’s introduced the “I accept Jesus” teaching and practices into the organized church.  To read more about him, click on his name.  To know more  about how the fake Jesus has infiltrated the churches with the “I accept Jesus doctrine” , you need either the Fake Jesus, Come Out of Her God’s People, the New Idolatry or Faces of the Religious Demon.If you repeated the words of a sinner’s prayer, or you came forward and walked the aisle of any church or convention center, you might yet be saved, but chances are that you are not.   Why?  Because salvation is of the Lord and not of man, lest we boast that “I accepted Jesus.”  God  is the One Who does the choosing because salvation is given to us by the Father, as we are led by the Holy Spirit to the cross of Jesus Christ.  The bible is clear that no one would choose Jesus unless He is drawn by God Himself.  The bible is also clear that all who would be saved were chosen BEFORE the world was framed. Generally, those who are not saved are really not sure of their salvation.  They waver about it quite a bit.  So if you are not sure, GIVE ME A CALL. 518-477-5759





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From the days when Lucifer fell from heaven because of his rebellion against God, what compells this number one fallen angel is that he desires to be worshipped like God.  As such, he will go to ANY lengths to obtain it, even deceive people who think they are worshipping the Son of God when in actuality, they are worshipping one of Satan’s cohorts, the fake Jesus.  The eastern religions are assigned a fallen being who calls himself Maitreya, and deceived Christians and new agers are in league with the fallen angel who called Jesus Sananda Immanuel.  Together, they are an unholy trinity of Satan, the Anti-Christ and the false prophet of the book of Revelation.

Sananda’s plot took shape  under the ministry of a preacher called Charles Finney. 

Charles Finney

Finney was quite a wicked looking man, as you can see the devil all up in his face. The man lived a long time when you consider that in his lifetime, the average live span was  from the late forties to about 65.  Finney lived to be 83, from 1792-1875. A fiery New York preacher, Finney’s impact on church traditions and practices has been  so profound, that his influence is still spreading globally almost two centuries later.  Finney’s notoriety is that he is the one who brought the entire church the “make a decision for Christ” through repeating the sinners prayer and the altar call.  A practicing freemason for 8 years, Finney eventually disavowed if.  Yet what I have learned about freemasonry is that it is witchcraft. And you just  don’t walk away from witchcraft without a struggle.

 Anyway, in a nutshell,  Finney believed that human beings were capable of choosing whether they would be corrupt by nature or redeemed, referring to original sin as an “anti-scriptural and nonsensical dogma”  In clear terms, Finney denied the notion that human beings possess a sinful nature. Therefore, if Adam leads us into sin,  he does so not by our inheriting his guilt and corruption, but by our  following his poor example, this leads logically to the view of Christ as not having died for sins but for some lofty, moralistic reason.

Well, this was the man who started the altar call, invitation to Christian discipleship, “I accept Jesus,” practice that has led to the greatest falling away—the one that Paul himself predicted would transpire.  Consequently, due to Charles Finney, souls have probably not been saved within the organized church system for at least 150 years!!!! This doctrine has  primarily affected the Protestants much  more than the Catholics. Another fallen angel, Mother Mary had a different strategy for THEM. The “make a decision, I accept Jesus gospel has so permeated all Protestant Church tradition, a problem that baptist preacher Paul Washer is diligently trying to correct, to no avail.  Washer is correct on this score but there  are errors in his teaching as well, which is yet “another story.”  Another practice that Finney started was to use the preacher’s invitation at the end of a sermon to evoke an emotional response, in other words to create a charged up atmosphere to manipulate a false conversion.

More on Finney in "the Fake Jesus" & "the New Idolatry."

Anyway, the organized church is incapable of fixing a problem that has been built so deep into its foundation for almost two centuries. What makes it “incorrectible” ,  is that the church is not even aware of this essential problem, so Sananda has had his seat in it for quite some time.  His next step was to inspire artists to paint images of a white, blondish hair, blue eyed image of Jesus to put on the walls of the churches, thereby cementing his claim to them.  For when a demon or fallen angel  successfully plants  an object of themselves into any place, they establish squatters rights for the practice of their idolatry.


If you were one who repeated a sinner’s prayer, chances are, you are not saved.  Help is available.  Call 518-477-5759

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