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Kim Burrell And The Black Preaching Style

preacher-in-ic2The first sermon that I preached was on 10- 25, 1981. Ironically, the last sermon I preached in the institutional church  was also on October 25th, in 2008. It was from the storefront church that I had started in 1996. I have spoken or uttered since then, but not by taking a text out of its natural context and producing a message from it.

 I estimate that I have preached at least 2000 sermons, perhaps more. The title of my last sermon was What Do YOU Have To Burn?” Later that  same week, God revealed to me that what I had to burn was the curious art called “preaching” because He revealed that  “sermons are manmade and demonically produced and  manipulated.”

I truly loved to preach. I preached as many as two sermons a week  behind the pulpit for more than 25 years, sometimes more, during revival week and other special occasions. However, once God revealed to me that He does not  empower the man-made art called homiletics, I have not prepared yet  another sermon. Nor is there any desire left in me to preach a sermon, where a text is taken out of its natural context, and a man-made or even a demonic message is worked up from that text.  So you might say that “I burned sermonizing  out of my ministerial life.”

Out of thousands of sermons preached, 3 of them stand out as “getting away from me.”

I remember one in particular, preached on New Years Eve, close to midnight on 12/31/1987 at the church’s watch-night service.  I was not the pastor of that church, I was merely an associate minister, chosen by my pastor to preach on his behalf.

At that time, I really wanted to shine, to get everybody shouting, dancing  and rejoicing on New Years Eve, but a different spirit came upon me. Looking back, I now realize that the   fallen angel assigned to me was secretly  influencing my life in the romantic area. You see, on December 30th, ONE day before  I preached, a supernatural incident occurred that was so powerful, that I became  deceived  to believe  that after all of my struggles with men, that I had FINALLY found Mr. Right.  So on New Years Eve, I was already emotionally charged up.

Pride goes before a fall. Deep in my spirit,  I believed that God had blessed me with my special  mate because I was more obedient and righteous then the rest of the sinners in that church.  How wrong I was!!! SMH.  Was the supernatural experience of God?  No, it was from the religious fallen angel assigned to me, and I grabbed the bait, hook, line and sinker.  So when I got behind that pulpit a day later, I was already in the hands of the devil, completely unawares.

I had intended that the sermon would be joyful and uplifting, when all of a sudden, similar to Kim Burrell’s style, I began to rant and pace.  My tone became harsh and wild.  I was walking up and down that stage like a crazy woman breathing out fire from my nostrils about the hypocritical Christians who came to church that night, only  to justify their planned  drinking, drugging and whoring around they intended to partake of after midnight,  once  they exchanged the pew for a  bar stool.   I called for the wrath of God to come upon all hypocrites. The irony is that when I pointed my finger to the sky, all of a sudden the building started to shake and a crack of  lightning served as my background music.  I found out later  that the building was set in the middle of the traditional New Years Eve fireworks display at midnight. So when I called on the wrath of God, it seemed to all like He answered me from the sky with a quake and a bolt of lightning!!!! LOL

The people were absolutely un-nerved, some frightened  and others  outraged. This was a congregation that loved to party.  They were revelers.  They came to church every Sunday, and sinned 6 days a week and Sunday evenings. Truthfully, since I was not a sinner of THIS sort, I inwardly looked down on them, which in itself was my personal downfall.

Nevertheless,  if one of the men had preached in this “fire and brimstone” style, they would have quietly mumbled and grumbled and then chalked it up to “Rev had a bad day.” From me, the churchfolk found my  message  totally un-acceptable. One of my favorite members, Ada, looked me in my face and menacingly spouted: Pam  “you spoiled my New Years Eve.”  She did not speak to me for 5 years.

So what happened here? Well, any time a person senses that they are not in control while they are uttering, this is NOT the anointing of God. As an example, Juanita Bynum preaches this way most of the time. So does TD Jakes. On a natural level, the characteristics of “preaching” vary considerably according to style, church affiliation, seminary training, and other variables. Generally, texts of scripture are taken out of their biblical context and are then mixed with what is going on in the preacher’s own heart, mind and personal circumstances. He or she often attempts to adapt the discourse to the wants and needs of the congregation with the use of illustrations, stories, riddles, etc. As homiletics, the art of preaching—the artistic aspects include the degree of eloquence or earthiness, flamboyance, tone and quality of the voice, showmanship, “keepin it real,” the use of images, persuasiveness, an ability to “set it off” wherein the congregation becomes emotional.

Some of the most outstanding “sermonizers” that I have known personally were “down right characters” to put it mildly. The best performers still  remain closet homosexuals, and in some instances, drug addicts, adulterers, child molesters and thieves. What keeps them in the pulpit is the fact that the people love their performances. I can think of one man in particular, Rev. Kealon,  who at the end of each sermon, leaped out of the pulpit like a wild lion. In mid-air, he appeared to be in suspended animation—5 ft above the ground. Within his depiction of the “art,” he could leap a slam dunk yet he died at the age of 33 of a massive stroke. A likeable guy, this man was quite “the pistol” on a moral level. He was brain-dead on a Sunday morning in October,1986.

In fact, I was always around lots of men preachers.   Several services a year for 25 years, I was one of 10 even 20 ministers sitting in the pulpit area at numerous regional worship services. When I was selected as “the preacher of the hour,” various congregants facing the pulpit would inform me at the close of the service that the ministers who sat behind me either had looks of displeasure on their faces, or that they were cupping their hands around their mouths, whispering to each other while I was delivering the message. This too “made me uncomfortable.”

Yet, I became increasingly “uncomfortable” with the method itself because I could see no fruit of a Christward direction in the people, some of whom had been listening to my sermons for 5, 10, even 20 years. So I changed my style once more. No longer sitting at a distance from the congregation, I sat among the people and put the responsibility for the preparation of the sermon on them. I let them ask ME questions and I prepared my sermon from those questions, right on the spot.

Yet, I was still “uncomfortable.”

On a spiritual level, I discovered that something quite sinister has been goin on. I found out personally when it happened to me on June 25, 2008, my last day inside of the denomination’s regional meeting. I write about it in four of my books. I suggest you get one of the books because it would take too long to explain at this juncture. I will simply say that “a power came over me and it was not God.” The preacher in question, now dead,  had been an associate for about 10 years  and he didn’t even know that I was in the congregation because I slipped in un-noticed and sat way in the back. However, a religious demon stepped into him in order to used him to try to make me rejoin a denomination  that the Lord had led me out of.  I felt invisible hands in my back that pushed me forward at the invitation.  So if you want to know more, I suggest you obtain either book by clicking here.

What I can reveal now is this.

There is a time in most delivery of sermons when like Kim Burrell did, the preacher gets “caught up” in the art of preaching, enters into an altered state of consciousness, and the enemy “walks in” to him or her in order to change the mood or tone of   the preacher in an effort  to “work the crowd.” Not Pharrell, not Ellen DeGeneres, not Shaka Kahn, not even Yolanda Adams knows a dot or a tittle of what I speak.   Kim Burrell was not ranting hate speech.  Everything she said is true. The issue is the tone of the message.

Nevertheless, it was either Kim’s emotions or personal circumstances that no one is aware of that put her in an altered state of consciousness, and her sermon got away from her.  If the congregation she was speaking to   was filled with homosexuals whom  she was trying to convert, her emotions led her down the wrong path with the help of a religious demon. What we are to preach is simple: Christ crucified, dead , buried raised, ascended and coming back again.  The preacher does not convict ANYONE, LGBTQ or any reprobate  of sin.  We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

God allowed it ALL as a message to Kim, probably a true woman of God, “to come out from among them.”

I still preach and utter, but mostly, I teach.  If you would like monthly access to my messages and bible studies, complete the contact form below:


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Kim Burrell: Bullied And Labelled Homophobic!


Paul the Apostle was clear when he wrote that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  This is why none of us can save ourselves by repeating a sinner’s prayer, performing good works or “accepting Jesus.”  Not only do we sin with our behavior but we sin with our thoughts.  So prior to being born again,  we can’t even keep track of our sins.

Consequently,   keeping this spiritual fact in mind, why can’t  the LGBTQ community and its supporters and advocates simply accept the  fact that besides other sins, same gender sex is sin?

What I perceive in this emotional outcry against Kim Burrell simply  exercising her right as a preacher to sermonize  in a Christian pulpit where she has the authority  in accordance with the word of God,  is sin within itself—  not only of blatant   bullying, but Paul described it in yet another way. He wrote, “the carnal mind is at enmity with God.” 

So true. There is a built-in, natural opposition between God  and all human beings.  Until God causes us by the Holy Spirit to be born again, we remain  lost heathens, separated and alienated from God, without the capacity to discern  sin from righteousness. Simply put, we love what God hates and we hate what God loves.  This enmity is really rebellious opposition  to the truth. Commentaries have evolved in an unrighteous protest .  In fact, Arguments against Kim Burrell are  illogical, hysterical bullying , armed    with projection, finger-pointing and illogical defenses. Circular arguments overshadow  the main issue of homosexuality by  the willful rebellion of hardened hearts who deny God’s word by labeling Kim  and all non-supporters as “homophobic.”

Here is the truth that the Apostle Paul wrote on this matter in 1Corinthians 6:9

New King James: Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters nor adulterers, nor homosexuals nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revelers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God!

Now is that not plain?

But what does it mean?

It certainly does NOT mean that if you fit any of those categories of sinners that God won’t draw you to Himself and save you. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL SUCH FOLK ARE GOING TO HELL.  IF THAT WERE SO, I WOULD BE AMONG THEM.   You see,  the very next verse is also clear.  Paul was addressing Corinthian believers when he boldly states “and such WERE some of you.  But you were washed, but you were sanctified but you were justified in the Lord Jesus by the Spirit of our God.

Unfortunately, once you steadfastly defend and uphold   a lifestyle that is completely oppositional to the word of God, as you manipulatively fight the truth with  defensive rhetoric to support your choice,  the LGBTQ community has actually  boxed itself in to a perpetual rebellion against the word of God and against the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  If you deny His death, then you deny the power of His blood to cleanse you.  His resurrection and the power of His blood to  save your spirit and  to deliver you from all the power of the enemy.

When ANYONE reveals to you the truth according to the  word of God, why must you label them “homophobic?”

To be phobic is to be afraid.  I fear no one but God.

I have never been hostile to the LGBT community. Back in the 60’s, I liked homosexual men better than I liked women, so I have had at least 3 gay best friends over the years. .

Here is the deal.  If you have a skill, I will hire you, regardless of your lifestyle. .  Just don’t try to force your LBGTQ agenda  down my throat while you are fixing my plumbing or designing my clothes.   My stand is  that sexual orientation should not enter the equation of work or business. .  Kim Burrell made the mistake of “going along to get along.” LBGTQ is very skilled at causing straight folk to compromise and hide from them what they really believe. My position is loving but strong.   I will not compromise the word of God  to make ANYBODY feel good about themselves and their choices. I will leave you alone and not preach to you unless YOU ask me to.  But if you try to impose your belief system  upon me, you will get your feelings hurt.

For examplei f I had a gay family member, I would not reject him or her.  Yet I would not fellowship with  that relative as part of a   gay couple. As an example, I would not accept a dinner invitation with my relative and her partner together as a couple.  One on one activities with that relative would occur, as long as issues pertaining to LGBT are not pre-eminent.   By example, in all my relationships, i tend to establish boundaries as to what I can and cannot do. And it is not personal.  After all, I don’t fellowship with adulterers, extortioners, thieves, drunkards, idolaters,  in short , none of the people who fit the categories of 1 Cor 6:9.

Kim Burrell is between a rock and a hard place, not only in the entertainment industries but also in the church.  For after all, was it not a churchperson, a secret enemy, who ratted her out and posted her sermon video  on social media?


There is a lot of confusion about sin and related subjects,  not only from the lost but from Churchgoers as well.  The bible predicts that in these times, people will die from fear, phobias of all kinds.  People are afraid of going to  hell, fearful of having committed the unpardonable sin, hearing fearful voices, seeing demons in visions, afraid of predictions they received from psychics and false prophets, and so many other things, too numerous to mention. If you need help, complete the contact form below.


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