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Blood in the Water: Temptations Not Common To Man

armorThe bible warns that the conditions at the end of the age will “wax worse and worse” men deceiving and being deceived.(2 Timothy 3:13) and many children of God will be deceived, possibly destroyed, because of a lack of discernment, becoming unconscious vessels for the enemy to use in the DAY of his power. (Matthew 24:10). Therefore, it is mandated that every true believer must be prepared to stand alone in order to emerge as an overcomer. To be prepared means that you have been trained in peace time but most often, while you are actually in the battle.

Unfortunately, we are not prepared for what is happening among this generation’s religious people.  Whether in church or absent from Her, Satan is pulling out all  his last stops including spirit rape, voices, intrusive blasphemous thoughts and horrifying visions to let religious folk know, that he is in control of them.  And he is.

How did the devil obtain this kind of power when the bible reports that the Lord Jesus Christ has defeated him? Simply put, the  spiritually undernourished have been eating fast spiritual foods leading to the expectation that quick religious  fixes and fantasies will  pull them  through to victory. What is neither understood or considered is that we who will overcome must try the spirits NOW. We must not believe every spirit.  The spirit that is not of God is Anti-Christ.  So if you are hearing blasphemous thoughts about the Lord Jesus, or if entities or spirits are having sex with you to satisfy their need for spiritual worship, if you are having evil visions that cause shame and guilt , you have been taken over by Satan as  the Accuser of the brethren and the  spirit of the Anti-Christ.

In order to overcome the spirit of the Antichrist who is now quite active in our present world, everything and everyone must be tested, including yourself.  How is this test implemented? First of all, , check to see if you have been  consistently eating junk food. Also, examine where you stand relative to the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth: sin, the cross, the death, burial, resurrection and the return  of the Lord.   Do you understand repentance? Did you experience godly sorrow as led by the Holy Spirit and not by the needs of your own flesh for grief, self-accusation, and self-induced shame?   Did the Holy Spirit call you to the cross or did you just ask Jesus to come into your heart because you were afraid of going to hell? Are you expecting a pre-tribulation rapture and therefore you are not preparing for His coming? Do you believe you are born again yet you still have not been able to control sinful behavior? Do you believe that church attendance and loyalty will save you?

The answers to these questions will reveal whether or not you have been eating fast foods, and relying on quick fixes, fantasizing that you are blessed when in fact, you may be cursed.

Let us face it!.  WE ARE IN A WAR.  A SPIRITUAL WAR! if you are in agreement with theantichrist spirit of the world and the spirit of the Antichrist, you are a weak vessel, not a soldier, one  who is actually food for Satan.  He smells your blood in the water and you are the prey of the mighty. He will tempt you with illusions in the spirit that are not common to man and he does not play fair.  However, those of us called to Calvary have been given weapons for warfare that we are to use and become proficient in their use by experience, developing our faith by trial and sometimes by error.

A part of that warfare is to recognize the spies and overcome them BEFORE the Lord returns. We are in a conflict with the Antichrist and his army NOW.  Consider perhaps the very near future as outlined in Revelation 17. In this chapter, Christ is carrying out terrible things on His enemies who “war against the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for He is the Lord of lords and the King of kings, and they also shall overcome who are with Him, called and chosen, and faithful.”

I want to be in this number.  You should want it also.


We shall judge and rule with Christ, at least those of us who overcome.  Those who have died in Christ already have escaped the  kind of uncommon supernatural trials and  tests Satan will throw our way in these Laodicean, deceitfully lukewarm times of fast food religion and quick fix deliverances.  I suspect that the dead in Christ have their crowns already.  However, what if we are alive when He comes?   It seems that it is OUR crowns that are up for grabs. Will you allow YOUR crown  to  be stolen because you enjoyed too much fast food in the spirit  and you depended solely on quick fixes, incapable of standing against the wiles of the devil.

RESCUE Ministry will train you to be prepared for the Satanic onslaught that is coming your way.  We also work to set you free once you have slipped  into sinking sand. God wants to work in you. RESCUE is a safe haven where He can answer your prayer and prepare you for the future, with solid meat.  Has the enemy interfered in your life?  God is greater than the devil. At RESCUE, we will train you to get a crown and keep it. We will help you to past all tests with flying colors, as you learn to stand in strong faith.

If you would like to give RESCUE a 30 day trial to see if this ministry is for you, call 888-818-1117 or complete the contact form below:

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In Search For a Compatible Soul

I am meditating today on the words of the Apostle Paul about forgetting what is behind and pressing forward to the mark or one’s ministerial target.

Next month, I will celebrate 33 years in ministry. Actually, after 25 years, The Lord revealed to me that I needed to put the entire thing on the dung heap.—-healing, deliverance, pulpit preaching, pastoring, prison ministry, charismatic teachings which I had ingested into my spirit for decades —all were put in my personal garbage truck and taken to my spiritual dumping ground.

Now if I was a person prone to the bondage of public opinion, this drastic change would have been quite a difficult task. For me, it was easy primarily because I believe that I heard from God Himself. My thoughts at the time? Well, it’s YOUR house Lord so YOU build it. I found out the truth of The Lord’s words, for truly, His yoke is easy.

I think not feeling like I am important is helpful. Take the lawyer who got OJAY free. Right now, I can’t even remember his name. I remember, “if the glove don’t fit, then acquit!” The man was popular, now dead and gone and I can’t remember his name. Oh yes. His name comes to me now. Johnny Cochran.

So not being famous like Johnny, I like to think of myself as a nobody. I accept the fact that people are not watching me because they really don’t care if I live or die much less what I believe. So negative comments on my blog or on social networks no longer phase me. I do not expect everyone to either understand me or embrace what I believe. If I have time, I skim through them and delete or trash as I move forward.

This morning, the enemy gave me a dream that featured an array of people attacking me because I posted something they did not like. Mixed into that dream were people from my former church, my last job, and I was being personally attacked because of my posts. In retaliation, something negative about me was posted behind a glass bulletin board. So I would have had to either post my comment outside of the glass, where anyone could have come and taken it down or simply smashed the glass. As I awoke, I was considering “how to get behind the glass” to post my rebuttal.

Well, the truth of the matter is that I am no longer under the authority of the denomination or my former employer. I can POST what I want. And I don’t need to post any rebuttals. I am not interested in what my adversary’s agents think about me. On that score, I have an “oh well” attitude.

What I have learned to do with people, places and things is “pivot.” To pivot is to make a quick, balanced turn because of the steadiness of my feet. Therefore, It was easy for me to “pivot” out of the institutional church as a former pastor there because I was never blinded by their rose colored glasses. My feet were never really cemented into church ground, even though I was among them for 25 years.

I thought to myself “Well Pam. if it ain’t workin, let it go and start over.” Simple.

Yet another simple revelation I have ingested that keeps me from being concerned not only about what people THINK of me but also what people WRITE or SAY about me is this:

I am searching for compatible souls. my search for them is really a needle in the haystack kind of experience. I am going to run into MORE people who are NOT my targets than I will people who are. So to reach a few people, I have to shove through the dung heap, the garbage dump of religiosity and sin where loads of folk reside. So I ignore the shit of others to reach my “compatible souls.”

When I find the “compatible souls,” I realize that some will be covered in filth. My job is to help them clean themselves off, while keeping myself free from whatever personal crap they try to dump on me.

If it turns out that I have been working with the wrong folk, people who refuse my help either passively or aggressively, I let them go without a struggle as I continue to walk through unclean places, looking for the rest of the “compatible souls.”

My goal once I find a compatible soul is to get to know that person and to prepare him or her for deliverance completely online. I have grown to like online better than face to face for a lot of reasons, the subject of yet another post. But here is the deal with online work. if that person cannot comment in my personal and private blog called RESCUE, or he or she does not let me get to know them through emails or at least once a week telephone counseling, then I let that person go without a lot of debate.

I don’t have either the time or the energy to debate in an effort to try to hold on to anyone who demonstrates in their behavior and attitude that I am not the one for them to connect with.

I shake the dust from my feet and keep moving forward in my search for yet another compatible soul.

It’s like business, cause it ain’t personal. I hold no grudges.

Could you be “a compatible soul? ” If so, check us out at 518-477-5759, or visit

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No Pain, No Gain With God!

For the last three months, I have been suffering with excruciating pain in my right thigh.  At one point, I could not walk without the assistance of a hand-held walker.  After 3 days of physical therapy, I was able to  walk but it seems the thigh pain grew worst. Imagine 5 Charley horses, rolling up and down the thigh for several minutes, especially upon getting up from a chair.  A chair became my worst enemy.   With pain such as I experienced, you begin to consider whether or not you want to continue living.  I sought God on this.  I prayed:  “I know there is much work that I have left to do in this earth, and after 30 years in ministry, I am JUST getting started to really do the work.  I realize that as  long as my mind is clear, I can  work, even if I have to do it lying on my back.  I can write and speak from my bed, as I continue to do.  All I am going to say Lord is that I trust you and I know that you have my back.  So let YOUR will be done.”

Shortly after that prayer, perhaps a few days,  I was given a dream.  I was in the waiting room of a hospital, where people were having surgery for my condition— central stenosis of the back with a herniated disc.  Everyone of them had surgery and walked out the door right after it, without even an overnight stay in the hospital.   I was so puzzled in the dream , so I went to the head  nurse and inquired.  I asked “who is the surgeon on this?   She gave me a name that I forgot when I woke.  I said “Is he the hospital’s best surgeon? ”  She replied, “No.”sSuggesting he was merely  an intern.”  When I woke, I understood completely.  I was being shown that in spite of all the pain I was going through, my actual physical condition was not really very serious.  I thought to myself, “this could be the enemy trying to give me false hope or setting me up to have an operation that could cripple me.”  Yet, I felt good.  I thought  to myself “Somebody is watching, you Pam.  Somebody knows what you are going through and has come to give you a word of peace and comfort.”

 I felt it was God yet I remained “neutral.”  I said. “if this is the devil, God has a plan.  I won’t worry about this.” I had already heard a few horror stories about spinal surgery.

Once I saw the surgeon, it became clear WHO sent the message.  It was God.  The surgeon  took me to the x-ray of my spine.  He explained in layman’s terms:   “you see this puffiness here on your right disc?  It is touching on a nerve that is causing you the pain.  I am a surgeon, and surgeon’s operate.  However, I only do so when I have to.  In 95% of cases of this kind , the swelling goes down and an operation is not necessary.  However, if yours does not go down, if I operate on this, it will be done at the hospital BUT YOU WILL WALK OUT THAT VERY DAY.  IT IS THAT SIMPLE A PROCEDURE!

Wow!  I actually considered dying because of this pain.

 As I reflect on the fruit of the pain, I see that I have gained much from the pain these last 3 months.

First of all,  I have been able to see my own faith as a substance.  The evidence of my faith  is simply that “I trust God.”

 I am 68 years old.—a very healthy woman who has rarely ever been sick or “out of commission.” When one who is un-familiar with sickness  faces a challenge of physical breakdown, he or she begins to appreciate the small things–like standing at the sink to do dishes, cook a meal, walk to the store, stand for 15 minutes without pain, sit in a chair. The main thing that I perceive is  that the gain of my pain is faith and trust in God.  For  I have come to know that my affliction is working in me and for me to produce a far more exceeding weight of glory.  I  also realize that I have been tested to purify me.  Not once did I complain or murmur against God.  I have also  learned compassion for those who are permanently infirmed as well as  to appreciate the value of having at least one human being who loves you and who will do anything for you. Besides Jesus, my daughter is my rock and I had no problem leaning on her. Last but not least,   I have learned to value the few things.

 In looking back over these last 3 months, not one time did the enemy accuse or confront me with “you have pain because you are out of the will of God, or one of your enemy’s has put a spell on you, or God has forsaken you.  Not one accusation.  Not a word of condemnation.  A few known  enemies were even at peace with me.  No weapon formed against me prospered while I was so weak from pain, that I could not stand on my feet for longer than 10 minutes.

Many times the Lord will allow a painful situation, be it physical or emotional.  In times like these, we need to search for the fruit by asking  “Is the enemy trying to destroy me or is this God seeking to purify me?”  We may not get the answer immediately.  When pain comes, we assume it is the devil attacking us.  Well, in this case, the devil had nothing to do with any of it.  Nor did God cause this pain. Simply put, a little piece of “puff” less than the size of the tip of a baby’s  finger, touched a nerve.  The touched nerve causes the pain.  It will either shrink or a skilled surgeon will cut it out.  The pain caused by “a little thing” has borne the fruit of patience, faith and trust in the Almighty God! I learned that when I am weak, go forth as if I am strong, and no one will be the wiser!

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