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Exposing Fallen Angels

RL002096It is not easy to teach another how to try the spirits to see if they be of God. Not easy by a long shot. Practically everything I know was acquired by personal experience. Now some may think that personal experience is not the best way to learn spiritual matters and so I am expecting that the bible thumpers will say that you try the spirits by “the word.” You need to know that the enemy knows the word better than we do. The enemy even knows how much YOU know about the bible. So he can line up the experience or communication with scriptures, the way YOU interpret them. He also knows US. That is why many sincere believers are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge of how the enemy works. Beside knowing how the enemy works, we also need to have an abundance of self-knowledge and an awareness of How the Holy Spirit works with us.

That is why it is difficult to lay out a prescribed course of study relative to how to try the spirits. With that said, there are some general principles that comprise bits and pieces of information that may be helpful to you. The bible speaks against doubt where it comes to faith and calls it wavering. However where it comes to testing or trying something supernatural, doubt is your best friend.

Consider this personal example. In 1985, I received a dream where a muscular, huge Mr. Clean looking man said “I am an angel sent from God to show you your ministry.” I believed every word he said. Doubt never crossed my mind. Yet HE WAS AN ANGEL OF SATAN and not an angel sent from God. One of the reasons I did not doubt was because the message line up with things that were going on in my life and the desires of my heart in those days. Simply put, “there was loads of confirmation” that the message actually was from the Lord. I held on to this message for the next 2 decades, until “I doubted it.” The next thing I noticed was “detail.” This entity had loads of details about what my ministry would be, how it would operate, who would be involved, how much money it would take to operate annually, even drew a blueprint of the operating facility. Details, details, details!!!! I have since learned that the Lord does not operate this way. He simply guides your steps and the next thing you know, you are ministering in ways that you never expected.

Another important principle to consider is motive: The enemy’s motive, God’s motive and YOUR motive. In fact, YOUR motive could influence you to desire to accept the message as being sent from God. Revisiting the message from the bald-headed angel, I was single at the time, expecting and waiting on Mr. Right, trying not to settle for Mr. Right Now. SO I HAD A MOTIVE CAUSE I WAS GETTING TIRED OF WAITING. I also held the false belief that I would always be hindered in ministry unless I had a husband in a co- ministry. In the message, I was told that Mr. Right would be the director of operations in what was described as a huge residential facility for ex-offenders and addicts in recovery. Looking back, I can clearly see the enemy’s motive. His intent was to destroy me by sending Mr. Wrong and using the details in this “angelic message” to cause me to make the wrong choices. It worked. God stepped in and spoke to me saying “the man you married was sent by the devil to destroy you. “

What did I say? “THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!”

This foolish statement is what we ALL say when we have not faced the desires and motives of our heart. In such cases, re remain the enemy’s primary target for more deception and attack. Finally, there is that fruit of the spirit called PATIENCE. Many times, the supernatural experience does not contradict the bible but you can’t find anything in the bible to justify the experience. SO YOU HAVE TO WAIT!!!! perhaps years, even decades. Since I work with people on a daily basis to not only know God and the bible, but also themselves and the enemy of their souls, these words from “War on the Saints by Jessie Penn-Lewis rings true: Apart from such knowledge, when thinking he is “fighting for truth,” it is possible for a believer to fight for, defend, and protect evil spirits, and their works, believing he is thereby “defending” God, and His works; for if he thinks a thing Divine, he will protect and stand for it. It is possible for a man through ignorance to stand against God and to attack the very truth of God, and also defend the devil, and oppose God, unless he has knowledge.

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Evil Faith and False Hope

The bible defines faith as the substance of things hoped for.  So when considering evil faith, we need to concentrate on false hope. According to Jessie Penn-Lewis in “War on the Saints,” evil faith is a compulsion to “believe”which comes from evil spirits.  She makes an interesting point that even though the enemy may attack our shield of faith, this does not mean that the faith he is attacking is true faith. It has been my experience that when I came under the strongest attack, it was a counter-espionage type move, wherein the religious fallen angel assigned to me, attacked the faith that he himself inspired in me through false hope. Certainly religious spirits fight against true faith, but as the woman of God pointed out, we must examine and know the nature of the faith that is in us.  Is it of God by His Spirit, or does it emanate from our mind our will, or our personal desire?  Simply put, is its origin from us or from God? (p 275- 9th edition, unabridged version.)

Faith also comes by hearing, and hearing, by the word of God.  Was the Apostle Paul referring to the Bible?  Absolutely not!  The bible was not printed for 1500 years AFTER Paul wrote those words to the Hebrew Christians.  I believe the word of God in this instance is the revelation knowledge of the Holy Ghost, spoken to our spirits, interpreted in our minds and acted upon by the use of our wills. ” In other words, if we do not hear from God in the spirit, how can we have godly hopes that produce  true faith? Contrarily, evil faith is produced by the messages and revelation of evil spirits that comes forth as a result of giving credence to their words that we hear as messages we believe came from God.

I can look back now and recognize that I was sent messages from both God and the enemy.  Divinely sent hope and false hope produced both evil faith and true faith within me.  Here are a few examples, starting with the evil side first.

Prior to my salvation in 1977, I was very much the skeptic and the pessimist. Consequently, I did not  entertain any fantasies about soul mate and getting married.  In fact, I preferred dating married men for I rationalized, “if he cheats, it will be on his wife and not me.  Therefore, I won’t have to harm him or his goods.”  However, once I was born again, the enemy sent prophecies, visions and dreams that  declared I would be blessed with a husband who would be my spiritual partner in ministry.  These messages produced a compulsive, evil hope that fueled the wrong kind of  faith. In fact, evil faith  led me to sin with some and marry 2 different  husbands sent from the enemy to destroy me. In spite of my failures, the Lord delivered me from all enemies.

On the divine side, about 10 years ago,  I was shown that I would be inheriting from my grandmother’s estate.  I did not fully understand the dream at the time because my uncle Richie was alive and still living in Grammie’s home for 20 years after her death. Since her house was her entire estate, I did not understand how I could inherit  until Richie, my mother’s brother died.  I thought “Oh, this must have been the meaning of the dream.” However a week after Richie’s passing, Grammie’s heirs discovered that Richie had influenced Grammie to sign a will that left him her entire estate.  I contacted 5 different lawyers who all said the same thing.  The will was valid and we could not win the case.

Yet, divine hope triggered true faith.  Why? Because  I believed on the dream–that I would receive my rightful portion.  My faith led to works, for I became the pro se lawyer on the case, and with the help of God, I  proved in court what professional, seasoned  lawyers swore was impossible—-  undue influence and testamentary capacity.  It took 7 years, but by true faith, I would not be dissuaded or deterred.  When I won, victory has also come  to those heirs who did not contest.

 I received the check on Friday, July 13th, 2012, My uncle Richie’s birthday!!!

Since there are 364 other days that victory could have been achieved, how do I interpret this amazing event?

 With true faith, no weapon the enemy formed against me prospered.  My enemy was not my Uncle Richie.  Evil spirits simply used  his greed to block my inheritance.  The fact that I received the check on his birthday, seven years after his death— is divine proof that God is the author and finisher of my faith in this instance.

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